The Jewish Book Of Life

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HP Mageson666
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The Jewish Book Of Life

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:27 am

The Jewish Book Of Life

The Golem is an allegory for a thought from created with Kabbalistic knowledge. However the Rabbi writes the word AMT on the Golem's forehead to bring this to life and if they wish to destroy it they remove the Aleph leaving only MT which means death. Why is this so....

The reason for this conceals what they are doing. AMT are the three core letters of the 22 letter Hebrew alphabet. Aleph, Mem, Tav. The removing of the Aleph causes the dissipation of the Hebrew thought from because the Tav blends into the Aleph thus keeping a cycle of energy going like spinning a wheel of energy. Aleph is symbolic of the energies of all the other letters in the Hebrew Alphabet. By removing the Aleph your pulling the plug on the power source. Kabala shows the letter Aleph as a wheel. Its about stopping the flow of energies.

In the Taro which is from the Kabala all the main 22 cards are based on Hebrew letters. The Wheel of Fortune shows that Torah is an anagram for Rotah which means wheel. In Kabala the symbol of the egg is called the wheel of life as wheel as it spins symbolizing that energy generates life as a new life hatches out of the cosmic egg. The wheel from India to the west was shown as the symbol of energy in motion. Chakra means spinning wheel. As stated Kabala shows the wheel as represented the letter Aleph for this reason. Note Taro.....Torah. Note Rah means evil in Hebrew. Rotah means the wheel of Ra, which means THE WHEEL OF EVIL in Hebrew. This is the Wheel of Samsara in the east which means the Wheel of death and suffering. For the Gentiles. The Jewish Book of Life is the Book of Death for the Gentiles.

Hence AMT means life. The Torah is the wheel of life for the Jews its the thought form they have created. The five books are based on the five elements that "god" created life with in kabala by making the first Golem the Adamon Kadmon which is the title of this thought form in many Kabbalistic traditions. The Jews call the Torah: The Book of Life.

There is a second method of using the Alphabet the Rabbi's keep secret the AMT is the method of "Gods" mercy meaning creation and generation of life for the Jew. The second is hidden its called "Gods" Judgement which is based on reversing letters to bring death. This is for punishing their fellow Jews as each Jew is given a special Hebrew name that is designed to connection to a specific passage in the Torah that each Jew recites in prayer at some point and connects their soul into this deeper. Each Jew has a letter in the Torah in Judaism. This connects into the individual soul of that Jew. This is what is meant by having ones name wrote in the Book of Life which gives the Jew everlasting existence. This was carried into Christianity but lost its meaning in the Christian context.

The hidden method of "Gods" Judgement is to punish the individual Jew by ERASING THEIR NAME FROM THE BOOK OF LIFE. Which is "Gods" ultimate judgement against an offending Jew in Judaism. This is how they do this and why.

So by using the Reverse Torah Rituals you are erasing every Jew from their Book of Life the Torah. The other meaning of the Aleph shown as the wheel is the wheel of the year the Jews do their major Torah reading on to keep the wheel of energy going the Aleph symbolizes the energy of the Torah. By doing the Reverse Torah Rituals at these points we are dissipating this energy. And thus their Book of Life.

The Rabbi's stated AMT is what gives life to the Jewish Book of Life and MT is what brings death to it. That is what these Reverse Torah Rituals do. Its right in the Rabbi's own magical texts which they hid. But Satan and our Gods showed us how to do this. Thus fulfilling the prophecy of the Rabbi's that Satan would destroy the Jews by erasing them from their Book of Life.

Do the Reverse Torah Rituals everyday.

Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet, Rabbi Munk
Tree of Souls, Howard Schwartz

Cacique Satanás
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Re: The Jewish Book Of Life

Postby Cacique Satanás » Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:44 pm

What about Gentile people who have biblical names? will the RTR's separate them from the Jewish matrix of energy?

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Re: The Jewish Book Of Life

Postby Ravenheart666 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:50 am

Separate jews from their own energy station you say....



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Re: The Jewish Book Of Life

Postby Stormblood » Sun Jan 14, 2018 6:09 pm

Ravenheart666 wrote:Separate jews from their own energy station you say....



Yes, picture yourself as Zancrow :D

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Re: The Jewish Book Of Life

Postby FancyMancy » Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:36 pm

Cacique Satanás wrote:What about Gentile people who have biblical names? will the RTR's separate them from the Jewish matrix of energy?

