Slothz Tales, Hymie Hustle

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Slothz Tales, Hymie Hustle

Postby HP Mageson666 » Tue Dec 25, 2018 1:13 pm

As Hymie Federwitz Rabbiserve was pimp strutting down the sidewalk in his purple Hasidic suit he was talking loudly into his cell: "Oy those goyim don't have my mootherfooking usury mooney then lay da pimp smack down on them all I am on my way to sign the bank order to foreclose on America!"

As Hymie put his phone away he stopped shocked by what he saw. Four Slothzdin were standing in his way.

"Oy smucks get out of my Chosen path!"

"Noes" replied the four Slothz.

"Hymie with its Hebrew senses of the awakened jewish turd eye of Kabbalist lore perceived these Slothzdin where sent by Santa to stop him.

"Hymie made some weird hand jive signs and stated "I am two,three and four! Ahahaha!"

"Dats really lame" Stated Cobrah the Slothz.

Frustrated by the failure of this ancient Heboo technique Hymie grabbed his Torah and stated to read from it.

"Hashem has given the world to the Chosen people including all the wealth of the Goyim we are to cease upon it and the Goyim and show them no mercy!" Hymie yelled in Hebrew. Hoping this torah magic would defeat the Slothz.

The fourth Slothz's then stated.

"Eyes on a ugly Hebrew face your camel face is such a disgrace, ugly Hebrew face."

The power of Billy Idolatry magic frustrated Hymie's Heboo joojoo.

Enraged Hymie yelled "Oy yeah Slothzdin I can see I have to bring the pimp smack of the Shitkinah down on your insolence!" As Hymie reaching into his Torah pulled out a long flaming chain of Heboo magic with Joojoo letters inscribed on it. With the sound of a cracking whip Hymie swung it at Cobrah. Just as the joojoo chain was flying at Cobrah a mighty fist caught it stopping it. As Hymie stood there in shock looking on at this being who appeared out of nowhere he saw......


"Oy who are you!" Hymie asked in shock.

"Dats 88!" Cobrah stated.

Just then Hulk Hoganz looked at Hymie and stated: "Watch joo going to do, watch joo going to do when 88 mania runs wild all over jew!"

Hymie jumped back dropping the joojoo chain and started to laugh evilly and he started to transform into his super Sayanim form he grew and became a massive blob in a purple pimp suit. He yelled " Iam the Metaton, Iam the eternal jew you think you can stop my pimp game! You will pay with interest!"

88 charged into the battle against the Metaton blob joo as they where exchanging powerful blows and grappling it looked as if Metaton was winning he grabbed 88 in the joodo move of blob tron. "Oy I will crush you goyim there is no way out!" Hymie yelled as 88 struggled to resist this with all his might.

"Quickz!" Yelled Cobrah, the four Slothz came together and threw Cobra high into the air with their Slothz power Cobrah travelled several miles upwards and then started to descend back to earth with the epic Slothz drop kicked called the Morning Star as Cobrah came down thought the atmosphere he looked like a shooting star he dropped kicked the Metaton square in the face causing it to release its joodo move and stumble backwards. Then Slothzbrah ran up and used the most powerful move known to all Slothz kind the Billy Idol back fist to the Torah that metaton was holding sending it flying out of its hand.

As the Torah hit the ground the Slothz looked on as it grew in size and grew two legs and 22 arms and an ugly face emerged on the cover as it spoke in a disgusting yenta voice...."Oy Veh Iam the shitkinah you Slothz will pay with your lives" As a flaming joojoo chain appeared in each of its 22 hands it started to attack the Slothz. As the Slothz where jumping out the way of each chain as the Shitkinah yelled in shrieking heboo.

"Form the Swastika Awesome!" yelled Cobrah to the other Slothz. The Slothz moved into formation each circling the Shitkinah on one of the four directions and they charged in with the most deadly form of Slothzfu the 22 ways of Billy Boo. As they attacked the Shitkinah Torah beast yelled in rage as the Slothz stuck all at once with the 22 strikes of winz. The Shitkinah screamed as it burst into flames and exploded in a plume of smoke into ash.

