Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

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Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:04 pm

Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World


The original religion of earth is called the SANAT-ana Dharma.

Kumara means Lord, Sanat means Eternal..... Sanat Kumara means Eternal Lord, The Eternal God. Sanat is also spelled as Satan by His ancient Followers as well. Satan Kumara. The Eternal God.

The Eternal, highest God is also called Sata, Satam, Satan, in Hinduism, and His mantra is Satanama the highest mantra of serpent power yoga. Satan or Sanat is the same title and meaning.

In the most ancient texts of Hinduism in Tamil Nadu they state the primordial age or golden age the Sat Yuga, civilization was called Kumara Kandam and was ruled by Sanat Kumara, who came to this world with the other Gods from another star system. This civilization extended to a land mass now underwater. With some of it remaining above water such as Tamil Nadu. The Peoples of the Far East from Thailand to the ancient America's all have the same record of a golden age civilization that once extended across a large continent now much of it under the Indian and Pacific ocean. The Greeks, Druids, Egyptians and Romans stated in their ancient records they came from the east from the same area. The Romans had a ritual of mourning called Lemoria were they threw effigies of their ancestors into the Tiber river to remember when this land was lost. The name of this land was also called MU. The ancient Mayan's had the record of coming from this early region as well. And the Peoples of the America's record these White Gods teaching them spiritual knowledge and cultural knowledge from how to grow food to build homes and medicines, astrology and other knowledge. There are African tribes they state they received the same from the same Beings such as the Dogon.

This explains the megalithic ruins found across the east from off the coast of India all the way to Nan Madol to the ruins off the Japanese coast. To the Andes in the America's. All are shown to come from the same core civilization. Described by the natives as having been built by a tall White Race with light hair and European features. Who were ascended.

The ancient Tibetan and Far Eastern texts state the hub of this ancient civilization was in the region of the current Gobi Desert region. In which there have been numerous findings. From the White Mummies to what Professor Kosloff a Russian archaeologist found a tomb in the Gobi after digging down fifty feet. There were artifacts in their dated to 18,000 years old. The records claim and the migration shows the Aryan Race pushed westwards from the regions of the Gobi, Pamir, Northern India and central Asia in general. The world's largest Pyramids are in north, western China and there are over a hundred of them. The largest ancient cities on earth have been found around the ancient silk road and their inhabitants were Aryan Peoples. The Chinese mention they received their culture from tall, Aryan peoples and their ancient records talk of green and blue eyed Emperor's. The aboriginal Japanese are known to have been a White Race. Many people in China, Korea and Japan are what today would be called Euro-Asian. They still have the divine culture of the Gods as well. The Japanese call Sanat, Sonten and state His eternal spirit resides in the sacred mount Kurama, in Japan.

This Gobi region was stated in the records in the Golden age to have been the capital in which Sanat Kumara ruled from directly while on earth along with the other Gods. This is called Shamballa in the Far East. And might be the source of Valhalla the city in which Odin rules from. Some of the writings on the ancient Norse mention they migrated from the east. The people of modern Hungry and Romania did as well. The ancient Aryan Hun Empire went all the way to the Far East to the Uighur regions of the current Gobi. Hungry is from Hun-Land, it was officially granted to the Hun's forebears of Attila. They were not racial Asians but Aryans from further east. The Scythians came out of the central Asian regions into Europe and became the Slav's to the Saxon's to the Celts.

The Yezidi who are called The Blonde Blood Line, their calendar is seven thousand years old and the Yezidi state they migrated out of the east from Northern India and were part of the Sumerian civilization. The Chaldeans came out of the Hindu Kush along with the ancient Phoenicians who called themselves the Ya Khut's. A title still used in Kasmir. The Phoenician Gods were Red Haired and blue eyed as their ancient images show them as Aryan People like the Sumerians. Tests on their remains show them as European. The Yezidi show Sanat who they call Satan. As the eternal youth surrounded with peacock feathers in their writings. The same way Sanat is shown in India and Tibet.

The Yezidi text the Al Jiwah mentions the realm of Shamballa with in it. If one goes to India you will find the Yezidi religion. As the Yezidi's themselves state. In the worship of Sanat Kumara also called Skanda who is colored red many times and also riding the Peacock and with the serpent. This is how the Tibetan's show Amitabha Buddha. Colored red and riding the Peacock. Amitabha Buddha worship is twenty thousand years old in the Far East. He is the head God. The Tibetans original religion is called Bon further east to China its called Mon. The worship of Mon is not the everlasting blue sky. Its actually a blue colored God. The Mongols relate their origin from a race of blue eyed Whites of divine descent. The Tibetan's stated they got Bon from a race of Aryan's. Of the current Asian groups in the Far East many one way or another mention a previous race of Aryans who's home civilization was Shamballa. The Yezidi's state the Aryan race came directly from Satan, Sanat Kumara and are the original People of this world. However the other races are under the protection of the Gods and some do descend from them as well.

