Runes, Symbols, Orientations

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Runes, Symbols, Orientations

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I'm not sure if anyone here has ever taken bio chemistry.
But something you'll learn in biochemistry is about a particular thing called -antiomers- which many confuse with isomers. Isomers are a charged form of an element.

Very few molecules have what are called antiomers and enantiomers. One in particular has 4 varying forms. What thing means is that depending on its orientation in space, it acts differently in the body. It is comparable to the right hand, and the left hand. It is the same molecule, same elements, same substance, same charge. Mirrored.

Depending on how a molecule attaches in the body, it acts differently. Thalidomide is one example. In half of people who took this, it caused birth defects.

So, getting into the runes and symbols - they operate in the same manner and depending on the direction and intention in which one uses these - the effect ranges from negative to neutral to positive. Neutral are non-invertible. Most runes are in their default position.

Energy from runes based on how they are shaped can be outwardly directed like Thurisaz, inwardly directed, and even both.
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