Gnosticism Is Satanic

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Gnosticism Is Satanic

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:56 pm

Gnosticism Is Satanic

Gnosis as a term is from the Sanskrit Jana. The term Jana in Sanskrit means Wisdom of the serpent, Jana also means to burn away to purify. The Jana's relate to the serpent moving thought the chakra's going to Nirvana which in the Upanishad's is a term for the crown chakra. And the realm of the sun, the perfected soul. This was later corrupted in Buddhism. The crown is fully opened with the raising of the serpent. Jana Yoga is stated to be based on awaking the chakra's and bringing the kundalini upwards to the crown.

The title: Jana Pandita, which means "Lord of [serpent] Wisdom" is a title of Skanda the Hindu God who's symbol is the Peacock and Serpent and was also called Sanat/Satan Kumara. The Yezidhi's an Gnostic culture that's calendar is seven thousand years old. Worship this God as Satan, the Yezidhi's stated they came from ancient India. This is Satan Kumara.

In the west the Gnostic's were Pagan's and were members of the Pagan Mystery schools. The god of the Gnostic's was the Agathodaemon, the ancient name of Zeus-Dionysus which was shown as a serpent with a crown of seven rays representing the seven chakra's, planets and vowels of creation. In the Greek Gnostic system the highest name of God was IAO which then divided into the seven vowels and onwards into the entire alphabet. IAO stands for the three trine elements of creation which relate to the three aspects of the serpent which form as the trine nadi's the sun, moon and center channel in the spine and all the seven chakra's manifest of this.

IAO is the ancient name of Zeus who is originally shown as the Korios which is from the Sanskrit Kumara. Zeus primordially was shown as colored blue, with a sacred cow, 12 cowherds and a consort named Rodha, the image of Krisna who is the northern India form of Skanda as Danielou shows in his works on the subject. This original form is Dionysus the incarnation of Zeus, who is shown the same with a Peacock and Serpent as His totems. This as the Egyptians and Greeks state is Osiris in Egypt. And the Greeks stated they came from the East, were this is Satan Kumara.

IAO is also found on the Gnostic gems of Abrasax the Pagan sun god. This symbol of Abrasax and the IAO was on the door of the Templar headquarters. The Gnostic's believed in four stages of purification of the soul which relate to the equal arm cross of the Zodiac which the Greek Pagans stated related to the whole soul. The fourth level being gold. When one became metamorphosed into a Olympian. A ascended being.

The Christian bible calls Zeus, Satan. It refers to the city of Pergamos of which was the city of Zeus were His throne was located, His Temple and Altar.
Revelation 2:13
"I know your works, and where you dwell, even where Satan's seat is: and you hold fast my name, and have not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwells."

The Greeks also stated Zeus sent Daemon's to People to work with them in ascension. Daemon is also later spelled Demon its the same meaning. Satan and His Demons. Are the Lords of the Gnostic world. There is nothing Christian about Gnosticism. The Jews use the word Satan because this is the ancient name of the Gentile head God who to them is the adversary to the Jewish plan.

As for the Christian claims to Gnostic teachings. Its all fraud. The Jews had a major population in Alexandria and they created a Jewish rip off of the Hellenic-Egyptian mystery school of Seraphis which was the largest mystery school in the Roman Empire. The Jews created this rip off in the form of the Therapeutae. They openly admitted this as well. The character of Jesus was simply openly stolen off Seraphis [Osiris to the Egyptians and Dionysus to the Greeks] and turned into a Jewish character by fraud. The Greeks used to complain about how the Jews mocked and disrespected the rites of Dionysus and the other Gods in Alexandria. The Jews created this subversive cult to then merge it later into Catholicism when they created the Flavian Dynasty. And the agenda of the Therapeutae from their own documents was to destroy the Gentile cultures and bring about the age of the Jewish messiah. The Torah instructs the Jews to use depiction as a form of warfare.

The Christian "Gnostic gospels" people are going on about are just a first wave of cultural subversion of the Jews trying to inject their God in a form of Jesus into the Goyim culture as a form of cultural warfare. The Jews of Alexandria also used to petition the Roman Emperor's to demand the admittance of Jews into all area's of Greek life in the city because they were barred from such in many cases. And also to demand the Greeks not be allowed to have any institutions allowed for their own Greek race. Including demands to send foreigners into the Greek area's. But that the Jews be given special rights to have their own institutions and areas only for Jews. The Jews never change. Its the same today the Jews push for open boarders and race mixing for the Goyim but never Israel, Oy veh!

The Jews were trying to destroy the superior Hellenic Gentile culture and Races in the area. The Jews also murdered 100,000 Greeks on their uprising in Cyprus. To which after the Roman Army restored order and wiped all the Jews out in Cyprus, no Jew was allowed on the Island on penalty of death.

Remember Hellenism was the universal culture of the Roman Empire. The Romans also used the Greek Gnostic system for their own and had the same Gods. During the Greek Empire the Greek King Antiochus IV Epiphanes had banned the Jews from reading the Torah in their synagogues under penalty of death. The Greek rulers were adepts and knew the Torah was nothing more then a most evil book of Jewish witchcraft that was based on cursing the Goyim to death and destruction and causing all kinds of evil and calamity. The Romans would ban the reading of the Torah and burn the Torah scrolls for the same reason. The Greek King tried to remove Judaism from existence by assimilation into Hellenism. They realized its danger to the rest of Mankind.

Many Jews just pretended to become Hellenized and used this as an opportunity to subvert the culture from within and make open war on it were it could. Like the Maccabean war. And war by deception in the form of Christianity which was the kiss of death to the Hellenic world and Roman Empire. From the Jewish assassins that created it. Over fifty million people were killed by Christianity just in Europe alone during its centuries reign.

The Jews used Christianity to remove all spiritual knowledge from the Gentiles and overthrow the Gentile cultures and wipe away their civilizations, thus their very memory of themselves into a world were only the god of Israel is supreme. But the Jews kept this spiritual knowledge for themselves and altered this into something toxic to fit their alien soul, in the form of the Kabala which scholars and also Rabbi's have admitted is from the ancient Greek Gnostic schools such as the Pythagoreans. This power has allowed them to become the rulers of this planet. This is why the Jews only rose to power after the enforcing of Christianity onto the world. Not before. These Christian fools today are embracing the poison apple of the ancient Jew to their own native cultures with a fake Gnostic Christ.

What the Jews did the Roman Empire with Christianity they would later due to the Russian and Chinese Empire's in the form of Marxism.

The Greek Kabala, Barry
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