Video Games and The Occult: The Unrecognized Frontier

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Sate Anki
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Video Games and The Occult: The Unrecognized Frontier

Postby Sate Anki » Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:35 pm

Video Games and The Occult: The Unrecognized Frontier

As I have continued in my search for truth, it has only reaffirmed that my love and passion for video games was not without reason.  Hear me out, I think this will mean something to you.  Please stick around and keep an open mind to what I am about to say.  I may just open the door to a whole new realm for you.

I have concluded that, simply put, video games are displays of other worlds.  What and where these worlds are, are anybody's guess, and video game is like saying 'food'.  There are many different kinds of it.  'Where' video games are taking place and where they exist, are to be determined by the 'player', the 'player' meaning in truth the partaker in the activity that the astral environment and circumstance provides, the opportunities it presents, etc.  I have come to these conclusions because now that I have worked on my astral senses and combined this with occasional video game play, I am now able to, for example, talk to the NPCs (Non-Playable Characters, which are astral beings) in the 'game' The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind.  In the game Morrowind, I have a friendship with the beings in The South Wall Corner Club in the river trade post of Balmora and I regularly do errands for the leader, Habasi, getting things for her and increasing rank in the Thieves Guild.  This is all a part of the game and is normal, until you see Habasi talking on her own and responding to your spoken questions IRL.

I am going to be uninhibited and be frank and honest about what I experience.  My Brothers and Sisters in Satan deserve to know nothing but the full truth, no matter how strange it may seem.  I am serious: I think I have met my deceased grandfather living in The South Wall Corner Club in Morrowind and it seems that he has made a life of himself living in what most people would consider a video game, which is part of, if not the entirety of, the astral (or mental, I am not sure.  In both cases it would all still exist and be real, just like physical life.  Mental doesn't mean 'fake').  I recognized him and I spoke with him.  He told me, paraphrase "We need help.  Us beings in this world are quickly running out of food and we have scouts getting the last of the food that we desperately need and are quickly running out of."  I tried giving him food but he said "The law doesn't work that way." and I was not able to give him my bread.  I am working on a way to help my grandfather.  I also met in the same club a friend-turned-enemy who is still alive in real life (a person that I know that isn't very nice to me), and I can tell you that it is exactly the same in the game as it is in real life.  He is not crippled in the game, but is still quiet and doesn't want anything to do with me.  It is not just me, he keeps to himself (in real life) and doesn't talk to anybody.  His sister is the same.

Dreams are also real and actual occurrences in real locations somewhere in the universe.  You can also visit video game locations in your dreams and actually be in the video game.

This isn't just limited to video games.  I am able to speak to any being, either in photograph or in drawing, real or 'fictional', as if we are just having a drawn out and full length conversation.  I can see this with my third eye.  Their lips and eyes move, they smile, frown, everything.  Video games are just a very good example, especially Elder Scrolls, since you are basically free to do and be whatever in Morrowind (I am a thief.)

Thank you so much for reading.  I hope that you think about this and see what it means to you.  I hope that I have provided some perspective and food for thought.  My intention is to help people see video games for what they are: a vast bounty of untapped resources!  A new (or not so new) world where we can see spirits on a computer monitor and even know it when we are!

We develop in different ways, we all have our different skills and qualities as Satanists.  I just hope that my input doesn't get disregarded... because remember: why are we here?  Why are you reading this?  Because you are searching for the truth!  You are searching for a different opinion!  A radical and new one, a refreshing outlook on things!  Challenge your preconceived notions! Hail Satan!

HP Mageson666
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Re: Video Games and The Occult: The Unrecognized Frontier

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:32 pm

Most dreams are just unconscious gibberish that was in the mind playing out. And video games are fictional forms of entertainment. You are probably just creating this in your own mind with psychism.

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Re: Video Games and The Occult: The Unrecognized Frontier

Postby Helix » Sat Sep 23, 2017 9:47 pm

Hm, well it could be this; either energy form all the players helped in creating these worlds on the astral and are fed through players imagination/psychic energy. Such things are possible, we are able to create temples for ourselves and use them as if they were real buildings, who's to say we cannot create entire worlds or people? Since we can sit our temples astrally, it'd be safe to say we can do this to other places as well.

