The SS Gestapo

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The SS Gestapo

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If people whine about "Gestapo" they still don't understand how Facebook even works. Facebook has done x10000 times the damage of any "Gestapo" could ever do. Facebook knows what time you take a piss and for how long. Facebook has literally been violating every piece of knowledge of all human beings.

For Gestapo to care about this, you would have to be top tier National Threat, such as terrorist, supreme Communist, agent of Stalin, spy, or related. While Facebook spies 100% of it's users, 100% of the time, for 100% of the information, Gestapo was after something 0,001% of some of the weirdest types in Germany.

Facebook is simply interested in what time you piss and just in case if your piss makes Anti-Semetic sounds. But yeah, tell me about "Gestapo" instead. It's also happy to sell all this information to the highest bidder, or as recently happened, throw all this information out in the open because Facebook sucks that much.

Yet people will still complain about what they have been brainwashed to complain. Ie, stuff like Gestapo. It's just what one is being programmed to hate with their TV and history, that's all there is to it.

Gestapo chose top criminal targets for investigation, not small fries, Freddie Krueggers, Epsteins and the like. The stuff nobody would even want to deal with. It was quite similar like agencies of today, with few differences if at all.

Now people are investigated over twitter posts that trash talk online. Gestapo was top secret service as does exist right now in every other country.

It also destroyed many pedos in the Vatican by the dozens, alongside Goebbels, which was a world first. Up until that time, nobody even had the nerve to literally go after these people. It was Gestapo that started to go after them in full force. Most people cowered back then, and everyone knew what was going on, but not much historic intervention was done to stop the suffering of children. Gestapo handled this type of dirty and dangerous work. This harmed the pedo rings of the time so much, so they now whine and this legendary police department went down as a negative slang.

You won't read this anywhere but many people in Law Enforcement still do see Gestapo as an ideal police unit, and emulate much from it. But yeah after a point everything went to shit including Law Enforcement. Now if cops shout to someone who does a crime or a shooting, they go to jail or something. In regards to going after high effect targets, nothing happens.

A Chinese communist spy was unveiled in CIA sending information to the Chinese I recall in the news not that long ago. I think their wrist may have become really red from being slapped with a ruler for doing that. Besides that, nothing else happens anymore. We're focused on battling against online Anti-Yaniv rherotic right now as Nations.

Gestapo wouldn't investigate uncle Matt or normal everyday people who aren't National threat else for literally saying some shit online. Facebook will definitely do that, do reports, put people in terrorist watchlists and so on arbitrarily. Gestapo worked more with leads and actual actions committed. The stuff people see in movies was not happening as much as people think.

Also, modern US agencies do a lot more of the same, if not the same. Ever heard of Guantanamo? FEMA camps? All these things still exist. Have we ever heard of what secret police in China may possibly do to dissidents? We probably never will.

Why? Because these dissidents aren't Jews and the Jewish Lobby is what controls the media, which creates the narratives. So we only heard about "Gestapo" in our lives.

I've read copiously on all these subjects out of fascination, and even what the jews say Gestapo was so bad for, doesn't really compare with two pages of reading about what MKULTRA did in the span of two weeks.

Now, jews tell us publicly they want to brainchip everyone, but the issue of us remains if let's say 3000 Communist Jews were imprisoned by Gestapo after who knows what. The US on it's times where it cared about it's survival, also did a lot of similar operations, abroad and Nationally to protect itself from Communism.

Even Putin's secret police is probably far more firm, properly working, and focused, than many other "Gestapo like" branches of the West. Our USA equivalents of Gestapo are busy chasing down 14 year olds online who told Jews to fuck off in Call of Duty Warzone. Hillary, Bidens, Epsteins, these always make it somehow.

It's a total shame, especially because most of the Secret Agencies actually gained manpower, methodology, and knowledge for a huge part, you guessed it from where: National Socialists.

Lastly as Snowden has revealed, most of these people are now forced by higher echelons to waste their time, mind and resources, on the most totally irrelevant subjects. Instead of doing actual work on actual targets, they have to care about manufactured bullshit political targeting, braindead people's agenda like AOC who are sheltered and have no clue WTF is going on in regards to crime rates, even worse many of these agencies are now bound to serve very niche jewish interests disallowing them completely from stopping actual crime ongoing in the US, while turning their sights to attack irrelevant threats which primarily are personal targets to jewish supremacy and people telling Jews to fuck off in Twitter or something.

I doubt anyone even cares in these agencies anymore if let's say, Communist spies in Universities are found. Old talk, who cares, we are Socialists now or some shit? I don't know.

When people got to dig into Pizzagate and Epstein situation, they wished Gestapo would exist to finish this garbage off. But yeah we are busy as a society to go after people who attacked verbally Trans Yaniv in Twitter right now instead.

And this is why the US alongside many other reasons is having to face the reality that China might surpass it by 2030. Because too much jewish crap, and you lose your National identity and direction.

Satanswarlord666 wrote:
Tue Apr 20, 2021 5:56 am
HP. Hoodedcobra666 wrote:
Fri Apr 16, 2021 2:22 pm

I see that people are protesting now due to our RTR's. But the annoying thing is in many places in Europe, people are still calling the ministers and globalist jews: Gestapo or Nazi's. For example here in the Netherlands. If they would know the difference between National Socialism and communism, people wouldn't act this retarded. So how do you think people will eventually know the jews lied about the 2nd world war and all this scamdemic stuff? The majority of people I mean. That they know it was the jews all the time. I'm beyond tired to hear the BS on our Antichrist. Even influentual people against the lockdown are constantly comparing what so called happened with the lolocaust, to this global situation. I want to see their faces of the same influential people, when they find out the Antichrist is our savior. :shock: Or it would already be to late for them to be saved. It's great to see the uprising. And as you Cobra Commander predicted, many clashes will follow. Denmark does it with style, Men in Black. I could see this turning into a National Socialistic movement. It's interesting the thought of how National Socialism would eventually unveil. In the mean time I keep doing my part of spiritual warfare!

Hail Satan/88!!!
-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666,
Joy of Satan Ministries


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Re: The SS Gestapo

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HP. Hoodedcobra666 wrote:
Wed Apr 21, 2021 1:48 am
If people whine about "Gestapo" they still don't understand how Facebook even works. Facebook has done x10000 times the damage of any "Gestapo" could ever do. Facebook knows what time you take a piss and for how long. Facebook has literally been violating every piece of knowledge of all human beings.
I would propose that after a few years when the jewish problem would be solved, we should create rituals to curse all these jewish corporations that have been controlling our lives for decades until they go bankrupt and dissapear completely, of course those that will still exist then. One by one until they all dissapear.
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The SS Gestapo

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Hail Satan!
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