The hidden name of the Yezidi God is Aivas which is arranged to reveal the hidden name to "A SHIVA" the ancient name of the religion still survives in South Indian its called A SHIVAM. The Jews call the Demon's the "Shidim" in their kabala but this is from the older Babylon name of Shidda which is Sidda. The name of the Yezidi in Sanskrit is Ya Sidda. The Siddha's or shining ones. A SHIVAM is the title of the religion of the Siddha tradition in South India. Shiva is also called SATA SHIVA in Hinduism. Which in Sanskrit is also Satan Shivam. In Hinduism Shiva is called "Swarupa" which means "The White God". Which is a racial term as the Indian's called the European's the "Swarupa's". For this reason.

In Primordial Greece before the fall of the Minoan civilization. The head God Zeus was shown as the eternally young God called Korios. He was blue colored had a White bull, 12 cow herder companions and a consort called Rodha. He played a sacred flute as well. Korios is from the Sanskrit, Kumara. His other symbols are the Peacock and the serpent and he carries a staff, thyrsus or spear as Dionysus. The Peacock is only native to the Far East. Where the Greeks state they came from a place called Pan Achaea. Their oldest God still carries the same appearance, banners, totems and myths as Skanda in India. Of whom the Greeks state Dionysus was. Of their maps they called Sri Lanka the place of Dionysus. The mythos of Dionysus is the exact same as Skanda. Korios is the primordial God from which the other images of the head Gods in Greece came from. Dionysus is the Korios. His worship was so ancient the later Greeks thought His religion was foreign. From Egypt, as the Greeks lost much of their culture after the devastation that caused the end of the Minoan civilization the whole island blew up and destroyed most of the region in the fall out. The Egyptians recorded this and that they had kept the records the Greeks had largely lost when they were nearly wiped out. The Greeks and Egyptians both stated Osiris and Dionysus are the same God, and Ptah is another name of Osiris in Memphis.

One will note the ancient figure of Korios is also the famous incarnation of Visnu in India, Krisna. The Hindu Purana's state all the famous head God's of Hinduism including Visnu, go back to one pre ancient God. Sanat Kumara. They are images of the same primeval God, Sanat Kumara. The Chandogya Upanishads also state that it was Sanat Kumara who handed down the Siddha Marga, the Path of Perfection to mankind the teachings of ascension. The Yezidi's who worship the same God Sanat as Satan also state the same.

Venus in Sanatana Dharma is the highest cosmic principal it rules sound and white light and the spectrum of light. As it descends creating all existence which is condensed sound and light. However what we perceive as white light is stated in the Vedic texts to be blue light. This is why the ancient image of the God Sanat Kumara are also shown blue. The purified soul and the concept of Venus.


This is the reason for Lucifer, its a name of Venus. Sanat Kumara is called Shurka, Venus in the original language of Sanskrit. Sanat esoterically represents Venus. This is the same God as Dionysus and Osiris are also called Venus in their ancient cultures.

The reason for the Left Hand Path which is from Sanatana Dharma, its the name of Kundalini Yoga, the Left is Shakt the serpent energy. Is because the planet Venus is the only planet that rotates anti-clockwise to the left. The LHP is the path of Venus, Sanat Kumara. The pentagram is also the symbol of Venus the shape of the orbit of Venus and the five is a Venus number. This symbol of Venus would have 666 placed with it to show spiritual rebirth. Venus's number also connect to the sun. The ankh the symbol of spiritual rebirth is the symbol of Venus.

Venus on the horizon.

Venus rules the mystical transformation of the soul as the morning and evening star. Venus's eight year cycle is a spiritual number of enlightenment and immortality. Its position on the horizon as the evening star just before it disappears into the night of the underworld, to its triumphant reappearance in the dawn heralding the reborn soul, spiritual victory.