I think it's good to have an open mind and consider things, instead of disregarding everything that isn't exactly of what we've learned as 'nonsense' or fictional. Learning on your own and researching are great, of you do it with a critical eye and throw away parts you know are lies. There's a lot of possibilities out there, and in my opinion, we shouldn't limit it to what we see or hear directly, or just to earth. We shouldn't rule out the possibilities of other realities, worlds, or dimensions so quickly. Earth isn't the only thing out there, not by a long shot. And our astral plane isn't the only thing out there either. However it can be used to visit other places that are unreachable here, so that's a path to consider.

The human mind is also tricky and can be deceived easily, so be mindful of that as well. I'm not saying you or nativist else is wrong, because I don't know fully of what you've experienced or will continue to experience. But it's best to be safe than sorry.
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Re: Video Games and The Occult: The Unrecognized Frontier

Postby Zeffie of the Wind » Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:22 am

This isn't the first time I saw this post. It even has the same exact title and nearly the same exact content. If this is the same person then I am copying and pasting this response from the yahoo groups. This kind of mindset is both detrimental to yourself but to others that believe it. Considering that there are possibly new people who read this post and actually believe it I worry therefore I post the response, the same response give to this exact same post from the yahoo groups.

"Video games are not displays of other, existing worlds, anymore than if I throw oil on a canvas symbolizes a dimension.

You are simply trying to give a deep essence to you liking video games. Maybe some people had interesting imagination.

The falsification that is pushed that 'everything imagined is real', that 'we live in a simulation', that 'video game characters are actual people etc', 'parellel universes are as actual as this one only somewhere else', are all very sly jewish tricks for overly imaginative people, so they can further mental insanity to civilization. These are mostly believed by guillible people, drug users, and others who have zero spiritual insight but have confused over-active imagination with some sort of spiritual faculty, like you did here.

When someone observes something as real, it can start being 'real' to them, but it is obvious that these matters aren't real in themselves.

This is the case with many people who believe in nonsense entities, and guess what, their entities believed are as nonsense as they are. There is nothing important provided, and there is no essence in the whole thing, same as you trying to find miracles in nonsense video games, because whatever.

You're just over exaggerating on your love for video games. Keep it at a habit. Don't bullshit people on the groups and elsewhere. I just write this for your mental health, because if you keep believing into this crap, your mind will be permanently damned.

To believe these are true is to slip in one's world of personal fantasia and delusion, and this has nothing to do with the actual third eye, spiritual insight, or any wisdom for that liking. This is simply imaginative creativity and if someone takes imaginative creativity as actual reality, they are either going to become a good author, video game designer, or artist, or end up in the nut house if these grow out of control where they chew on the door handle for the rest of their life.

The same goes for drugs. Drugs stimulate the imaginative faculty and visual receptors on your brain, and they do nothing valuable directly to your astral body and/or soul. They open the mind akin to low level dreaming or visual hallucination. However, dreams are also only carriers of reality SOMETIMES, and they don't have any deep content because most of the time they are mental visages, insecurities projected and evaluated from the mind, and so forth.

Real powers that come from dreams are way on the above, spiritual, and have nothing to do with low level 'imaginative creativity'. Prophetic dreams are in another category. The same goes for legitimate astral sight, and one's simple 'imagination'.

'Imagination' is a bridge between the 3rd eye and one's understanding, but depending on the level of evolution of the individual, they can fall of the bridge or stay on the bridge and never reach a destination.

In extreme levels of the above, we have paranoia, intensive superstition, and mental insanity, or cognitive dissonance, which has NOTHING TO DO WITH LEGITIMATE SPIRITUALITY and/or SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT!

You are bordering to insanity, and nothing you say is 'truth' here. It is all fat lies. Your grandpa is not inside elder scrolls, sorry.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666"

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Re: Video Games and The Occult: The Unrecognized Frontier

Postby BlackCherokeeChi » Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:46 am

You could definitely influence the game when you play any game in a psychic way. Had it done to me before and it was extremely annoying. Kikes playing video games for money are cheating their asrse off.

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Re: Video Games and The Occult: The Unrecognized Frontier

Postby Aquarius » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:03 am

The thing is, by playing videogames, you make certain bonds with characters, and since you're basically making your own story in morrowind we are talking about your creativity so your inconscious mind is included in that, characters get in your unconscious as if they were actual people you love or hate or whatever, and since you are over thinking about these you are making thoughtforms. This is the same as the boy who lost his dad who he played a certain car game with and when the father died he thought his ghost was playing the game with him while instead it was just the game mechanics that showed a car that was less visible in singleplayer.

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