On Democracy

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HP. Hoodedcobra666
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On Democracy

Postby HP. Hoodedcobra666 » Sat Nov 10, 2018 11:00 pm

Democracy is a failure and these are the words of the first and wisest person of his time Plato who has lived in the 'golden age' of City State democracy.

Aka where only the land owners, the highly intelligent, and those who gave important input in society did vote in the golden age democracy. So it was way closer to aristocracy by today's standards, not to democracy of today's standards. The jews named the system of control today as "Democracy" while indeed it's just Goyimocracy or the control of the controlled goyim made into state art.

If Plato lived today he would not move to the Italian coast, he would probably have committed suicide.

And still it went to crap because of major deception by the so called 'politicians' in his time because politicians back then were already not doing any spiritual practice or had a majorly developed character. Today you can inject 10 million illegals in your country, and get them to vote to elect you. Or you can bring infinite amounts of foreign breeding demographic to take over the native land by the so called 'electoral system' of a said nation. Like how Muslims took over London.

By the way, the major motto of the Ancient Greeks was not "Democracy" but the promise of the following words: "I take the state in my hands and I promise to deliver it bigger, wealthier, and more powerful". This was given as part of an oath by the rulers. Doesn't sound very mediocre democratic to me. Because ancient democracy was not the democracy of nowadays.

Today the oath this: "Before the elder of Zion Soros, and his affiliated reptiles of the ponytron, I will deliver the land in debt, fill it with foreigners, and create a more confused environment so the jews can thrive, all while fooling the populace for as long as possible." Then they put their hand on the bible which is the physical blueprint of this plant and call it a day. Democracy in the 21st century.

In Democracy all one has to be is famous and know how to manipulate the masses. In most cases no logical appeal is required either as now everyone votes and the majority of people do not really think, they emote.

Many people wanted to vote Hillary because she has a vagina and she is a grandma. And many people voted Obama simply because of the cheesy aspect of his skin color and nothing else. Obama's reign was a consistent war and operations that killed thousands of people, but Obama was soft spoken of a reptile, and therefore he got the Nobel Peace prize.

During Trump's reign though he hasn't been at war or deploying anyone, and he is constantly attacked as racist and so forth. Trump is called a dicator simply because he is trying to make a couple things done. Which he may or not even be able to make because of how the state is designed.

Rulers of democracy are just for decorative purposes. Their underlings, fiscal policy handlers, and the international markets can whore out instantly and so called democratic politician. The power of the banking system just pales down completely the power of the so called 'politicians'. The mastery of the democratic politician is deception of the masses, making false promises, and never relaying anything complex or logical since the mass cannot absorb it. It's by no coincidence the jews have been praising what they have named as democracy today.

If we are to assume there is no voting fraud, then the people voted for their leader. And this vote, when shit hits the fan, is used to guilt trip the populace in that it's responsible when these people act on their own will and behalf.

Sort of how Swedes are told it's their fault their country is getting destroyed because the politicians brought in endless dross of people. But the Swedes did not really vote for this nor one can blame the average person can be blamed for not being as foreseeing. It's not the job of the simple people to understand complex political planning or see 100 years from the time they exist, this is what politicians should ideally be for.

Democracy is cowardly in that it blames the victims for what it claims they themselves caused by their vote. And not the politicians, as these are able to escape with whatever crime they do, based on the fact 'people elected them' and that 'this was the will of the people and what people wanted'. It is a sissified system manifested.

You can do all sorts of existential crimes upon the populace and the populace will just wait 4-5 more years to 're-elect' someone else, a guy who will be blaming everyone before him, and achieve literally nothing. Then after this guy fucks up, you have to wait another 5 years to elect another guy, who may be in complete opposition to the last 2, and just bring back the development by 20 years. Then you can happen to have a slaver retard, who will ruin all the efforts of the last 30 years, and you will wait 5 years more in order to gamble again on someone who might make things right again, with a plan that needs 20 years more.

And this guy that will want to make things right will have 40 years of slavery and all the world's markets and dumb mediocre goyim to counter in order to make anything happen, all of whose opinion he will have to respect. And from all whose hatred he or she will have to run from constantly. And half of his democratic party basis will be traitors and opportunists who can back-stab him at anytime, since in Democratic political parties there are no real ideological bonds.

