Very Serious Question

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Very Serious Question

Postby BlackCherokeeChi » Sun Apr 01, 2018 5:17 am

Why is the letter W called double U, when a double N is called M.

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Re: Very Serious Question

Postby FancyMancy » Sun Apr 01, 2018 11:28 am

Because the jew decided it to be. If you are going to write a story, you can make it however you want, with the language and rules, etc. The jew, on the other hand, just stole what exists already, and twisted, perverted, and corrupted it.
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Re: Very Serious Question

Postby HauptSturm » Sun Apr 01, 2018 7:29 pm

It should be a double V instead of a double Jew. The Germans pronounce W as V.
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