Creating balance and harmony

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Creating balance and harmony

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Creating balance and harmony

In this universe there are both terrible and wonderful things.
The negative aspects of life will drive us to evolve and rise to higher levels.

There is death, pain, suffering, losses and at the same time there are good things in life.

Now we have the enemy. This is a different case now. Yes we get more powerful by fighting this war, but it doesn’t mean that the enemy is necessary for our evolution.

The enemy is simply using the negative aspects of the universe to enslave us or for their own agenda.

Everybody has a Saturn they have to conquer and rise above. We have things to learn in this life and we have to evolve.

Now the enemy is the opponent of human evolution, they are against human advancement hence we have to destroy them before we get destroyed.

The point is the enemy is not necessary for our advancement, since it is the opposer of human advancement.

Yes there are negative things in life we have to rise above but the enemy is a different case.
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