The Ancient Financial System Explained

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The Ancient Financial System Explained

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If you take close attention to the Dollar bill, it says, "In God We Trust". However behind this what the bills are, are bonds and insurances for what one owns, a means through which people exchange services. Due to people putting their TRUST in jews, which is the point of the Christian and other programs, people are also unconsciously giving their money to the jews. Which is not abnormal at all, as they consider, that the dreams of the jews that they have accepted, are worth of a manifestation.

Which is the basis of the banking institution? The banking institution is based on the factor of TRUST. You trust the banks to keep your wealth so that it's not robbed, and so they use this wealth for themselves while keeping it to gain profit. This is the 'insurance' of your wealth. So someone simply based on trust is keeping your money in the bank. But how is TRUST created?

The jew who is a well known usurer asked for the wealth of the nations, which they of course did not give them, and for that reason, they were kicked out of Babylon and basically every other Gentile civilization. The jew is a species that has never plowed the field or ever worked for wealth, they simply tailed other civilizations that have done such, and demanded to steal their wealth. For this they were distrusted, looked upon as criminals, hated worldwide, and they were chased away.

The jews had to come up with something to do what they say is their racial purpose in the torah, to steal the wealth of the nations, and permanently enslave the goyim. So they had to begin from somewhere. They pinpointed the issue was the religion or the spiritual faith of their enemies, which alerted them spiritually to issues such as the jewish one, and kept their societies coherent and mostly racial. This was the large barrier the enemy had to take down in order to get in these civilizations. So they worked tirelessly as a race for centuries for this.

Nowadays this cocoon of protection is called Satanism and everyone is told how bad it is. Because the lord of 'good' today is the jew, and to prevent them from doing what they like is the big 'nono' in this civilization. Back then it was the Serpent Faith. The natural religion of humanity.

Ultimately at some point they created christianity and other similar mushroom faiths to forcibly cause a revolution of values in their host society. The beggars, the meek, the stupid, the lazy, and the assholes, were now the same and equal with the people who spent their whole lifetime advancing a whole. The jew from nothing became 'equal' to the others, such as the equal citizenship in Rome and Paul of Tarsus the juden. And after this equality they worked their way up gradually in the strata of society.

However later with brainwashing and spiritual hoaxes, they made people "Trust" them. The bonds of trust didn't take a lot of time for the people to trust the money to the banks. As a physical representation of the labor of society, entrusted in the jewish hands. The jews used this as they made the idiotic people trust them, as their new savior was now a rabbi from the Levant, namely the hoax of Jesus Christ.

So you can have your banking notes as an external representation of this 'trust' in this system. One Trusts in this system, so they use the money as a representation of these bonds of trust within society. You are essentially partaking in a system which is build on trust. When the people trust the Rabbi for their destiny, it's not far off that people will be swindled materially as well by the same rabbi. Which is how the banking dynasties basically enslaved the world. Then we have robbery and usury as the jews are not part of this world, nor this civilization, and economy is used as a weapon to subvert people and put them under strict control. Money is essentially something empty, it is just meant to represent and count the factor of trust and building power in a society. But the MEANS of continuing quickly became the means to define reality itself. The financial situation of people is an impediment in their karmic and dharmic process, as most of the world is poor, while 2000 people on the planet own more than 80 percent of the worlds total wealth.

In Ancient Greece the currency was called Drakhma, which is borrowed from the Sanskrit Dramma, the same word for currency. This is the word for financial currency. It's obviously related to the concept of Dharma, only again, being an soft anagram. Which reveals the ancient understanding about wealth. It's related to the Dharmic process.

The reason there are very wealthy people is, primordially, because some people are way better in financial management for a civilization compared to other people. One example is how people waste money mindlessly, while others build long term structures. Those who have the most long-term understanding, knowledge and visions for a civilization, are entitled to riches so they produce a better environment for other people. Which is something the average joe could never do. Even if we gave all of our wealth to let's say a retarded person, this would never happen.

So instead people decide to give their wealth to whom they believe is the best civilization builder. While not always the case, the cover of demands and the fixing of social problems creates riches because of the same reason. The reason wealthy people exist and should exist is to build structures and the world for other people, and direct the creative process towards what is best for everyone. Which is exactly what rich people do not do anymore, because they don't care about their own Dharma or the Dharmic process for the world at all.

