The Yezidi’s: Satan Is The God Shiva

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The Yezidi’s: Satan Is The God Shiva

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:22 pm

The Yezidi’s: Satan Is The God Shiva

The Yezidi’s in Iraq who are called the “Blond blood line” and call Their god Shaitan which is Satan in the language of the region and whom state about themselves they migrated several thousand years ago from the region of Northern India into the near east. And were part of the Sumerian and Babylonian civilization. The Yezidi calendar is over seven thousand years old and they practice rituals still found on the reliefs of the walls of ancient Assyrian images. They worship the sun God whom they call Shammash which is the ancient name of the Sumerian, Babylonian sun God. They also have the Sumerian cuneiform symbol of the name of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna on the symbol of their religion. Satan was the name that ENKI was called by the Chaldeans in ancient Sumeria. The Yezidi Elders state their religion is found in its pure form in Southern India. The Aryan Race originated in the East. Much of Northern India was destroyed later by the Islamic invasions. The intact version remained in the South were the Islamic armies were stopped from invading. Hinduism was also called Satya in the ancient world which is also Sataya. From Satan.

The Yezidi’s have in their language Sanskrit words and terms only found in the Hindu Veda’s which they state they brought with them out of India. The symbol of the God of the Yezidi’s, Shaitan is the peacock and the serpent. They also show Shaitan as an eternally young boy, sometimes with peacock feathers around Him. The symbol of this God is also the Sajak’s the bronze image of the peacock. And seven bronze peacock images are carried on a throne by the Yezidi’s for their sacred festival. The Yezidi’s also practice the same Linga worship that is common in Hinduism. Along with other rites found in Hinduism. Such as the belief in avatar’s the incarnations of Gods in human form. And the carrying of the Sajak’s is also found in India with the image of the deity being carried thought the towns and villages by the Priests and given offerings by the people. Which is how the Yezidi procession of the seven Sajak’s are done.

In Southern India were Hinduism survived the most intact The God Shiva is represented by the peacock and serpent and shown in His most ancient and original form as the eternally young boy, the Kumara or Lord. This Kumara is shown riding a peacock and carrying the VEL, the spear. Which is the image of Shiva and worshiped as such. In His temples they place the Sajak the bronze peacock as the symbol of the God Shiva. The Linga the Yezidi women pray to is the form of Shaitan in their ancient rites in which they ask to be made pregnant by the Linga of Melek Taus. The Linga is the form of Shiva and worshipped as Shiva in Hinduism. Just as they are worshipped by the Yezidi as the form of Shaitan. The Linga is the symbol of the spine and soul and its energies.

The Yezidi’s have a special hidden name or title for Shaitan which is Aiwas, it means “The Voice” and its also ceremonially given to their Priests who sing the sacred hymns at the Yezidi religious rites. The secret of this name is that AIWAS is actually arranged to the title…. A SHIVA. Which is also spoken and spelled Shiva or Shiwa in Hindu texts. Yezidi actually is from Sanskrit and is YA SIDDHA which means The Siddha’s. In Southern India the ancient name of the religion of the Siddha’s is called A SHIVAM. In Hinduism, Shiva is also called by the title of VAK which means: Voice.

The Yezidi’s are originally from Northern India of which the Himalayas are the ancient center of Shiva worship. And still are with Mount Kailash. In Hinduism Shiva is called SADA Shiva. In Sanskrit the T and D are interchangeable. This is also SATA SHIVA which in Sanskrit is also SATAM SHIVAM. Which means The Eternal Shiva. Shiva as the Kumara, His most ancient form is called Sanat Kumara which is properly also Satan Kumara. As Sanat Kumara means The Eternal Youth. However the word eternal in Sanskrit is Sata, Satan. The M is also the N as it’s a nasal sound. So SATAN SHIVAN as its also spelled this way as well. The ancient title for Shiva is Swarupa which means “The White God” this is a racial term. When the Europeans arrived in later India the native Hindu’s called them “Swarupa’s” due to their race. The White God is due to Satan being the God of the Aryan’s and the Father of the Aryans. The Sumerian’s state this as well. Satan created them in His image and called them The Ari the Aryan of which this term Aryan in ancient India texts is stated to be a racial term not a universal term. Satan in Sumeria created Adapa the first blue eyed man in their texts created in the image of Satan [ENKI]. The Sumerian’s were a White Race and the Yezidi’s were part of their civilization are still largely a White Race. The Yezidi’s state they are the original people on this planet. The Yezidi’s state they have religious commands to not race mix and to stay racially and culturally pure. Satan is against race mixing and wants the races to stay pure.

