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Post by ChildrenOfTheGods »

Duckduckgo added email protection, what do you think about it? is this as good as protonmail? or should i use proton+duckduckgo?
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Re: Duckduckgo

Post by AFODO »

NO. Duckduckgo sold their privacy, and it is now totally a Jew owned shit.

Tutanota might be one degree better in terms of privacy, than protonmail.
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Re: Duckduckgo

Post by Ol argedco luciftias »

Duckduckgo does absolutely nothing to help with any privacy. It is slightly better than google only because nothing is as bad as google. What it is good for is it doesn't hide or remove as many search results.
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Re: Duckduckgo

Post by Xenophon »

I suppose if I wanted to exercise surveillance of net users, I'd make sure to emphasize "privacy" in all my public utterances.
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Re: Duckduckgo

Post by syrex666 »

I wouldn't use neither of them...
Proton services are questionable to me and DuckDuckGo censors politics-related subjects.
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