Then the guy that wants to do any good has to either go Hitler mode and risk having a world war done to them, or let his people rot. Sort of like Saddam and Qaddafi ended up not a long time ago. Or how Assad is today. And the people may love this guy but the world will hate them because the world is controlled by the same gang of sponsors that wanted to control his very country and who have this person surrounded.

It's ironic even in these cases of people like that when they are elected, the so called "Elections are holy" democrats, are just attacking them endlessly. This is because elections are just bullshit they are only valid when jews get who they want in place. When they do not, the whole system has an outcry to invalidate the outcome of elections. Such as what happened with Trump. Trump got democratically elected and by margin. Same thing was the case with Bolsonaro who got around 55% of the vote. But none of these elections were respected simply because they did not get the desired candidates in power.

This is because we do not have any actual democracy in place. If there was democracy, nobody would really whine of all these outlets, and they would accept the outcome and move on. When what the global order of jews doesn't get what it wants it shouts racism and populism.

Populism they whine especially when any politician comes in with a couple of feelings of compassion towards the existence of their people. So they are a populist. Then you have Nazi and whatever else the jewish mind can generate to accuse these people of evil.

Also Democracy applied so the poor and many opportunists can gain power simply has the result these materialistic people just get in power and ransack nations in full, aside the already ruling rich class which was the runner of democracy for around 3 centuries now. Democracy is now who puts the most money to influence an election and it's outcome. While if the rich get in power, all that is going on is they just expand their personal pockets, the poor find an opportunity to steal.

It's rare to have honest idealists there as simply in democracy all you do is beg the populace to accept your ideals, and the populace just is controlled externally by ideas from the press, media, religion, and infinite other sectors who can easily pervert the minds of people and therefore control all democratic process and who will be elected.

Democracy in multiculturalism just creates a weak nation state in which every racial gang and every so called 'interest group' is just leveraging power on the state to make it do as it pleases, at the expense of someone else in the said nation. There is infinitude of interests but the final result is that some interest class or two always reign supreme and impose state policy as they see fit. Jews are an example here as a 5th collumn of control and betrayal to all countries.

Therefore the other interest groups are just left on the corner and in reality we do not have Democracy but only in name, we have rule of a caste on another caste. People complain about the rich reigning over the poor but if one looks beyond the rich and the bankers one is simply talking jews in majority and a couple shabbos goyim.

Lastly Hitler rose by elections but he was very clear he wasn't intending to instate such a system of democracy afterwards. As Plato stated the ideal ruling would be an aristocratic council of aristocrats, not those of financial standing, but they soul and the spiritual practices. What many people also forget is that Hitler was a millionaire when he got in power which today with how the money is he was possibly one of the billionaire types of his era. And ironically all he did was just funnel all the money back into the country he did serve.

All that Hitler gained for all his work were a total of 3 houses, one in Vienna (his mothers), the Eagle's Nest (the party gave this house for Hitler as private headquarters) and another small apartment in Berlin. All the other things were given by people willingly to him as gifts. Now tell me how many such things were given willingly to Dilma in Brazil...as gifts...LOL.

Today if you open the dossier of most politicians like Wolfgang Schaeuble the financial minister of Germany he is reputed of owning half of the Turkish coast basically. And to be one of the guys who were pushing of integration of Turkey in the EU (which would cause extinction of native Europeans simply by force of numbers) so he could have personal benefit. Very CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATIC of him.

By a huge coincidence all the other dictators of countries were the same, mostly frugal people in most cases. The dictator of Greece in the 70's was a similar type, same is Assad today. Nobody can blame them for any financial deficits or financial destruction or thieving. In the 70's the Greek dictatorship had a policy where if policians did steal public wealth they would even be killed.

For some reason these people do not engage in what is the ultimate evil of stealing and selling out a nation and it's wealth. While all the good democrats are willing to get paid some millions by Soros to open the gates and let all the prisons of mordor emptied come in to murder so they can fuck hookers and snort cocaine in their 70's with couple viagra. And this is what you get when there is no enlightened leadership.

