The Serpent Heals

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Re: The Serpent Heals

Postby NakedPluto » Mon Feb 17, 2020 1:07 pm

nakedhill wrote:
HP Mageson666 wrote:The Serpent Heals

In the Far East in places like Japan, where Satan is still the major God of [Soten Kurama and his mantra name AUM is the symbol of Japanese culture] there is a term in Japanese that of Chiryo. The word CHI means "Cure" in Japanese and Ryo means 'That Which" the term Chiryo means That Which Cures. CHI means in Japan what it means in the Far East, serpent energy its also Ki in Japanese but Japan uses much the same terms that are also Chinese as their Kanji script is from Han Chinese. CHI also means serpent in the east. The serpent is the cure to all aliments and problems.

Mageson, can you enlighten me on an aspect if you happen to know. What does Kizzo ( or chizo, kizo) means? From this article and my own research I found out it is a term related to the "foundation of the Serpent" or "base of serpent". Also much of what I studied had some personal aspects which apply to me but would love more to hear if it is known.

This term was communicated to me on a serious note.

As an update, I found out it is also an enochian word. "Chiso" means "shall be", and now makes sense to me what meant at that time and is about.

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