Instead they simply lavish on Samsaric personal material desires. Part of the above is to give to 'charity', which has been corrupted into nonsense. The meaning of charity is to teach and provide things to people less able to provide. One is a symbol for a God of wealth and like a doctor gives health, these "rich" people should create to generate public wealth. However this has never been the case for thousands of years. They just hoard all of it without putting it to proper use.

You can see why none of the above exist, this is because the enemy is on the hands of the planet right now. This creates a war between the wealthy and the poor. Because the wealthy are in full against the poor and only seek ways to enslave them. Slavery still exists in different forms.

In a civilization without enemies in it, the transfer of money has a very different character. The wealthy people are the people who have the mind to create for a civilization, things that everyone can lavish. These are your 'billionaires' of the Ancient times, and this is why you see the concentration of wealth on the hieratic caste and the kingly or aristocratic caste, because they truly did things for the world. Or you wouldn't have hospitals, libraries, and the most advanced civilization in Egypt etc.

The jew got in these civilizations, ripped them off like a butterfly from a cocoon, and gave the pieces to the cannibal races. To the point even the pyramids have externally collapsed. This is because the lazy and the useless conspire with the jew, and the jew promises them a fraction of what they themselves will steal. The jew uses them as cannon fodder and useful parasites, and rips down a civilization, while stealing all the wealth. As he steals the wealth, he applies it for more parasites, more cannon fodder, and more protection for itself, until the civilization is collapsed. Then they move to another one and repeat the same process.

The jew claims to be very generous and that all that is being done is done to create...The Messianic Government...For erm...Themselves. Which is a global plantation of endless goyim who are forced to serve the jew for life. Lead by an imaginary perfect rabbi Rabbi on the top that will break the nations of the world like 'pots' with his 'iron rod'. Basically the massive stupidity of humanity is to the point they are TOLD they are going to get killed, and they still just fall on their knees to praise Rabbi Yeshua for his 'return'.

As for the ancient kings and priesthood. The idea here is that these castes are fully spiritual and do not care so much about the Samsaric process, but rather use wealth as a tool for creation for those below. Now all such so called 'priesthoods' and 'kings' of the world are just corrupt fat imbeciles and stupid filthy garbage. Execution was the "price to pay" for mismanagement of public wealth. Nowadays the jews just steal in front of the goyim and the goyim doesn't even react. Cause Rabbi Jesus will send it to hell, lul.

So the so called 'authorities' now they just snatch wealth to eat cause they are hungry kikes and goyim. Their flesh is rotting and they are old, but they want to keep up their filthy lifestyle, which they consider important reason enough to exterminate millions below them just to maintain. It doesn't matter how many people go down, it all has to do with how they live. It's well known world politics only scarcely have to do with the fate of the nations anymore, it has to do with who pockets what. They do not have any inner quality to follow through and actually do something valuable for the world.

However the imprint to help these castes still exists in mankind and people still hoped that they would do great. But in the last thousand years these beings are jewish and they have a very specific agenda for the world. Things aren't going to improve. Which is exactly what is not happening now.

By our changes gradually the financial relations on this globe will heal. However such reform can never happen if a strong reform doesn't happen on the factor of TRUST. People must understand who to trust and who not to trust. If you trust rabbi Shekelstein who reads the Torah 24/7 and tells you in your face that he will 'dash your infants against the stone', and that 'when the messiah comes every jew will have 2800 slaves', then your infants will be dashed on the stone, and you will be a slave.

If you trust on the Gods, then be prepared for civilizations such as egypt where kids were walking around with huge necklaces of stone and where there wasn't one hungry person no matter where you looked. Hitler's Germany was a manifestation of the ideas of the Gods about finances. Nobody poor, and nobody poor enough so that their Dharmic process is prevented and that they cannot advance as a result of usury and their fate stolen from usurious bastards.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Re: The Ancient Financial System Explained

Post by Aquarius »

Nice sermon Hp, I was just thinking today about the good one could do to the society if he was Satanic and wealthy.
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Re: The Ancient Financial System Explained

Post by SS322 »

Awesome sermon!

I think I know what you mean with "samsaric" things these modern rich Gentiles or "goyim" are doing but maybe not everyone understands that word. Samsara is the wheel of reincarnation, isn't it? These rich people are lacking something in their life and so they try to please this with very decadent and futile pleasures. In the end they are trapped in reincarnation and reproduce their own failure eternally.
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Re: The Ancient Financial System Explained

Post by Illuminated »

Personally, I have a dream to be the most richest person in this world. And I'm working hard to make this dream come true.
I really want to be immersed in gold like the ancient Egyptian Kings.

