How to Find and Know Truth, Utilizing Intuition

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How to Find and Know Truth, Utilizing Intuition

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What I'm about to share takes a lot of practice and relaxed discipline to master, but in working towards so, it is one of the most important tools you can ever have on this path and it will help keep you on this path for all of eternity.

Intuition is colloquially known as our 'gut-feeling', something telling us otherwise against what we're being told. The interpretation however is the matter of attention.

Intuition is our astral perception of what is around us in every way in all manners of interpretation because it is the perception of the aether medium which is in origin of The All which rules over everything that exists. Learning to trust and utilize it for truth takes a lot of discipline and practice as well as disassociation from the veil of the self's mental creations of illusionary imagination. I am still always practicing, learning and training to do this better and better myself.

Our thoughts are a projection from the self to the astral, the difference is the focus of attention either from the inner world of the self and/or the outside world. When we fantasize about something for example like when you're bored in class and decide to have some fun in imagining all kinds of interesting scenarios, that is a veil of false perception that one created over their own psychic sight, it is fantasy, it is not truth, is it a curtain or projection of thoughts created as something exuding from the self not from the truth of the outside environment beyond our own inner world.

The point of intuition is to not see from this inner world but outside of it and beyond, to exclude the inner world of the self in order to properly perceive what is the truth outside of it. It takes practice and familiarization to know how to tune into this and discipline yourself with disassociation in order to properly perceive the real truths and sense what is around us on the astral as it truly is, independant from our own existence and inner creations of perception/fantasy.

The first step to utilizing intuition is in knowing how to tune into it and familiarizing with it.

A really great way of practicing this that is simple and easy is to traverse your house, room or an area full of obstacles like trees and bushes while your eyes are completely closed. Just close your eyes and try to tune in and feel the objects around you as an outside entity of the self, tune into the aether and your intuitive crown chakra, try to feel their existence on the astral plane and sense their vibrations around you, allow the astral to tell you through urge and 'gut-feeling' where everything around you is so you can walk and traverse the area as if you had your eyes open and could see. This takes a lot of training, ninjas have been able to master this in order to quickly traverse unknown territories without even seeing or physically knowing what is ahead of them; by utilizing intuition.

What's commonly going to happen is as you move around you're going to suddenly halt in panic about these sudden urges and feelings that something is in front of you, you'll feel forced to stop otherwise you'll 'run into' something and it feels like an object is blocking you or is closer than it actually is... even the very shift in lighting behind your eyelids might make you think twice and you'll notice the primary feeling behind this is 'fear', scared, doubtful, these are a few of the key blinders to truth, but notice that they are all emotions of the self-perception.

When you feel these sudden halting urges of concern, open your eyes, you'll find these worries were not the case and a wall or object was actually a lot further from you than you felt it was. These urges are the same kind of urges you'll get with intuition but with subtle differences of which I will say from experience you need to familiarize with on your own. It feels similar, but the major key difference is that with truth, there is no fear or concern enforcing the urge, you know with absolute confidence without a single doubt about real truth when you tune into it properly, you feel it, even trying to refute it feels wrong or incorrect because it goes against the nature of the truth and you'll know. Do not expect, just know. It is also the major difference of the two variables the urge is coming from, 1. yourself 2.or the independent astral world around you.

If you practice void meditation, tune out well from your inner self and influences of your own emotions and perception, and tune into the truth of the astral world that is independent from your own inner feelings and world, perceive outside of your own existence, if you do this well enough, you will find that truth is not possible to doubt because the aether can only understand that what is, IS... we have no such insight when we are able to create whatever we want from our own thoughts and fantasies... unless you learn how to disassociate and tune out from them.

If you tune out from yourself and your own emotions and feelings that are responsible for creating veils over our psychic perception completely, and yet you are able to still doubt something... then it is not truth. If something feels wrong about it as an independent thing from your own inner world and emotions, the feelings and perception you exude, that it is how you tell truths from falsehoods.

To see truth in intuition, there is a massive utilization of objectivity in seeing things independent from the self and your own feelings. This is because when you suddenly believe or think something, even in the subtlest of ways, the astral responds in making us perceive how we are thinking/fantasizing it, the thoughtplane of course reacting to our, well, thoughts. With your eyes closed, traversing a room, if you think that something is in your way for example or that you moved further than you thought, then you believe that veil of perception you created exuding from yourself as something you created, and it blinds you from the truth of the outside reality that is independent from you.

That veil of self-deception is the massive failing point in our inborn abilities that the enemy utilizes to trick and blind us. This is why they stress so heavily on feelings like love, because things like love, affection, general emotions can blind us so severely to truth because emotions exude from the SELF perception... not from the independent world around us... therefore we only SEE from the self in these emotions and focuses and not the truth outside of us.

Even believing something false for a second long enough for your emotions to grip onto it, suddenly you focus on your feelings and emotional impressions towards that belief which is this same veil and illusion of fantasy that is falsely telling you what is real, tying strongly into those emotions and 'feelings' in your mind even though it's a lie or is a belief on something that is false... because you are relying from your own inner world and perception of feelings and what you 'feel' about it in that you feel in your heart that it's true... even though it isn't.

You don't see what is really there, just the veil of your own inner creation and your focus on this inner creation, not the truths independent and outside of it. Our feelings, and I don't just mean like anger or sadness, I mean generally in anything you feel psychically from the self, can easily blind us if you are not wary, and if one doesn't see beyond and outside of it all, excluding the self completely from the picture to see what is actually there in the independent world, then they will not know truth. Outside of us, outside of our own perception of self and inner existence, our feelings and our emotions, beyond our own inner perceptions and thoughts, the real world beyond can only ever be what it actually is, and it is not possible to refute it as such because unlike the world in our mind that we can fantasize and change to our every singular whim, the forces that be beyond the inner world of our inner perception of this veilful illusion of the inner self do no such thing.

I can fantasize all I want that the sun is blue, I can believe and feel this with all my heart so strongly that my perception actually changes even through my very own eyes to make the sun actually look and appear blue to me in every way... but beyond this veil I've created, the sun is still white-gold and those outside of my perception of it being blue will see this clearly because they are not in my fantasy world, they are not in the self-decepting lie I created and got wrapped up into. This is truth and how you see it, beyond the self in every way. Not from our own curtains of fantasy and feelings that drape over our psychic perception and eyes, but from what is actually there outside of us entirely as an independent entity in every way, the real reality.

This is the perception you have to learn how to control when it comes to knowing and finding truths. And take great discretion from me on this, I am in no way telling anyone to deny their feelings or to be an empty unfeeling robot, being able to feel is something to be cherished. I am but bringing to light that when it comes to wanting to know something on the astral truthfully and to perceive truth from falsehoods, lies or illusions, knowing how to disassociate from the self and emotions when you need to and practicing things like void meditation is key in doing so. Only then when mastered to truly utilize the aether can you understand knowledge, truth and perceive properly through astral projection, the third-eye and intuition to find the highest meanings of everything around you.

If I had a choice to either live in a world of fantasies that masked the truth of potential dangers beyond it where everything I see, feel and experience is just my own creation, or the reality of which all truths are known in real happiness and joys and safety that is not a mere thought-up illusion, I'd choose reality.

Because I and many others here know what it's like to live blindly in a comforting lie and how miserable it is. It's the difference between the warm and comforting glow of the reality of our sun... and the cold artificial light of an unfeeling fluorescent bulb.
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Re: How to Find and Know Truth, Utilizing Intuition

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Now this is some really good stuff. These are the kinds of posts I like to see .
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