National Jewographic Racist Scam

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National Jewographic Racist Scam

Post by Mageson666 »

National Jewographic Racist Scam

National Jewographic is putting out some desperate propaganda. The claim is that both these children are identical twins of the same parents.....But look at their features and look at the facial features:


Then look at the children with their parents:


Its obvious a mile off there is another father in the background the mother is not going to talk about to her husband wonder why.... The White Girl has a different father from her HALF SISTER. You can see it in their facial features. And their racial features one is totally White the other is half White and Black. The other fathers DNA.

This is some strange attempt to somehow tell people that race is a social construction. Yet its not in Israel where they want to DNA test you for Jewishness before letting you be a citizen. But the same Jewish People tell us its just a social construct Goyim. Your all Goyim animals and we Jews are the only Humans its in the Talmud Goyim. Anti-racism is just Jewish racism against Gentiles poorly masked.

Now this even fails further because they are trying to push the ideal that race is a social construction based on RACE MIXING between two people of different races and what happens when you race mix. So how is that a social construct? Its not and its actually showing race is biological and natural. This is the kind of obvious bullshit the Jews push on us it even contradicts its own message. You can still tell there is a White girl and there is Black girl.
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Re: National Jewographic Racist Scam

Post by Xavius_6x6 »

You can lead a horse to water , but you can not make him drink. Anyone with open eyes can see the obvious.
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Re: National Jewographic Racist Scam

Post by Lydia »

The mother must have slept with 2 men before/during ovulation and ovaries released 2 eggs, it is possible she became pregnant with both at same time hence calling them "twins" as they both grew in uterus together. This happens many times with cats, for ex a Siamese mother and father, siamese kittens, and one random orange tabby kitten in the mix.

Or the entire thing is a hoax.
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Re: National Jewographic Racist Scam

Post by natalie_lion's_heart »

DNA Testing Companies Like 23andme Admit Adding Fake African Ancestry To White Profiles In Order To “Screw With Racists” ... h-racists/
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Re: National Jewographic Racist Scam

Post by FancyMancy »

Yeah, you can see in their noses that they are not the same shape. The chins are different, the thickness of the lips are different...

"The science of race", ignoring all previous many millenia of the Races being different, but only in a mere century or so it is forced onto us that "we're all one zombie sheep clone, without identity, individuality, and culture".

"Why we divide", ignoring Nature having divided us for the previous many millenia, because Nature knows the Races must be separate.
Cacique Satanás
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Re: National Jewographic Racist Scam

Post by Cacique Satanás »

Check the description from the video

Now here is the website and the introduction is a call for race mixing...

Here is information from the website:
1-Stablished in Copenhagen ... in_Denmark
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Re: National Jewographic Racist Scam

Post by Jack The GOOD guy »

This is probably the most foolish tging someone can say and yet they're saying it in TV while we have evidence on the contrary, ... e-of-race/

They seem to be trying to reverse the last 200 or so years of scientific discoveries.
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Re: National Jewographic Racist Scam

Post by Egon »

"Social construct" is constructed by biological beings through their biological and thus racial brains. Duh. Even a "social construction" can only exist because biology rules, or those retards think the different "societies" grew out of the ground and all these 'equal humans' where differently inserted in there?

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