Our Family Of Gentiles

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Our Family Of Gentiles

Postby Aldrick Strickland » Sat Dec 28, 2019 3:00 am

When Satan came to this planet he Created the Goy. Subsequently the Gods left children in the great work of the Gentiles.

These Children being the bearer of the HIS Blood were left in charge of a mission. Protection of HIS creations and life on this planet as a whole.

Together we strove to build Nations and Societies where life would thrive. Where we stand arm in arm as a People. Making a slice of paridisical Safe Haven.

Then the Enemy came and Hybridized their reptillian Blood into the Blood of the Gentiles to disguise them within. At first the Gentiles tried to bring them in as family. Compassionate and loving they accepted them.

It was shortly made known they wanted nothing of the sort. So the Gentiles made them slaves. Confused as to what to do with them. This is when they learned our Inner workings. Their Masters instructed them on how to destroy us from within using the 22 Hebrew Letters.

Slowly our Societies fell as their power grew. But now We are given the chance to Reverse and undo this madness and deal with them properly.

Once this scourge is gone we can resume with making A Utopian Society. Where all The Gentiles will thrive.

At the moment there is a Genocide against Satans Children. The protectors of the Gentiles. If a Genocide were to be going on against the mighty Black Race, or the Honorable Asian Race, which there will be, Satans Children would be up and arms.

Likewise, the Gentiles should fight for their Creators Family and designated Protectors. Thus we all fight for each Other.

All Gentiles Together as Satans Family. For be it by Blood or not, we are all Family the same. Together we shall not alow the Lost Paradise Of Satan to disappear.

You see WE are the lost paradise. We will never allow this Enemy to Destroy us! The Family of Gentiles! For though we must not mate certain bloodlines together, this goes for those of the same Race even. We want the purest strains. There is only ONE Family. That of the Gentiles.

We Shall Defeat this Vile Enemy that threatens us all. Satan shall Rise and reclaim his Throne and the work he started will be completed. That of transforming our Family into higher Elevated Immortal Beings. Where we will all live in a perfected world, in unity Together.

I look forward to that day. When we defy Tyranny and what they Demanded we believe. Instead Turning our Hearts to our true Creator. Resisting all Destructive Garbage. On that day when A Smile stretches across the Face Of Father Satan. We shall stand in infinite Pride Together.
Aldrick Strickland
Hail Father Satan Forever

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