White Europe Is Satanic Europe!

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White Europe Is Satanic Europe!

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White Europe Is Satanic Europe!


The God Yngvi Frey rules the Ing rune, this rune Ing is also used as the prefix son of or daughter of in the ancient meaning of the Anglo-Saxon and Friesian and other Germanic Peoples. such as names like Bunting and Hadding which are still found in Europe in places like England and Holland. The nation of England is Ingland named after the God Ing, Frey. The ancient Royal family of Sweden was the Ynglingar as they were descended from Yngvi Frey just as the Royal families of England are descended from Woden. But note Ing is connected to the Ingaevones the invading Germanic nations the Angles, Saxons, Friesians and Jutes were of the Ingaevones. You can note the Germanic nations are still named after the Gods. Holland is Holda's land, Germany is Tiw's land, Frisia is from Frija, Austria, Oesterreich named from Ostara's realm or Reich. Scandinavia is of Skadi who is similar to the Goddess Scathach of Scotland. Ireland is Ari-land, the land of the Arya. Which is Hari, Hara a name of Satan. Even Europe is named after the Aryan Goddess, Europa! We are a Pagan-Satanic Race!

Yngvi is also known as Pan, who is Dionysus so we see this across the board. The Spartans stated they where from the blood of the living God Hercules who is called Hari, Odin is called Harighast. Hari, Hercules is also called Sandan, the D is a double letter of T, Sandan is Santan, Santana, Satan.

The Yngvi is symbolized as the Phallus the symbol of the God, all the way to the Aryans in the East. However its also the symbol of the intertwined serpents. The symbol of DNA, the royal blood. Its the symbol of Aryan blood of which the Sumer texts stated. Enki who the Sumerians also called Satan. Put the blood of the Gods into us and created us in the image of the Gods. Satan put His own blood into us. We are of the race of the Gods. We are their literal children. And our race was named Ari, Aryan, Harya.....Hari. After Satan.

The Lay of Rig states the European Aryan Peoples are descended from the Gods genetically as do the eastern texts. Our ancestors would set ceremonial places at their table for the Gods as a reminder we are of their racial family. The concept of racial mixing was alien as it was a sin against the blood to commit racial adulteration. As it was destroying the divine blood. When the Germanic, European nations encountered non-Whites, they passed laws against race mixing. It was the advent of Jewish Christianity that changed this. The Visigoths changed this once they converted to Christians. This allowed the Jews a way into the subversion of the European race.

Today we are witnessing the same. Liberalism is simply secular Christianity and its alien globalist cult of Jewish world supremacy. The Jews only got this far by Christianity which removed us from our divine roots. If our Race is conscious of itself it wouldn't allow itself to be destroyed by scheming Hebrews. Cuckanity is Jewish evil.

When White Europe is no longer Satanic Europe, its on the verge of total extinction. Spiritual Satanism is the Salvation of the White European Race. Its who we are as a People. Salvation is of the Swastika of Satan.

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Re: White Europe Is Satanic Europe!

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HEIL 14/88
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