Baphomet The Templar Head

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Baphomet The Templar Head

Postby HP Mageson666 » Thu May 03, 2018 11:29 am

Baphomet The Templar Head

The Templar's where stated to honor a head that was called Baph Meteos in Greek. Which means Baptised in wisdom. This got shorten to Baphomet. The head in the Templar system was the symbol of the ancient head found in Rosslyn chapel a Templar church that has three faces on it. Same still in India with the Linga its shown with three faces on it. It holds the same meaning.

The Head also represents the three pillar's which are the nadis of the sun, center channel and moon. And the worlds on the pillar's are the seven chakra's with the trine parts of the brain the three faces. This was stolen later by the enemy and put into the Jewish kabala. The Templar's also wore the black, white and red cord the symbol of the three nadis in the spine. This is the Brahman thread in Hinduism. The linga is the spine with the three faces meaning the same. This is how Shiva is shown with seven animals that represent the seven chakra's. Shiva is called Jana Pandita in the east and this back Oannes, Ioannes and Jonna and John the God of the Templar's. Oannes is the Babylonian name of Enki. Shiva is called Sata in Hinduism the Eternal Shiva. The Yezidi's who came from ancient India and were part of the Sumerian and Babylonian civilization still call their God Satan. It means the Eternal God in Sanskrit. Which the Yezidi language also came from as it has vast Sanskrit words still within it.

The head also represents the five sense and elements and the Zodiac the 12 signs and seven planets and the 24 letters that rule the 12 signs, 7 planets and five elements. This was also called the head of Bran to the Druids. This is the map of the soul and how to empower the seven chakra's and the different regions of the body that all relate to the 12 Zodiac signs as well. This is the body of Soma Sophia to the Greeks. The Templar's main head quarters had the symbol of Abraxas over the door with the IAO under it. This is the same of the Greek culture Pagan system. Abraxas represents the seven planets, 12 signs of the Zodiac and seven planets. The entire solar year. IAO is also the name of Zeus who is shown as Dionysus the God of the Templar's.

The head is a Pagan symbol found in Runic artifacts its the symbol of the rune OS note Baph Mete-OS. The Os rune is the symbol of the element of spirit thus sound which all the other runes manifest of. Mete is also Mata which is the energy that fashions the soul and universe. Baph Meteos also relates to the breath of life the prana energy following thought all the charkas and nadis.

The head of the Templars is the ancient symbol of the soul. The Templar's were from the old Skaldic families of the Druidic order who formed into new orders to protect the Pagan wisdom. This still survives in the east were the ancient Indo-Aryans also lived.

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