Smashing The Klipoth

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Smashing The Klipoth

Postby HP Mageson666 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 3:25 am

Smashing The Klipoth

Each Hebrew letter has a klipoth or a physical aspect of its vibration how it effects physical reality from the psychic or astral the subtle reality just like the wind shapes the waves. The physical klipoth of the letter is the animation of the light within it the vibration. By reversing each letter one simply pulls the plug on each letter and leaves it an empty husk with nothing to animate it. What this means the Jews entire Kingdom they have created every aspect of it in the physical world will implode as an empty husk as the life force that animated it is gone on the astral.

That is why the Jews put Malkuth the physical realm by the name "The Royal Kingdom" its the physical structure of their numerous workings of the Hebrew letters that resonate in Kether the astral, manifested into the physical world and the actual physical shape it takes. All Kabbalistic workings are based on bringing Kether into Malkuth to materialize the structure of the energy into physical form and being. The Black Box the Jews wear shows this the cube is physical reality and the symbol of Malkuth which contains Kether the astral within it. Which is what the Bereshit teachings of Judaism are based on "The Cube Of Space" and is shown to relate to the 22 Hebrew letters within the cube and how they form the cube physical reality from space the astral or Kether. The Shema is placed here which connects to the 22 Hebrew letters and how they create and connect workings into reality. To shape and transform the world. All of the Jewish rituals are based on this occult witchcraft.

The Bereshit teachings on the cube show the Kether or astral properties of each Hebrew letter and how to weave them together into formulas to build the physical cube the cube is the symbol the physical structure of society as well and how its a thoughtform that fits manifests into social structures. Its their world government The Royal Kingdom. And how its built on the 22 Hebrew letters. The cube is also the symbol of the Torah in Judaism and how its a form of witchcraft to transform physical reality by reading the Hebrew which generates the energy.

Remember the Rabbi's state in their own writings that Satan will defeat them by reversing the Torah which is the 22 Hebrew letters. They warn about keeping this safe guarded at all costs to the point only the top leadership of the Rabbi's where allowed the knowledge of the letters the Bereshit section of Juadisim. They understand this is their achilles heel.

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