Venus is also ruler of the serpents. Venus rules wisdom. This is connected to the throat chakra, which Venus rules which is why Siva is called the blue throated one. Venus rules the path of the gods the sushumna. Vasu is the name of Vishu relating to Venus as well. Vasu, Vas is the symbol of divine kingship in Egypt. Venus is about spiritual material perfection.Venus in Sanatana Dharma rules the serpent energy and the raising of this energy. Venus rules the mula chakra and the other chakra's. The Venus power is about bringing the serpent up thought the chakra's.

Venus rules the element of air, which is the breath of life and spirit which element is sound and the blue light of creation. Which is ruled by Mercury on a level but Venus on the highest level. The perfected body is related to this element in the Far East, air. The symbol of air, prana is the serpent of Sanat Kumara, Satan. Spirit, Vayu also rules all the five elements.

Venus rules the Kunda which means water pond but is the name of the root chakra and tail bone and serpent energy. The water of life. Which is the serpent energy, and flowing prana. The sushumna is called the Kunda Kula, the Kunda path. The name Kunda...lini comes from this. This is Kundry in the grail mythos.

Shamballa is shown esoterically as the eight petal city with Sanat Kumara sitting on the throne of the world in the center of His palace. In Sri Lanka the entrance to the Temple of Sanat Kumara as Skanada has a golden throne outside to show His kingship of the world. The grail castle in the Western mythos of the Templars has Sanat Kumara sitting in the center of an eight sided grail castle wearing a peacock crown. Just like in Tibet the same being is shown with a peacock crown.

The Grail is openly of Venus, the Venus stone or cup in the Grail mythos. The emerald and diamond are the symbols of Venus the ancient name of Osiris was Al-Khadir this is also a name of the Yezidhi God, Satan. In Sri Lanka the Temple sacred to Sanat Kumara is called Khadirgama "The Place of Khadir". In the story of Khadir He rules the waters of life, the kundalini and drinks of them and becomes immortal. Al-Khadir means "The Green man". The color of emerald. The emerald rules the transmuted stone, the stone is the element of earth and by the serpent fire its transmuted in a pure light crystal of the emerald or diamond. The meaning of the Grail which means Gro-al, the inscribed stone. The Templars have the images of the Green Man in the eight pointed star in their buildings.

The popular shape of the western grail is the mount meru column in the east. The palace of Sanat Kumara in Shamballa in the Kala Chakra, His teachings of ascension. Show the base of the palace is the yantra of the root chakra and upward steps as the levels of the mount meru column in other images the meru column is openly shown as the hexagram symbol the star of Venus. In India the Yogi's who worship Sanat Kumara directly, practices are based on awakening the serpent at the root and moving it up the spine.

The exoteric world Sanat Kumara, Satan is the ruler of is this physical planet. The Esoteric world He is ruler of is the soul. His kingdom is the spine which is the cosmic axis and the serpentine life force that flows thought it. His symbol of the grail is the unified soul. Its a six pointed star symbol. Which is the star of Venus in the east and the symbol on His yantra in Southern India. His other symbol is the peacock standing atop the mount meru column. This is also the flute Krisna carries it has the peacock on the top. The spine with the serpent energy the prana moving thought it. Krisna-Visnu as mentioned is the India Venus. Visnu is pronounced Vesnu, this is arranged to Venus in the west. Venus was shown as the androgynous being many times and was the origin of the Baphomet of the Templars. The main Templar symbol is the eight pointed star of Venus. And their practices are still found in Hindu Tantra. The awaking of the serpent energy and moving it up the spine. The eight pointed star is the entire soul all 13 major chakra's. 13 and 8 are both Venus numbers.

The esoteric meaning of the world is the Temple. It represents the entire soul including the physical body which is the animation of the soul's more dense manifestation. The teachings of Sanat are how to make the body and soul one. By purifying the earth element with serpent fire. Hence He is the God of fire as well. As Skanda, He descends to earth and makes war on and exterminates the Asura's from the earth who represent the dross to be burned out. The process of Yoga is purifying all the elements back to their core essence of spirit which is ruled by Venus. By the practices of Siddha Marga, the kundalini Yoga. Kundalini is the symbol of Venus, Sanat Kumara. Satan.

This is why the enemy extra terrestrials, the Reptilians who attacked this planet in a cosmic war across the solar system around ten thousand years ago which caused the devastation of this planet and the end of the golden age. And their Reptilian hybrid race the Jews, the alien Jews themselves are the only race on earth that has an actual Reptilian gene the Cohen gene and a Reptilian appearance and behaviour. Have been working to remove this knowledge from humanity and rewrite history in a false narrative to turn this planet into a plantation state were humanity is reduced to micro chipped cattle.

