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Joy of Satan Estonia

Postby Kurat » Fri May 22, 2020 7:56 am

I do not know how many people from Estonia is here, but when you are from Estonia, how to make Joy of Satan propaganda in internet.

I make here new topic about Joy of Satan:
I think that it it is good when everybody from Estonia make account here and start promote Joy of Satan.

I make here new topic about Joy of Satan:,14583594

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It is LaVeyan satanists forum, some are here national socialists, but some are anti-nationalists, so it is good when here we in the beginning do not say that we are antisemites.

Newspaper comments:
It is pointless do spam our links in Delfi comments, because when I try it, moderators delete most of its and even some comment stays up, here is so much other comments that somebody do not notice it.

2. In Postimees and Õhtuleht only registered users can post comments.

3. Uued Uudised- it is good place to make our propaganda, because here is not lots of other comments: but here before your comment allowed, it moderated, so you can not just spam, you must write long comment like here: ... esimeseks/

or you mast write random pointless comment and put your name our link like here: ... ngimustel/
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