In the Yezidi poem of Shaitan they mentioned Shamballa as the place of Shaitan. Shamballa is the abode of Shiva in Hinduism. In the Yezidi poems Shaitan is given the seventh heaven which is the crown lotus in Hinduism Shiva is given the abode of the thousand petal lotus, the crown chakra as His realm as well. Sata, Satan also means Saviour God in Sanskrit. As the serpent is the kundalini energy which transforms the soul to the ascended state of perfection and immortality.

Satan is the Hindu God Shiva. The Yezidi culture which is over seven thousand years old and from Hindu India proves it.

In the enemy Bible Satan is shown as the serpent which is the ancient Hindu image of Satam Shiva. Note in the book of Revelations the Anti-Christ is called the Serpent. This is the ancient title of the Siddha’s the ancient Gentile Priesthood in ancient Hinduism is called the NAGA’s which means Serpents. Who’s god is Sata Shiva. The spirit of Christ Consciousness is about keeping the serpent energy unawakened and bound and thus humanity on the level consciousness that is called Suffering in Hinduism. Hinduism states the dark age of mankind is because the serpent energy is unawakened in the root chakra. Rabbi Christ is the ultimate symbol of the spiritual enslavement of the Gentiles by the Jews. The Jews have also been called the race of the dark age by some Hindu Swami’s. In the Bible the serpent is cursed to crawl on the earth from being in the tree. The earth is the symbol of the root chakra and the serpent in the tree the ancient symbol of the serpent risen to the crown, the enlightened state. The serpent on the ground is the kundalini energy being bound in the root chakra unawakened. This curse is done by the command of the word of the Jewish god and the Bible is the WORD of the Jewish god. Christianity was created by the Jews to remove spiritual knowledge and to destroy the ancient Gentile religion of Satya, of what is left of it today is called Hinduism were it survived in the east. And which original head god is Satam Shivam which is why the Jews in their Bible have turned Satan into a enemy character. In the Bible Satan is called the enemy of Humanity. However the Bible is the Jewish Torah in which is stated by the Rabbi’s the Jews are the only humanity and the Gentiles are Goyim which means animals put here to serve them as slaves. Which means Satan is simply only the enemy of the Jewish race in the Bible. Which is symbol of Satan’s goodness. Satan is the God of the Gentiles. Thus Satan means enemy to the Jews and their program of enslaving the Gentiles. But Satan means the head God and saviour God to the Gentiles in the ancient language of Sanskrit.

A Gentile Huma n who has activated and risen the serpent of Satan is literally called the Anti-Christ in the Jewish Bible. Think about that. Satan is also the serpent energy in Gentile humanity.


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Re: The Yezidi’s: Satan Is The God Shiva

Postby Rocky90-Oceano » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:16 pm

Big Don please explain this
JOS: "There are three stones, or three works, or three degrees of perfection, within the work."
Thank you!!!

HP Mageson666
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Re: The Yezidi’s: Satan Is The God Shiva

Postby HP Mageson666 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:40 pm

Might be the three stages of the work. The philosopher stone is just the name for the finished work. It means The Union of the serpent. The stone is metaphor for the body in the east its the diamond body.

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Re: The Yezidi’s: Satan Is The God Shiva

Postby Rocky90-Oceano » Wed Sep 27, 2017 5:00 pm

Could it be that the three stages are the nigred, divinite and immortalized ...?

Big Don, you always talk about the 12 steps of the Opus Magnum. and then the 13 steps of the Opus Magnum. The sun goes around the Zodiac in the work. Please explain this better...