The eastern texts make constant mention that Sanat Kumara appears to and works with different Yogi's directly in His etheric form and gives them instructions. As Satan, Sanat states He does in the Al-Jiwah. The famous Yogi, Bogarnath stated He received direct instruction from Sanat in this etheric form and finished the Magnum Opus and ascended with Sanat's instruction. From here He established a school of Yoga to teach others. What is left of the known teachings of this Yoga, its kundalini Yoga. There are many records of Yogi's doing such with direct help from Sanat. The ancient Greeks stated that Zeus which is Sanat sends Daemons to help those on the spiritual path. Daemon later became Demon in spelling. These are the Gods appearing in their astral bodies to help the dedicated ones. Which is why all dedicated members in the JoS receive a Guardian Daemon. This is nothing new.

These are people who have spiritual practices which allow them to be on the spiritual level were they can communicate with the etheric form of Sanat Kumara. The Gods have the ability to astrally project and communicate directly face to face with humans who have the spiritual, psychic centers open enough for this. Which is how the JoS has been established and directed in our time.

The enemy needs to remove this knowledge to close humanity off from Satan and the Gods so we can no longer communicate with them. Because this would be the end of the enemies program. So they remove this knowledge and then scare everyone with lies about Satan, Sanat and about the "occult" to keep people powerless and deceived. And when the lack of spiritual knowledge has taken its toll, they then push Marxist Materialism. Which allows the enemy to push their own agenda to exterminate and enslave humanity into a global factory farm run by Jews. Who use occult power in their kabala at the top. And communicate with their Reptilian masters. This is why the enemy though form of Jehova has numerous curses to bind humanity on the soul and keep them from ascending on any level. Bind them and then damn them. The Jews game.

In Germany there was a young patriot who was practicing the spiritual knowledge he was able to find in spiritual publications and books from the Hindu east. And opened up his spiritual abilities to where he could communicate with Sanat, Satan directly as the spiritual society he was a member in showed him how as they were in contact thought their spiritually opened people. That group created the National Socialist Party and that man became the German Leader of a new society that's purpose was the divine mission of restabilising the Sanat-ana Dharma to the world and defeating the power of the enemy trying to enslave humanity under Marxism. Today that man is lied about as much as Sanat, Satan by the same enemy for the same reason.

That is just what happened the last time with a handful of people. What does the future hold....

Our planet will be ruled again in a new golden age from the peacock throne of Satan Kumara. Lord of the World.


The Lost Civilization of Lemuria, Joseph
Guardians Of The Holy Grail, Pinkham
The Serpent, Eagle, Lion And Disc, Parker
Shiva and Dionysus Gods of Love and Ecstasy, Danielou
The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom, Pinkham

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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby Nick Vabzircnila » Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:58 pm

Awesome sermon.

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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby Helix » Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:23 am

That's a lot of information, I read through it by I might have to go over it a few more times. It's a lot to take in and man you must have some patience. Thank you however for all this. Hail satan!
"Holy water cannot help you now
A thousand armies couldn't keep me out
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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby ASQV13886662080 » Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:11 am

I find that the Sanat Kumara depictions truly convey Father Satan's image in a way which captivates me.

It seems esoteric yet appropriately accurate.

Thanks again for your work.
The path of Sanatana Dharma is not with vice, but with balanced adaptation. Acknowledge your true self and natural law will sort the rest out.


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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby Desdemona Diamandis » Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:48 pm

Beautifully logical!

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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby notwithout34 » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:53 pm

Amazing and incredibly informative!! Thank you! This gives me so much more interest as a new SS into my own research and learning.


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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby sip » Tue Sep 26, 2017 5:51 am

Thank you for this.

Side note, HP what do you think about James Churchward's works?

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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby Zygisrko » Tue Sep 26, 2017 4:38 pm

One thing I love about your sermons is that you make it intriguing enough to understand whats going on, and then interesting enough to want to know more.
Then I find that you source the books on the bottom, which then I always add to a .txt for me to find myself, read it, and then make my own carefully crafted judgement about it and compare yours.
"This too, shall pass"
Keep that in mind if your resisting urges to do anything destructive against yourself.