As 88 was grappling with the Metaton, the Metaton yelled "Oyyyyyyyyyy Vehhhh my shitkinah powers have been destroyed!" As his power was drastically lost 88 picked it up and ripped its other source of power from its belt the Holy Shekel bag. "Oyyyyyyyy hashit!" Metablob yelled as he shrunk down to a normal size then 88 picked him up over his head and brought him down on his epic knee breaking Hymie in two and threw his crumbled ass on the ground.

88 picked Hymie up in the air by his collar as Hymie started to whine and beg "Oy veh please I will beee a good joo I promised I will only destroy half your nation not all of it please!"

88 looked at Hymie with righteous disgust and stated "Its time to ass-trally project joo back to your reptilian home world!" 88 stated as he kicked Hymie so hard in the ass he sent him flying out of the atmosphere of earth into outer space never to return. "Oyyyyyyyyyyyyy vehhhhhhh" is all Hymie screamed as he shot upwards into space and disappeared forever.

88 then picking up the money bag he tore from the Metaton's belt handed it to the four Slothz. "Its time Slothz brothers you know what to do!" 88 exclaimed as he handed Slothzbrah the bag of money.

As John D Goy Public was standing there on the sidewalk in front of his former house he held his family as he watched them foreclose on there home and leaving them without any savings or a job left onto the street. Waiting for the final foreclose order to come down. As the despair of losing everything loomed over him he turned around in sadness not able to face his family he looked with surprise as he saw a little Slothz in a Santa hat standing there with a bag in its hands.

"Dis is for you" stated Slothzbrah "Its a gift from 88 and Santa!" He handed the surprised John D Goy Public the bag. John D Goy looked inside and was shocked it was full of gold. "Honey we can pay off the home and have more then enough savings we are going to be okay!" John D Goy yelled out with tears of joy forming.
As he looked back to where the Slothz had been to thank him. All that was left was a pair of paw prints in the snow.

Santa bless us everyone! John D Goy Public exclaimed with joy as he hugged his family and they went back inside and had a good Yule!

That is the Slothz Tale of Hymie Hustle

Have a happy Yule!


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Re: Slothz Tales, Hymie Hustle

Postby DragonWarrior666 » Tue Dec 25, 2018 2:26 pm

This is a very good yule story. Thank you.

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Re: Slothz Tales, Hymie Hustle

Postby absolute13 » Tue Dec 25, 2018 2:56 pm

The juju

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Re: Slothz Tales, Hymie Hustle

Postby NinRick » Tue Dec 25, 2018 3:09 pm

Slothz winz the dayz lolz. good jobz!
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Re: Slothz Tales, Hymie Hustle

Postby Personal Growth » Tue Dec 25, 2018 4:01 pm

Hail Satan and Happy Yuletide,

That was indeed a great Yuletide tale.

I've been celebrating and now am going to put aside an hour or more to get four rounds of the Final RTR done.

We are the light bearers and may the light overcome the darkness.

I noted how all of these Christmas carols are all about jewsus and Israel. When you can see and read between the lines it's all so obvious the program.

It's not even a subliminal it's totally blatant. And a lot of energy is getting directed their way with all of these Christmas carols.

It's our festivity. And we will have it back as a Pagan festival.

I feel good and positive to go knock the bottom of their metatrons bucket out now.

Hail Satan, Happy Yule and Happy New Year

DragonWarrior666 wrote:This is a very good yule story. Thank you.
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Re: Slothz Tales, Hymie Hustle

Postby FlamingRedRose666 » Tue Dec 25, 2018 5:10 pm

Happy Yule everyone!!!! :D

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Re: Slothz Tales, Hymie Hustle

Postby hailourtruegod » Tue Dec 25, 2018 8:02 pm

Such a great Slothz Story. :D

Happy Yule

Let's get those 22 strikes of epic winz (Final RTR) in today Brothers and Sisters!
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Hail Satan!!!

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