I begin to believe that the 13th constellation is the one who in the 13th step of the work unites all constellations within of himself. Please give me an explanation... Thank you... My head breaks me because he is looking for this infinite truth...!!! However, I have decided to reread all your material without hurrying and analyzing everything calmly...

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Re: The Yezidi’s: Satan Is The God Shiva

Postby Rocky90-Oceano » Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:26 pm

HP Mageson666 you say that the 13th constellation has been hidden. The 12 signs of the Zodiac have no ether. The sun that makes his turn in the Zodiac I interpret it as turning the Chi when the sun changes position. Sis JA said in the old forum that the sun does not physically enter in Ophiuchus because it is physically located in another sign. So is this sign of ether ...!? HP Maxine said to keep HALLOWEEN / SAMHAIN in mind for the Opus Magnum. HALLOWEEN comes after 8 signs of the Zodiac. The famous 8 steps to ascend. So I placed HALLOWEEN with the Nigredo stage, death-rebirth-ether. HALLOWEEN in 9th step of work and then there are still 4 signs of the zodiac, 4 steps to complete. 9 + 4 = 13 steps Opus Magnum. I know I wrote everything a bit confused, but you know very well what I mean Big Don. Maybe all is wrong. But I just started again to study your material and I kindly ask you to explain... Thamk you Big Don... (I miss a bit HP Cobra)!!!

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Re: The Yezidi’s: Satan Is The God Shiva

Postby Rocky90-Oceano » Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:40 am

"13th Zodiac Sign"

Ofiuco 29 novembre al 17 dicembre
…Prima di papa Gregorio XIII abbiamo seguito un calendario lunare, che è come Ucinogen eloquentemente sottolineato è di 28 giorni ad un mese di 13 cicli lunari in un anno. Questo lascia uno giorno in più di un anno dispersi ...

Post Sat Sep 24, 2016 5:42 am

There are people who think that if Ophiuchus is integrated into our "zodiac sun sign wheel" that their natal charts will change. Your natal chart is a map of your soul, as unique to you as your fingerprint. Anyone who is adept as astrology and who knows themselves (these are 2 different things), knows that astrology (as taught by JoS / HPS Maxine / Azazel and other Gods) is 666% accurate.

Most people just don't understand themselves, they don't know who they truly are. This is due to a lifetime of being conditioned to go against our nature. Boys strongly discouraged to never fight, use their polite words and never their fists. Girls are taught that they must behave like the boys and play softball, and not with dolls. Parents expect their children to be miniature replicas of them, and not have their own unique personalities develop. We are bombarded with everything telling us to be someone we are not. Express your individuality, but only if it agrees with the mainstream teachings!

So if your “Sun sign” is now in Ophiuchus, you are not going to magically become an Ophiuchus person. Your personality is not going to suddenly change. You are who you are, your natal chart ruler(s) and the sign(s) it is in is who you are. You are a blend of your Ascendant sign, and all the signs your planets are in, to one extent or another based on if they are your rulers or not, and if you have a conjunction or stellium or just a singleton in the sign.

These astronomers and new-age astrologers are trying to smush Ophiuchus into poor Scorpio. It’s just the novelty of it that makes people excited about it. Look at the personality traits they are assigning to it: secretive, seekers of knowledge, will fight to the end for what they believe in, focused, ambitious… sounds a lot like Scorpio, doesn’t it? All of the other signs are vastly different than each sign next to it, so why is Ophiuchus pretty much exactly like Scorpio then?

I’m not saying Ophiuchus isn’t real. I’m just pointing out that it does not factor in to natal charts. The traditional 12 zodiac signs are along, or near, the path of the Sun, but Ophiuchus is too far away to factor in. Even with the Earth’s axis tilting. Look at a map of the path of the Sun and you will see it. Part of it (the man’s right foot) juts between Scorpio and Sagittarius but the bulk of it is up near Hercules, Aquila, and Serpens. Should people with their Sun near the end of Taurus / beginning of Gemini call themselves Orions because the club juts up between those constellations? After all, they tried in the 70’s to make Cetus a zodiac sign, and Orion’s club is closer to the Sun’s path than the head of Cetus is.