There is also a lie in regards to Hitler that he was using dictatorial power. One does not go in front of millions naked to exercise dictatorial power. Hitler appealed to logic and understanding. This is why Hitler ruled by the power of speech and not by the power of violent suppression as claimed. A dictator can never appear in front of the people he abuses and speak to them as he will be killed. Hitler's long speeches also explain to the populace the course of decisions, which many "Democratic" politicians do not even bother doing.

When was the last time the jew Merkel explained in any reasonable way why she is making Germany a 3rd world migrant shithole? Just loose statements about 'economy needing a boost' you do not need be a scientists as jews claim you can understand if you bring in people and you pay them 50,000$ a year so they don't do anything, you're not fixing any economy. So no logical explanation can be given without deceit here. And the people figure it out so now they go towards 'populism' aka rule of common sense at least.

Hitler also achieved what he wanted without violence such as creating normal welfare state without threats upon the rich and displacing them, but just forcing them to cooperate with and elevate those in the lower strata of financial ability. Modern democracies consider this forbidden as the 'free market' has to 'self regulate'. This is why Google is allowed to mine and spy on all humans on earth and nobody can step in and force it to just stop doing it.

The jews are whining that Germany has failed on the "GREAT EXPERIMENT", and they forcibly attack Europe in the Judenpresse. "Oy vey, the program to create the Aryan into racial frankenstein is failing! HaShit help us!". Rabbi Shlomo got a heart attack when he heard the news.

Plato also said in the case where a Demonic being exists aka someone like Hitler, they should be allowed to exercise full power on their sector completely, with associates and spiritual aristocracy keeping a watch on them from all sides regardless. This is when you have an enlightened leader or in times where nations require dire control in order to keep living. When beings like that do not exist, then we revert back to enlightened aristocracy.

Who would rule with an orderly fist and sensible and godly compassion towards the people based on spiritual empathic understanding. With people being able to choose and give information of what they think about important subjects. And without constant shifts of leadership that destroy a nation quickly. This is just a verbal expression of the system Egypt followed. And it simply worked.

Ruling people is not some sort of job or career as it's made today, one has the responsibility of the life of such people and only the jew has been sick to say this is a job rather than literally an existential obligation and necessity. Nor it is fun as many politicians make it. Politics should be the raising of existential burden. Career politicians are just people that sit there to get paid and to steal. And this is why the modern world works that way, if Soros pays enough, they open the borders.

Politics during the current system is just a manifestation of agents to fool the people and further the globalist agenda. Where do all presidents put their hand upon to take an oath...The Jewish bible or the Quran. And what does this manuscript say...To devote one's self and leadership so the jews can enslave the earth.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Re: On Democracy

Postby VoiceofEnki » Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:07 am

This is truly an amazing sermon Cobra!

All the sermons lately have been incredible, but this one really hit me. Simply beautifully said.

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Re: On Democracy

Postby Jack » Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:20 am

If they wanted to get workforce and gain a boost in the economy why not create work permits and award jobs to legal migrants for a certain period of time before they go back to their original homes. There are many qualified people who would definitely accept such a deal. However,most of the migrants these people bring in are ISIS war criminals and savage rapists with no qualifications and no work experience. Its a literal invasion. Donald Trump has the balls to call out the migrant caravan at least as such. At least someone's in their right mind
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Re: On Democracy

Postby HP. Hoodedcobra666 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 3:00 am

Jack wrote:If they wanted to get workforce and gain a boost in the economy why not create work permits and award jobs to legal migrants for a certain period of time before they go back to their original homes. There are many qualified people who would definitely accept such a deal. However,most of the migrants these people bring in are ISIS war criminals and savage rapists with no qualifications and no work experience. Its a literal invasion. Donald Trump has the balls to call out the migrant caravan at least as such. At least someone's in their right mind

This is exactly what they do not want. They don't want to take in valuable and decent people in our countries to help them advance without the negative bullshit. Because these people eventually leave or just advance the whole planet and this is something the enemy order does not want. Then they return back to their home countries financially attained and knowledgeable and they boost their country as well. Another sore in the ass of the jews.

