Jews The Lords Of Racist Holocausts

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Jews The Lords Of Racist Holocausts

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:09 am

Jews The Lords Of Racist Holocausts

Racism by sociological definition is the psycho-physical differences between the races. And the science of the study of these. Racism as a scientific and common sense observation has been vilified by Jews for Goyim. They went all out to do this including creating the fake Boaz school to push the Racial anthropology lobby out of existence. Boaz was a Communist Jew and was part of the larger Communist agenda. You can watch the old Jewish Communist propaganda documentaries for America from the late 1930's claiming were all one race and race is skin deep. Its now the mainstream establishments line. That is how long the Jews have been at this. Racism is the charge the Jews use to attack and tear apart any organic boundaries of Gentiles, they perfected this under Communism. So they can dissolve all races and nations out and create their Messianic Global Jewish Government. Run out of Israel which is a Jewish Race state. They don't practice what they preach to the Goyim. Because its a form of their war on the Goyim. Even the Jewish crying about Racism is a ploy of Jewish Racism to destroy the Gentile Races.

We are all the same the to the Jew, all the same cattle.

The reality we all know race is real. If a person decides to make a negative or neutral or positive out of that. Its is up to them as its always been. But do to the negativity Jews promote about racial differences out of the other corner of their mouth they are turning the place into a racial warfare zone. This is the other side of the coin. Create a situation were everyone is obsessed over Racism and then offer the solution to all the problem of Racism.

They do this by......

Stating the one true evil on earth is one thing that of Racism. And only Whites and all Whites are Racist and all things that are evil come from the original sin of White People existing so the only solutions is to end all evil is to end the White Race.

This garbage could not exist without xianity building the platform. The original sin is now being born White instead of just human. And you must spend a life time in repentance and self hatred over being born with the sin of Whiteness. And the only way to do that is to destroy yourself, race and nation. Jews taught White People, they were evil for being Pagans, having White culture and cultural identity the sin of Whiteness. And only by embracing globalism under the Jewish cross and destroying themselves could they repent and be saved from the sin of Whiteness. So nothing has changed its the same old Jewish poison. From the same old Jewish mouth. Rabbi Jesus or Rabbi Marx. The agenda of the Jews alien soul marches thought the ages.

The Torah and Talmud of the Jews, state the White Race is of the seed of Satan and must be totally exterminated. Frist out of all the Goyim.


This Jewish leader just summed up the meaning of Jewish identity in the Torah and Talmud.

The Jews in their own writings brag they are the authors of racial hated among Gentiles to get them to hate and kill each other to destroy the entire Goyim and divide and conqueror the Goyim.

The entire anti-Racism ideology which the Jews openly state is simply anti-White because only Whites are Racist. Was created by Jews of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism. This is a Judaic racial warfare ideology out of the Torah. The goal is to use this to demoralize us so we will roll over like a good Goyim and let them wipe us out. The only race of people that deserved to be hated is the Jew. The Jew is responsible for the death of two hundred million Whites, under Jewish Communism and Jewish Christianity. Rabbi Jesus was an open racial Jewish supremacist who commanded his disciples to forcibly convert the world into Judaism, the worship of the Jews as god. 300 million humans under Jewish Islam which was created by a racial supremacist Jew, Mohammed who stated goal to by war force the religion of Abraham [Judaism] onto the entire globe. Over two hundred million Asians killed under Jewish Communism, 127 million Amerindian People killed in the America's. Columbus as shown by Jewish historians was a crypto Jew and his whole operation was nothing but Jews and was financed by three wealthy Jews to build a Jewish Zionist Empire in the America's. And the Jews killed 100 million Africans via their slave trade. The Jews also committed the Armenian Holocaust of a million human beings. The Jews murdered 85-100 million Indians with organized famines during their regime under the Rothschild Empire, the British Empire was openly called the Yiddish [Jewish] Empire as it was run by Jewish banker Lords. The same Jews that committed the holocaust of a million Irish with the organized potato famine. And the continuing Holocaust of the Arabs by the Jewish state which has killed over a million Arabs. Then the hand of Jewish power in creating two World Wars that killed 100 million humans. We also have the confession's of the Jewish leadership such as the Rothschild's that there is not a single war, famine or conflict that happens without them creating it. Factor that in and you add countless millions of human beings offered up as sacrifices on the altar of Jewish Racism.

Just look at the Jewish Torah they celebrate the racial extermination of the Gentiles living in ancient Cana and after murdering them burned their bodies as what they call a Holocaust, a burnt offering to their Jewish god.

This puts Rabbi Marx's statements into proper context on the "Revolutionary Holocaust" that most occur in order for the Jews to create their global state under Communism.


The Racism we have to oppose is Jewish Racism against Gentiles its responsible for numerous Holocausts of Gentiles by Jews. The Jewish texts state when the Jews finalize their Messianic Age of a global Jewish Government they are going to exterminate all the Goyim as the holocaust, the blood offering to their God.

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