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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby Red Lightning » Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:55 pm

Nice Sermon! :)

Thanks HP Mageson. It really explains why we are suffering but still unaware of the problems created by the nefarious jews. We are indeed the perfect of all the creations of Lord Lucifer. But still it is a sad fact that only a few could understand the truth which has been hidden by the Jews for past millennia. :(

But nothing is permanent. Everything keeps on changing. Today maybe the Jews are having more or less grasp of our luxuries, our interests, our lifestyles etc. But the day will come when all these crap will no longer present. This universe is such a complex object that it changes even by our thought process. I am saying about Karma...just taking it practically. The Jews always dream of shaping our world according to their will. You can easily understand this line. In movies, games, serials, media etc., they are manipulating so as to make everyone belief that their vision is correct but the truth is that they are simply trying to alter the mechanism of the Universe like telling the water to flow upwards on its own instead of flowing down through passages or telling the flame to burn downwards instead of burning in upward direction.

They are the mechanics of the universe. Simple, you can never change these facts. Like that, the Jews are trying to make us believe in their ideals and principles created by them. They know that their soul, their energies are quite different from us. Yet they daydream about making us a part of their hollow dreams.

You cannot mix oil with water. How much you try, you will find out that oil forms a separate layer from the water and floats. In other words, we are different from them, even genetically. They know this fact very well. Yet they want us to be their slaves so that they can fulfill their stupid dreams.

Father Satan knew about this from the very beginning so he tried always to make us see the reality and make us aware of the stupid dreams and plans. So it's our duty to be able to differentiate between the good and evil. After all, he wants his kids (us) to reason everything so as to avoid misfortunes and mishaps.


"Silence hides the truth but cannot change it."

"Darkness knows you much better than light."

"Great power always comes with responsibilities."

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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby Draksus » Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:44 am

Such an amazing post ever day we become stronger and stronger and it almost feels as if we are just starting in the right path but we have and endless journey ahead of us to fix the mistakes that evil has made upon mankind it is up to us against everyone no matter what they think because in the universe we are all connected.

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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby Desdemona Diamandis » Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:43 am

Just noticed:

* HungAry


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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby Desdemona Diamandis » Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:49 am

About Shukra and Diamond:

Just some interesting thoughts about the word Diamond and related things…

We all know that the true menaing of the word Demon (Daemon) was changed in order to have an evil implication.
The real meaning of Demon was perfectly explained by HP Don here:

The word Demon is also related to the word Diamond, the gem. The diamond is the astrological gemstone of planet Venus (Shukra) in Jyotish (vedic astrology). So it’s the gem of Taurus and Libra too. One should wear diamond if she/he was born in the sign of Taurus or Libra, I mean if the Lagna (Ascendant) is Taurus or Libra according to the vedic birth chart.

We already know that the diamond is the element of the spirit. The fire of Kundalini is what transmutes the elements of the soul from the corruptible body into the immortal “Diamond body”…
It was already discussed in former important writings:

“In the Tantra the purified being is called the Akasa-varja, this is also called the diamond-thunderbolt body.
A diamond comes from a lump of coal which it is the diamond and the dross, by the fires of the serpent power the dross is purified out and the lump of matter is transformed into the immortal and incorruptible, luminous diamond, the Akasa. A diamond is forever. The thunderbolt is the symbol of Akasa and the Varja is within this as well…”

(Diamond is known as Vajra in sanskrit. Tantra is known as Vajra-yana, “the road of the diamond and of the lightning.”)

It is not a coincidence that the diamond is called the “King of the Gems” in the East.
The English word diamond is also derivated from or related to the latin word “admas” which means “invincible”.
And it’s true because the “Diamond Body” is really invincible. (Also see the word “adamant”)
Also the Greek word is αδαμαστος (adamastos).

Jung also spoke of the “daemon” or “inner voice” , “guiding spirit” we have within us. The daemon is synonymous with the gifts or genius we bring with us…

Venus in Sanskrit: Shukra which means “lucid”, “bright”. Interesting that Shukra rules the sweets too and the world “sugar” also comes from this. In original gypsy, romani language the word Sukar means “beautiful” and “bright”. The poos stole this word too, in hebrew it means “sugar”.


Other word for Shukra-ratna (the gem) is Hira/Hiraka/Hiragam which means:

the diamond itself
an other name of Lakshmi
of a woman
“hiragga”: diamond-bodied, Indra’s thunderbolt
“hiraka”: a diamond (the gem is supposed to be presided over by Shukra)

Shukra-ratna is also called as “Kuliza” which also means “thunderbolt of Indra” and the word “kulizasana” means “having a diamond seat”.
Vajras-ara : having the essence or nature of a diamond.

The word indrAyudha means “Indra’s weapon”, “the rainbow” and the diamond.