And if anyone argues that Ophiuchus at least touches the path of the Sun, unlike Orion, well then, I have a surprise for you! All you people who consider yourselves Aries, are not actually Aries at all because the path of the Sun doesn’t really hit any of the main stars in the Aries constellation! Boy, were you “Aries” people mistaken! I guess this means you are actually Pisces, as that’s the last constellation the Sun passed. Yeah... anyone who is an Aries, knows that they most certainly are not a Pisces.

The individuals responsible for this whole mess of putting Ophiuchus into the zodiac wheel, are astronomers. And it’s a well-known fact that astronomers hate astrology and consider it all bunk.

HP Mageson666 ... hus#p46912

Yes the Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks had 13 signs. Because there are 13 signs. The 13 sign is the serpent bearer who brings Orion to full divinity. This 13 sign is Thoth who carries the Serpent wand and resurrects Osiris [Orion] into the light of immortality. With the serpent wand. This represent the keystone in the Masonic system. In the east there are 13 Buddha's, the ancient American's had 13 snake Gods, it goes on and on. Something interesting.....

"Starting with the 13 colonies, the first national flag had 13 stars, and even today it still has 13 stripes. On the green side of the dollar bill there are 13 steps in the pyramid of the Great Seal. The motto above the pyramid, which reads “Annuit Coeptis,” has 13 letters; the eagle on the right side has a ribbon in its beak that bears the motto “E pluribus unum,” which contains 13 letters. The eagle has 13 tail feathers, and on its breast there is a shield of 13 stripes. In one talon the eagle holds 13 arrows, and in the other an olive branch with 13 leaves and 13 berries. Over the eagle’s head are 13 stars that form the six-pointed “Star of Vishnu.”

The Opus has 13 steps there are 13 major chakra's.

The original year is grouped in 13 lunar months. The whole cycle to time is based on 13 not 6 or 12. Even the creation of life is based on 13 a woman has 13 menstrual cycles in a full 13 lunar month year. And it takes 13 sperm to fertilize an human egg in the womb of creation.

I suspect the original day might be 26 hours not 24 two 13's not 12's.


The 13th sign is real. But shouldn't be incorporated into regular chart readings. I will explain.

The 13th completes the circle and grants immortality, as Hp Don has stated it is the last step, which is Shiva.
That's why no one can have their Sun in Ophiuchus, because no one can have more quintessence than others.

13 is actually 12+1 the 1 is always separated by the others. In the same way that the 5th element is separated from the 4.

So we have 12 signs which are the manifestation of the 4 elements ; Fire , Earth , Air , Water

Which fall into 4 groups of 3's ; (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) - (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) - (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) - (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

And then we have the 13th sign, the hidden sign. Which is the quintessence, the essence of the magnum opus. The 13th is the last step and completes the circle.

I'm sorry if you've hold onto this false knowledge very strongly, but here's the Truth about it - Nobody in this world can have any of their planets in the sign of Ophichus.


The sun cannot be in Ophiuchus. The sun being at a certain degree of a sign is because the sun is physically in that zodiac sign. For example, when the sun is at 15 degrees of Virgo, the sun is physically halfway through the constellation of Virgo. The sun does not physically pass through the constellation of Ophiuchus, as explained in the original post of this thread, so the sun cannot be at 0 degrees of Ophiuchus.

Reading this post I realize how I was stuck at that moment with my head when I read it. So Ophiuchus is ether. So Halloween has nothing to do with ether. But surely with stadium Nigredo. Ether also governs Ajna, where Ida and Pingala join together and get Gnosis. So maybe I'm right that the 13th sign is us when we unite all 12 sign zodiac inside us. HP continues now. Give us more explanations. Tell me if I'm totally wrong. And then when is the moment of ether ...!? I still have so many thoughts to order. Maybe I'm not very instructed, and I'm just writing bullshit, but I have the strength in the action to reach all through the meditation...!!! But I think I got more explanations from you ... !!!
But I think I got more explanations from you ... !!!

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