Jews Promote Christianity

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Jews Promote Christianity

Post by Mageson666 »

Jews Promote Christianity
Louis Cyphre wrote: And, at the same time, they also promote things that are anti-chrisitian... Jews are really losing their shit.
Thanks for keeping us informed, HP.

They don't actually, some individual Jews will make bathroom humor jokes about Jewsus, but that is where its left. The leadership elite the Elders of Zion, who run the global power structure make sure to send billions of dollars in support money to major Christian leaders and media networks and industries and political lobbies to make sure Christianity stays going for them. They also make sure to promote New Age Christian and general Christian books in the Jew York Times, best seller list which is proven to be a rigged fraud, so they are putting the Christian books on there to purposely promote Christianity. Christian global churches like the Jehova Witnesses, were created and run by the Rothschild's behind the scenes as well. The Rothschild's also run the Vatican bank and make sure the Catholic Church is kept going with hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Jews in the past when Gentiles where waking up to the Jewish program as alien and Jewish, did put out some bogus Talmud quotes about Jewsus to the public, its well know a Jew who pretended to convert to Christianity did such. This was to redirect peoples anger at the Jews for Christianity into Christianity and keep the program going. The Jews are playing the same game today. Its also known the Talmud does not mention Jewsus, those quotes in the Talmud only mentioned Balaam the Pagan High Priest in the Torah who cursed Israel and was punished for the most serious sin to the Jews, cursing them back. Which shows how terrified the Jews are of Gentiles fighting back with spiritual warfare.

The Jewish Jesuits even invented Communism to keep the Church going, that is how far they go. Christianity is their source of power. Its funny to watch Christians pretend that Communism is against Christianity, when the Jews made the Orthodox Church the state religion in the USSR and the Jewsuits created Liberation Theology to spread Communism all over Latin America and the Jewsuit Pope is an open lover and promoter of Communism, he calls it secular Christianity. The Catholic Church is allowed to operate without opposition in Communist China. The whole Jacobin Republic which was a Communist regime that created the terror in the French revolution was run by the two arms of Jewish power the Jewish Frankists and Jewish Jewsuits and put the Catholic Church back into power. The Jacobin's changed their name to the COMMUNIST LEAGUE in the next century and stated their purpose was to bring the government of (((god))) to earth. The first major Communist revolution was the Christian Anabaptist commune which was run by open Jewish leaders and such. The founder of the Kim dynasty was a Jew who promoted Christianity and was put into power by the Jewish elites.

Yet who is telling me that Jewish Communism is against Jewsus? People like David Duke who are controlled opposition which is why Duke and Black walked without any legal punishment from Operation Red Dog which had deep state all over it and Duke was in a role reserved for deep state operatives in south east Asia. He also works to suppress any knowledge that Mossad and Israel did 911 from the WN community and promotes Christianity like crazy and will never educate people on Holocaust Truth, he goes along with the narrative by omission. And the Jewish media always mentions his name to direct people to that controlled opposition he runs.
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Re: Jews Promote Christianity

Post by slyscorpion »

In the Talamud I remember reading somewhere that the word Christians was referring to the Gentiles I think the word they translated into the word Christians in some of these quotes meant Gentile. So it had nothing to do with the religion of Christianity. I would have to look this up I haven't even seen those quotes talked about for years and I can't seem to find it on Google right away.

Anyways so you can never trust these Jews if indeed they did use that word long ago to mock us then it's even more shameful someone would call themselves a Christian. Cause it was a derogatory word for gentile.

Then again the whole thing is some of these people can just make up stuff. And write fake quotes and stuff especially in the xtian religion and the Jews so I can't be sure what I am even talking about is right.

No one can trust those anti xtian Jews.

Oh and the whole thing where they promote seemingly anti xtian ideals with the culture wars abortion Gay marriage etc is created to cause a big backlash against third sex individuals as well as prevent whites from getting rid of Genetic problems. It's all bad.

The paintable final rtr + killing Tetragrammaton ritual. Do this daily and with every rtr if you want its an easy add on that doesnt take much extra time. ...
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Re: Jews Promote Christianity

Post by Apprentice »

HP Mageson666 wrote:Yet who is telling me that Jewish Communism is against Jewsus?
And what do we have here... ... g-in-ghana
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Re: Jews Promote Christianity

Post by EnkiUK3 »

Brilliant HP the thread not the jews promoting filth :D :D

Went off on a tangent about the rotschilds and its all shockingly true, they have had their hands on everything from day dot. They the ones that finance "both sides" of wars and still win?

Sadly their foothold in UK is immense, seen the building they Built/own. Even more frighting was you telling me the whole King william 111 of Orange staged by the jewish bankers (and the pope refering to the OP) I was brought up to celebrate said victory and it is really a sham.

Glad to be woken up :D
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Re: Jews Promote Christianity

Post by sip »

Thank you HP
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