As of now currently, I'm on a very great phase in my life, where I see wings to my hopes.
So, whatever progress I've made in money matters, I would just say that it's more of your personal intellect and intelligence, rather than a money spell. Money matters, may could be slightly improved by the money spells, however to be rich or a billionaire, you would have to be smart enough. This is not just about high qualifications, rather *That* spark in you.

My Dad used to say me, that money will come to those, that best deserve it, and know it's worth.

Aha, he was right; but maybe he didn't knew about the western world, where drug dealers turn rappers, rock stars and pile cash to buy more drugs and sex .. Obviously, there are many of those rich that don't even deserve a dime. But you know, these guys were smart to sell what the generation wants. I'm taking about the shift that money making has taken place, and the modern financial system is what we are dealing with.

The guy whom I knew as a just shit in my class room, soon when got screwed in life, later made comedy videos and now earns through Youtube.
The point is, one way some parents would encourage their childrens to study hard for a future worth it, and on the other hand there be those that would just be lazy, with lazy childrens, didn't gave a fuck for future, and lived life happily, yeah :mrgreen:

There's so much I can say over this topic friends, maybe books, but I hope you got the root. I would say, see finances with a jew's normal eyes, and the spiritual money through the third eye lol, my intention was to bring to you money matters so that none of true comrade here should face problems with money.
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Re: The Ancient Financial System Explained

Post by Mageson666 »

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Re: The Ancient Financial System Explained

Post by FancyMancy »

HP Mageson666 wrote:Image
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Re: The Ancient Financial System Explained

Post by Purified666 »

HP Mageson666 wrote:Image
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Re: The Ancient Financial System Explained

Post by Mighty misho »

Here is a funny fact... which is the jews doesn't even trust themselves and one of the exampls is most countries national armies doesnt accept short people to serve in the army because the jewish govrenments are afraid that some other jew somewhere will be more popular and make a Military coup when he join the army.
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Re: The Ancient Financial System Explained

Post by WiseDragon »

HP Mageson666 wrote:Image
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Re: The Ancient Financial System Explained

Post by Cacique Satanás »

If you study in university and learn economic and finances the teacher will tell you:
Teacher: Ok students, what do a Company is looking for?
Students: Money and earn more every time.
T:You are correct and the only way to achieve it is...?
S:Propaganda,bank and marketing.
T: Great, remember that the bank is our friend and we have to look the best for the company and make it great everyday.

The problem comes where the company is more important than the workers and how the people will submit to the cruel Jewish laws.
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Re: The Ancient Financial System Explained

Post by Wildfire »

Are game developers going to get any job in the age of aquarius btw? :D Or the course all that would be a waste. Sorry but it sucks worrying about ending up failing to succeed materially too. I just need to know about this before I really think of stopping my efforts on to where I am going in life and find another, I have plenty of options by the way.
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Re: The Ancient Financial System Explained

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HoodedCobra666 wrote:
Nowadays the jews just steal in front of the goyim and the goyim doesn't even react. Cause Rabbi Jesus will send it to hell, lul.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
Lol, I know many Goyim who know the people that are stealing their wealth in front of them,for example, Tomás Borge was a guy that stole many people's private properties in my country and then the goyim will tell you "Such a bastard, now he is there in hell burning himself for all the crimes he did" and then you quote to the goyim how the Bible will let this criminal enter to heaven if he 1-believes in Rabbi Christ or 2-Tell to God to forgive his sins and that's it...I have quoted such things to Goyim who tell me how "X" guy is in hell because of his crimes against all the nation and guess what the goy repplies "don't be crazy,that's not in the bible" lul

I am in Hell,goy.Pray for my soul,ok?

Then you have christards from Cuba who will propose more christianity into their nations in order to somehow ((IMPROVE)) and wipe the criminals,lol.
Here is the translation for the comment from Pedro Fernandez
"Sr Castro,let's hope with joy that this is going to be your last birthday and your death is going to be for the peace of Cube.We Cubans will remember you as the "Beast 666" like your elite that governed up to half century and destroying our precious island bit by bit, rest in peace and let the Cuban people to live in peace and Cuba is going to be ((FREE)) and prosperous, may God reign again in the hearts of all Cuban people,in and out and his blessings and light enlighten us in union for forgiveness,Amen" ... 27842.html

You see? you cannot have a free country with that christian crap...I live in a Latin american country and people here are the same sheep
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