The jew stole names from Gentiles. I am not certain if every name the jew uses was stolen from Gentiles, but I know some were. As such, names are not biblical; they existed since before "the" bible did.
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Re: The Jewish Book Of Life

Postby Hvítr Ormr » Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:10 am

I actually saw this referenced in an old anime movie I saw once years ago, Ghost in the Shell: Innocence. The two main characters are stuck in an endless loop in this creepy old mansion going round in circles, the same things happening over and over again and such. Until one character sees the hebrew word "Amaeth" near the entrance which he says means life written down. When he, or another character I can't remember, takes away the letter a, it becomes "Maeth" which he says means death, and the endless loop ends and they escape. Very enlightening Don, thank you.

HP Mageson666
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Re: The Jewish Book Of Life

Postby HP Mageson666 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:28 am

The Christian Holy Spirit

The holy spirit of the Christians is the spirit, the energy of their god Yahweh the holy spirit is the Ruach Elohim in Hebrew meaning the power [energy] of god. Whom Christ is the human form of Yahweh.

The Rabbi's state that their god form is called Metatron who is shown as the "Lesser YHWH" in Judaism as the Rabbi's themselves state they are the greater YHWH as they created and direct the lesser YHWH.. The actual names of Metatron are 12 for each of the 12 tribes of Israel and the highest name of Metatron are the 72 names of YHWH. Metatron is shown with 72 wings each one for one of the 72 names. And he has 360,000 eyes this is away to hide 360 one of each of the days in the Hebrew year and how this ties into their Torah rituals on their wheel of the year. Metatorn is the Jewish god form.

"The seventy two names of god is also a significant tool in performing riuals of power books like Sefer ha-Malbush and an unpublished manuscript labeled Techilat ha-Yetzirah are denoted to explaining the significance and power of this particular name, Its power fills one with the Holy Spirit....."[1]

It goes on to explain the ritual power they obtain from this. As this is filling them with the energy of the Metatron.

Many more sensitive Gentiles mention that after allowing the Holy Spirit of Christ the Ruach Elohim in their hearts, into their soul they experience intense psychic attacks and the energy drained out of them. Because they have spirituality opened themselves up and connected into the Metatron the energy of the Jewish thoughtform. And then their lives meet with nothing but suffering and destruction.

In kabala they double numbers of power for different reasons. In the book of Revelations the world ends with the creation of the age of the Messiah with the full descent of Christ the Jewish King who rules the world from Zion with 144,000 thousand Jews who are the 12 tribes of Israel. The 144,000 is a double of 72,000 the 72. The zero's are place holders. 72 and 72 is 144 and the 12 tribes. Christ is the Metatron. The message is the age of the Jewish Messiah is the full descent of the Metatron into the material from the astral bringing the fulfillment of the Kingdom of the Jewish God on earth. Without their god form the Jews have nothing.

Christ is just the Jewish god form and a Jewish trap of getting Gentiles to be connected into this in order to become transformed thought the Holy Spirit which means to become a material gateway for the energy of the Metatron to act thought into the world and thus the rituals of the Rabbi's who command this at the top. And to be farmed as human spiritual batteries to send energy into the Jewish god form Literally to be used like Cattle, Goyim.. Think the Martrix here its the Metatronix, the literal Jewtrix. The more the Gentile victim becomes absorbed into the Ruach Elohim the more they start to look and act possessed. Because they are possessed by a evil Jewish thought form. This is why all you witness in the history of Christianity is horror and death.

The greatest name of God in Judaism is the whole Torah:

"Finally there is a esoteric tradition that the Torah text in its entirety is one long name of God"...[2]

This is the other meaning of Metatron as a title its relating to energy of the five books of the Torah the 72 names are used to command and direct as the Rabbi's state.

Metatron is also the entire Torah which the Jews call the body of their god form. The whole god of the Jews is nothing but a charged mass of energy in the astral they have created to serve them. And the Gentiles are forced and tricked into empowering with the energy of THEIR OWN SOULS. Thus damning themselves for the Jews. Which is why the ancient Romans and Greek rulers banned the reading of the Jewish Torah and had their Torah schools burned. Its Jewish witchcraft against the whole of all Mankind.

While its known that Satan means the highest God in Sanskrit, the head God as this is a Sanskrit title. In kabala the Jews equate Ha Satan with the concept of reversal and the dangerous message this holds to the Jews. The Rabbi's in their kabala texts for other Rabbi's state the one way to end a spell in Hebrew is to reverse it in Hebrew thus dissolving it out of the astral and existence. The Rabbi's mention that Satan relates to this when it comes to them. They also mentioned that Satan is literal being who is the greatest threat to them. And that Ha Satan will undo them by undoing the Torah, by reversal of the Torah. That this is their one Achilles heel.

The Reverse Torah Rituals are the one way to totally stop the Jews, they know this and are terrified of this. Look at how they have reacted trying to take down our Reverse Torah Rituals.

[1] Jewish Myth Magic and Mystics, Dennis pg 303
[2]Jewish Myth Magic and Mystics, Dennis pg 303

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