Truth about Anti-Christ (Adolf Hitler) - text

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himmler was a legend
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Truth about Anti-Christ (Adolf Hitler) - text

Postby himmler was a legend » Wed Jan 15, 2020 4:44 pm

I made a video about Anti-Christ but youtube deleted it. Here is a text about what is in that video.
Who is Anti-Christ?
Anti-Christ is Satanic nickname for Adolf Hitler. He achieved
Magnum Opus and became a God. Anti-Christ is His nickname as a Demon.
Adolf Hitler never died. He became a God/Demon and was reincarnated
to Hell. Right now it is too early to know what is going to happen
in the future. Those who are important to Satan knows. You should
know that our Anti-Christ and Gods are coming back to earth.

"My spirit will rise from the grave and the whole world will know
that i was right"
-Adolf Hitler

It looks like Hitler knew what will happen in the future. He will come
back to earth and complete the task He needs to do!
Hitler will be returning as the 8th and Final Mystery King,

"In the end the truth will come out and many will want to join on
at the last minute, but it will be too late"

"There is always a part of the people who stand out as really active fighters,
and more is expected from them then from the millions of national comrades
in the general population. For them it is not simply enough to make the pledge:
"I believe.!" Rather, the affirmation: "I fight.!""
-Adolf Hitler

We are these active fighters and MORE is expected from us than from the millions
of comrades!!

"Whoever feels that he is the carrier of the best blood and knowingly uses it to
attain the leadership will never relinquish it!"
-Adolf Hitler

We Satanists are carriers of the best blood!
Best blood is always the God's blood!
Satan's blood!

Hitler aka Anti-Christ is not a monster.
Demons are not monsters like some people think.
Hitler was a man of peace. And still He is a man of peace!

Every Spiritual Satanist should do something to win spiritual war.
Doing Reverse Torah Rituals (RTR rituals) is one on the best helps to do
for Satan/Lucifer!
There is NO excuse of not doing them. It takes only for about 10min.
Doing 1 ritual is better than doing nothing. If you do 1 RTR ritual every
day, this is 365 rituals in a year.

"People, brothers and sisters, keep doing these! No matter how much
enemy tries to make us lazy, and how much confusion and doubt it makes,
WE keep doing these Reverse Torah Rituals!"

How to summon Anti-Christ?
Anti-Christ's sigil is not public, so try next few steps:
-summon your Guardian or any other Demon/Demoness
-ask Him/Her to send Anti-Christ to you

4th Reich is the successor Kingdom/Reich of the 3rd Reich and the coming
4th Reich will be established ONCE the enemy is dead. And it will be
established in the name of our Father Satan and He will then begin to
lead this WHOLE world as He did before the Enemy attacked over 4000 years ago.
Then will come the humanitys Golden Age which will last forever and ever.

NOW! Those lazy fucks who do nothing for Satan.. think how your life
turned on better like it was before you joined us! Satan changed your life
on better and you should do something in return to Him! From us it is expected
to do more than 1 million people which are not Satanists! Every Satanist has
the power to FIGHT for our FREEDOm - FOR BETTER WORLD!

"Those who do nothing for Satan can expect nothing in return"

For truth visit:

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Re: Truth about Anti-Christ (Adolf Hitler) - text

Postby slyscorpion » Thu Jan 16, 2020 3:30 pm

Try uploading that video on Bitchute they won't delete it and you are more likely to get any views at all than YouTube although it still probably won't be a lot but you are lucky if you get 10 views if no one knows about your YouTube channel.

Anyways just my suggestion.

I like your article I would like to know about the in the end it being to late for some people to communicate that to someone who appears to know the full truth from being open to the spiritual and past lives but is hesitant to want to get involved idk if this means those people or not. I am not even fully sure what that even means though. I hope someone explains it later.

himmler was a legend
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Re: Truth about Anti-Christ (Adolf Hitler) - text

Postby himmler was a legend » Sat Jan 18, 2020 5:44 pm

Here is the video about Anti-Christ on bitchute

Hail Satan!
Hail Anti-Christ!

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