Also there are some other very interesting names for Shukra-ratna, the diamond itself:

the Urdu word is “almaas” and the Persian is also “al-mas”. The spanish word “alma” means SOUL which comes from the Latin “anima”.
By the way “alma” means “apple” in Hungarian. We already know that the apple is the symbol of the pentacle which is the Akasa.

Eva also means Apple, the serpent Eva or Ava the Devi or Devil grants eternal life and enlightenment.

The female name Desdemona (my name too ^^) derived from the Greek word δυσδαιμων (dysdaimon) which today means “ill-starred” or “ill-fated”. The original meaning is “of a Daemon” or “from a Dameon”. See the jewish corruption again…

By HungARYAN ... nd-shukra/

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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby Andevili » Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:45 pm

Another beautiful sermon from the sloth master. The image depicting Satan really touched my soul and done much more to me.

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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby SorathOfTheDarkSun » Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:50 am

I truly hope the day does come when Lucifer will no longer let that cynical and weak coward " God " finally destroy the earth with his final and deadliest weapon ; The nuke. He will come out and once again show humanity just how blind and foolish it would be not to follow his path. He does not seek to destroy or torture anybody, they simply used the " Hell " excuse to make people afraid to join the path of Satanism for fear that pretty much everybody would surely join it, just because it gives the idea of becoming your own god, with no worries of being a brain-washed and useless puppet to this vile and sickening God any longer. I don't have much more to say than I hope you allow me to help however I can! HAIL SATAN!

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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby EnkiUK » Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:42 pm

Brilliant as per HP

Great to have this back up and going again ;)
Ave Satanas
Hail Satan to Victory

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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby jbkbmz » Tue Oct 03, 2017 4:21 pm

Satan. Enki. Ea.
S E A = SEA the ocean
This popped into my head yesterday.
Don't know if it 'means' anything. Codes and such

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Site - request of information

Postby lestat » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:23 pm


Just started with this new site.
Just wanna know a few things about the others site :

1) yahoo groups is still functionnal ? Got hard time to access it. They keep requesting to make a new register..

2) if I understant correclty this site replace the old one we had which means the old one is or will be closed ?

3) Sometimes when I read articles, we got vital information like mantra satanama, satan instead of satanas mixed with explanations of templar, hindu, etc....... Imagine if you want to read old posts years back to trace a particular training or information..... With time we are gonna l have thousands of messages and exchanges of vital informations. Up to now, the actual search topics seems inefficient . One way to help wiIl be possible to add keywords with the exchanges (symbol, legends, history, , training, type of symbol, type of training, etc...). I know it is a lot of work but it will help us all.

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Re: Site - request of information

Postby NaziMan12 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:40 pm

lestat wrote:Hi,

Just started with this new site.
Just wanna know a few things about the others site :

1) yahoo groups is still functionnal ? Got hard time to access it. They keep requesting to make a new register..

2) if I understant correclty this site replace the old one we had which means the old one is or will be closed ?

3) Sometimes when I read articles, we got vital information like mantra satanama, satan instead of satanas mixed with explanations of templar, hindu, etc....... Imagine if you want to read old posts years back to trace a particular training or information..... With time we are gonna l have thousands of messages and exchanges of vital informations. Up to now, the actual search topics seems inefficient . One way to help wiIl be possible to add keywords with the exchanges (symbol, legends, history, , training, type of symbol, type of training, etc...). I know it is a lot of work but it will help us all.

Just go here and search for a relevant pdf on the list then search the pdf document for what you specifically need pertaining to that subject.

The Yahoo groups are functional and the old josministries ProPhpbb board is gone for good because the company shut it down most likely through Jewish string pulling.

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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby oldermale2 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:41 pm

I just joined and want to say that my love for SATAN is boundless and want to communicate and help others in this wonderful journey

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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby zolaluckystar » Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:26 am

OMG I just LOVE this Picture of Satan!
“My wisdom is not separate from my heart” - Satan

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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby Inferno » Sat Oct 21, 2017 4:27 am

HP Mageson666 wrote:However what we perceive as white light is stated in the Vedic texts to be blue light.
In book 15 of Metamorphoses there is, "Then Lucifer shone blue with all his visage."
HP Mageson666 wrote:This symbol of Venus would have 666 placed with it to show spiritual rebirth.
Is 666 "six, six, six" or is it "six-hundred sixty-six"? Old manuscripts of the New Testament write it as ΧΞΣ (six-hundred sixty-six).

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Re: Satan Lucifer The Lord Of The World

Postby Frank666 » Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:26 am

All my life i love the lord satan lucifer. Hail the light

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