Love has left a scar on my mind.

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Love has left a scar on my mind.

Postby RaidenTheBasilisk » Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:26 pm

Hello ! I seek guidance for a quite complicated love spell project, as I regard it. I consider necessary explaining some background aspects of this request. I have felt love deeply for one person for many, many years. She never loved me back, no matter what I did.. and please believe me, I have tried. (If you don't relate, I'm happy for you.)

Since I devoted myself to Satan, the context needed for doing a love spell on her became irrelevant because we now live in different cities almost permanently, and long distance ain't my thing. So, I lost her, forever.
(Michael Bolton's "How am I supposed to live without you" starts playing.)
Plus, I finally accepted to myself that not only the person is not capable to love me, nor understand what I stand for, but her existance in my life was nothing but toxic.

Well, I am aware and I openly admit that I feel a lot of frustrstion about losing my youth over my quest to marry her, and that I still suffer, as I have for the past ~2.555 days. (I know, right?)

I bacame obsessed with her, NOT in the stalking type of way, but that I am refusing to love a girl who does not look like her. (I'm literally a fine guy in every way, and ok person as a whole, but I got my share of idiocy.)
I have to say I did put my best effort in other relationships over the years, but my then immaturity, their own issues as well as my own, have caused my every attempt to move on, to fail.

I want to manifest my love and be loved in this "fantasy" and I do not want to get over it by separating myself from her, as I have read on the JOS site - I am aware I can heal myself and be free of this fixation if I do that.
(And find someone truly amazing and get married and have kids and live happily ever after.)

But for now, what I want to ask is this: is there a way to attract someone exactly as I desire into my life for love, and how do I do that ?
Do I use sexual energy and runes or is there a of more powerful manner to act ?
(I know how strong they are, but one can wonder.)
And thank you for your time reading this.

I regard "The Great Gatsby" as my personal biography.
There is no better way to describe my personality, capability and individual/collective goals, as grand as I know them to be.
And yet, I struggle with my own " green light " with the difference that I am aware of its negative aspect in my life.

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Re: Love has left a scar on my mind.

Postby Length » Thu Jan 16, 2020 12:08 am

lol michael bolton
three steps of witchcraft(on joyofsatan) and love spell as well.

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Re: Love has left a scar on my mind.

Postby Aquarius » Thu Jan 16, 2020 5:49 am

You should first heal yourself from the influence of that girl, and then do a working using the Gebo rune or Venus square to attract the best partner for yourself.

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Re: Love has left a scar on my mind.

Postby Darksage666 » Thu Jan 16, 2020 7:01 pm

No, you need to do a working to attract someone that is actually good for you, that’s all. Don’t waste your time here. If someone doesn’t like you then it is what it is.

When you meet someone that actually cares about you and is good for you, you’ll begin to get over that person.

You can do a mars square for a sex partner or Venus square for a lover but I think a lover may be a little harder to manifest. You need to look into your natal chart.

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