Exposing Christianity The Stolen Chi-Rho

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Exposing Christianity The Stolen Chi-Rho

Postby HP Mageson666 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:15 am

Exposing Christianity The Stolen Chi-Rho


This symbol was stolen by the Catholic Church and used as one of the most important symbols of their program however it was stolen and corrupted from the Pagans like everything in that enemy program.

"The symbol [Chi-Rho] had been inscribed by solar worshippers on rock faces as early as 2500 B.C and it was known to have been engraved upon coins minted by the Alexandrian Ptolemy's, the Greek monarchs who were recognized by their subjects to be Egyptian pharaohs."[1]

The Chi-Rho was called "The Body of Osiris". Osiris who was called also "Chiram" and this symbol is also in Southern India as the symbol of Murrugan. The ancient symbols of the Chi-Rho show it flanked by Peacocks and the ancient Greek-Roman symbol of this was a Peacock feather shaped banner of such feather's of the Peacock in which the Chi-Rho was placed in the center.[2] This symbol still exists in the far east as the Wheel of Dharma in Tibet:


The eight spoke wheel is the symbol of the solar chakra and how it connects to the 13 major chakra's and circulates energy thought them and the soul. The Peacock feather its superimposed upon is the symbol of the Ajna chakra the third eye in the far east. The two are super imposed upon each other to show the connection of the energies of these chakra's transforms the soul. This Tibetan symbol is the banner of Sanat Kumara the Lord of Shamballa. Sanat Kumara is called "Rudra Chakrin" and is shown carrying the Peacock banner very identical in shape to the Greek-Roman symbol. Rudra is the God personification of the solar chakra and Chakrin relates to this fact it means "King of the World" because the solar chakra or Rudra is the King of the Gods [chakra's] or Lord of the World because this energy point rules the entire body the esoteric meaning of "world". In Tibet its common to witness statues of ascended beings with the Peacock feather shaped halo's. The Peacock is the symbol of the fully opened third eye and the symbol of eternal life from the amrita nectar and how it activates the life force chakra the Rudra point.


Sanat Kumara means "Eternal Lord" in Sanskrit however Sata-Satan means "Eternal" in Sanskrit and is the highest name of God in the east. Its Satan Kumara. The Japanese called Sanat, "Soten" which is Satan as well. The further east you go the proper spelling are still there.

The Chi-Rho is the hexagram the upper triangle is the solar chakra that of fire the solar chakra and the downward triangle is that of water or Soma the moon. Where the two points touch rules the life generation principal. The Hexagram is the symbol of the solar chakra in the east properly not the heart chakra. Its showing in the Vedic texts the union of Soma and Agni at the navel. This is also the grail which is from the ancient Persian and Vedic east. This relates to activation of the amrita the water energy of the moon chakra and bringing it the solar chakra to empower the soul. The solar chakra is the center of the soul and all the chakra's and nadis connect there. The Hexagram shows how all the chakra's connect to the solar chakra as does the eight spoke wheel.

The western symbol of the Chi-Rho shows the same. Chi means "Moon" and Rho or Ra means "Sun". This was originally called Chi Ram. Chi is a mantra for the moon chakra and Ram the mantra for the solar chakra. This Chiram was given the 666.

In the ancient Egyptian spiritual schools Osiris is the Third eye which was called "The Eye of Osiris", Osiris is stated to be unconscious and has to be awakened. The awakening of Osiris which was wrongly termed resurrection its actually just awakening to wake up and become consciousness. Is the full activation of the pineal gland and super consciousness mind. Note the symbol of Osiris is the pinecone the activated pineal gland:


This is done by the connecting of the energies of the Solar Chakra and Moon Chakra they are both pairs. The Chi-Rho was simply an ancient Pagan yantra a diagram that contained the mantra with it that of Chi-Rho originally Chi-Ram to activate the energy points and connect the energies of the moon and sun chakra's.

This shows how the enemy Stole and has corrupted ancient symbols to damn humanity with.

The Truth Behind The Christ Myth, Mark Pinkham [1] [2]
The Return Of The Serpents Of Wisdom, Mark Pinkham

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Re: Exposing Christianity The Stolen Chi-Rho

Postby risingsun666 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 6:50 pm

What is the meaning of the words
Tantra and Yantra and how can a mage use them?

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