Nick Clegg (LibDem) welcoming the jewish manifesto

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Nick Clegg (LibDem) welcoming the jewish manifesto

Postby FancyMancy » Sun May 06, 2018 12:47 am

The Liberal Democrats will always stand for a Britain that is open, tolerant, and diverse

Look at what's been happening against Whites - e.g.

  1. 1400+ poor, defenceless White young girls being raped, with the social army (police force instead of police service and "authorities") not giving a shit about them; rather, ignoring them and defending the non-Whites in White Britain
  2. a school being marked down by Ofsted, as being "too White"; thus, defence of non-Whites in White Britain
  3. at least 2 more schools having zero White children in them in White Britain
  4. from Manchester Arena attack, immediately after, police on Twitter saying anyone saying anything against muslims will be in trouble for it, defending non-Whites in White Britain

plus too many other examples. We don't need to be open. We need to be closed. If you disagree, then I should come into your home and force you to make me happy at your expense. Why be a hypocrite in that?

We don't need to be tolerant; we need to be safe and be ourselves and keep our identity and our culture and our country. Why tolerate me if I punched you in your face and stole your money and phone? Are you a christian who "turns the other cheek"? Yes, you are right. We do have enough problems of our own, without having to contend with other shit on top of it, as well.

We don't need to be diverse; we need to be ourselves. Besides - we're diverse enough already, without these infiltrators coming in and destroying all of our civilisation that we built up.

It's in our DNA.

No. It is not. Our DNA is done by Nature, and Nature made Asians, Blacks, and Whites be separate. Not to mix. Your DNA, therefore, obviously is alien. Get off my Planet, you disease-ridden infestation.

...we're taking the fight directly to those who preach

A well-chosen word there, "preach" is.

fear and division.

Fear has been used in history to control people, by the fear of burning in Hell, and fear is still used today. Division is necessary and Natural.

Those qualities of tolerance and openness are intrinsically British

They are not qualities. That are bladphemies against Britain and British Whites. Why are you ignoring history? Nature made us be with our own, not with strangers and people who cannot live together. Clashes don't work. "Intrinsically British"? Stop being ignorant deliberately, stop lying, and stop preaching your anti-White bullshit in White Britain.

Together, we are a nation that embraces different cultures and religions

No. We are not. For a long time, we be been separate, and that worked to keep our DNA and Biology and Families Healthy, Strong, and Pure. You are a parasite, seeding off my blood and my life, while preaching "love, love, love", while you continue to suck me dry and drain my life out of we. I can't love people who are trying to rape me and kill me. I can't tolerate that. I can't have that diversity. I can't accept it.

Before christianity, and now islam, this was a Pagan country - while Asians, Blacks, and a Whites were separate, and jews were not here, either.

Britain is better off when we are open to the world.

Do I need to repeat what I said above?

That is what I did when I challenged Nigel Farage to debate Britain's place in Europe.

That is the EU, you imbecile. Europe and EU are not synonyms.

In that spirit, I very much welcome the jewish European election manifesto.

I don't. The jew admitted it is because of the flooding-in of non-Whites into Europe; see my other videos for proof of that - and the "free movement" of the EU is also convenient, isn't it? Furthermore, the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide is being ignored by everyone, including the social army - AKA police force instead of service, and "authorities", and also the politicians, and every person in every level of government and "authority", whole Whites are being genocide in various ways.


Extremist parties...a jobbik MP has called for a register of jews who he claims pose a national security risk.

What's that? Shades of the fake holocaust? That's funny. It's also funny, but in a non-funny way, that things keep on happening against the jew, isn't it? For...what? 1700 years? The jew has been kicked out of at least 109 countries. People don't continue saying the same thing about you for 1700+ years, and keep kicking you out of their countries 109+ times, if it's not true. protect our freedoms and values

The fuck? Re-read what I said above... They are also not our freedoms and values. We Whites can't be free in White Britain when the entire establishment itself supports and defends non-White in White Britain.

Our MEPs have always strongly opposed any kind of anti-semitism

Why? The jew is raping Europe, other White areas, and White people. It admitted that.

For those who don't know - the jew is not White; it is jewish. It also admitted that sarcastically -

and supported a motion last year calling for a strengthening of EU hate crime legislation

Meh. If saying you don't like something or don't want something makes a wimp cry, then tough. They deserve to be upset.

We will always vehemently defend religious freedoms, as I did recently when I stood up for the rights of the jewish community to practice shaquita

All judaism is is a false religion that the jewish race hides behind - jew is a race, which uses a false religion as a mask.

As a party, we wholeheartedly value the relationship we have with the jewish community - both in Britain and internationally - and are committed to a two-state solution in israel, ensuring israel's peace and security, freedom from the threat of terrorism, alongside an independent Palestinian state

A two-state (Palestine and "israel") solution in "israel".
There is no such thing as "israel", and why should this fictional fantasy non-country get to dictate what happens in what's left of Palestine, while having "israel" remain safe while it is attacking Palestine?

Freedom from terrorism

What? "ISIS" does not stand for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service?!

Above all, we are committed to defending the British values of openness and tolerance.

The jew is not White; it is jewish. Anyone defending non-Whites in White Britain, and other White areas for that matter, need...some things which I won't incite to happen against them. They are traitors. I don't mean politicians; they are not traitors because they were never for us to begin with.


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