There are some actual scientists and good programmers and such who will just stay in remote villages in India, who stood on their own for decades what other lazy 'migrants' will never even know in 20 years in state paid uni's, and while terrorists just roam freely in London to have fun while cashing in free cash for the rest of their life paid by the stupid goyim.

Another thing that could easily be done is just increase the birthrates. It's not that hard. Most people don't have kids not because they are fucking around and are dumb, but because they do not have finances and a house to do these things. The financial burden of children is what scares people off of having children same as their expenses. Which boil down to superficial amounts in reality that the state could give to all new parents. And help boost the birthrates a lot. In just one generation Europe would have doubled the population it has or at least raised it by solid 25% to 40%. And in two generations aka around 25 years solve all the so called 'demographic problems'.

There are people in Germany for 50 years that didn't even give a fuck to learn German and they just believe Germany needs to be turned to Turkey. This is insane. Imagine going into Turkey and saying it should be turned into Lebanese or something. People would fucking riot you on the spot. France has un-treadable ghettos where ISIS is literally having headquarters in there.

1, 2 or even 5% of migrants controlled in a country is nothing really bad, if migration is controlled and everyone is like minded and respects the native population and knows why they are here, and that they aren't going to steal their countries and be 'equals'.

But to have what is approaching 20% of foreigners who want to impose their culture on them in your native land is sickening and alarming. Even the kikes such as Emmanuel Macaroni of France are alarmed by that shit, as they know, when Arabs and Somalians will be the main demographic in France, the jews will get exterminated and there will be nothing of them to steal from France anymore. This makes them feel uneasy as many jews live in France. There are 3rd generation migrants in Germany who simply do not give a fuck about anything German. And they shouldn't. Because it's unnatural for them to relinquish their heritage too, so they aren't doing anything 'negative' but this behavior leads to other problems. This shit with multiculturalism simply doesn't work.
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Re: On Democracy

Postby Sinistra » Sun Nov 11, 2018 5:57 am

I noticed because of the endless jewish lies and slanders not only the NPC masses but many partially woke types such as the alt right or neonazi types seem to believe that Hitler was some sort of oppressive dictator. While nothing could be further from the truth he was a loving and caring father for his people, fighting with them on all levels, guiding them through the perils and hardships. A man out of the people but the best of us. I wanted to share this speech of Dr. Goebbels who was one of his close associates, showing how genuinely great and admirable Hitler's character is.

Our Hitler
Goebbels’1933 Speech on Hitler's Birthday

The newspapers today are filled with congratulations for Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler. The nuances vary, depending on the tone, character, and attitude of the newspaper. All, however, agree on one thing: Hitler is a man of stature who has already accomplished historically important deeds and faces still greater challenges. He is the kind of statesman found only rarely in Germany. During his lifetime, he has the good fortune not only to be appreciated and loved by the overwhelming majority of the German people, but even more importantly to be understood by them. He is the only German politician of the post-war period who understood the situation and drew the necessary hard and firm conclusions. All the newspapers agree on this. It no longer needs to be said that he has taken up Bismarck’s work and intends to complete it. There is enough proof of this even for those who do not believe, or who think ill of him. I therefore do not think it necessary for me to discuss the historical significance and still unknown impact of this man on the eve of the day on which, far from the bustle of the Reich capital, Adolf Hitler completes his 44th year.

I feel a much deeper need to personally express my esteem for him, and in doing so I believe that I am speaking for many hundreds of thousands of National Socialists throughout the country. We shall leave it to those who were our enemies only a few months ago and who then slandered then to praise him today with awkward words and embarrassing pathos. We know how little Adolf Hitler appreciates such attempts, and how much more the devoted loyalty and lasting support of his friends and fellow fighters correspond to his nature.

The mysterious magic that he exerts on all who come in contact with him cannot alone explain his historic personality. There is more that makes us love and esteem him. Through all the ups and downs of Adolf Hitler’s career, from the beginning of his political activity to the crowning of his career as he seized power, he has always remained the same: a person among people, a friend to his comrades, an eager supporter of every ability and talent. He is a pathfinder for those who devoted themselves to his idea, a man who conquered the hearts of his comrades in the midst of battle and never released them. It seems to me that one thing has to be said in the midst of the profusion of feelings.

Only a few know Hitler well. Most of the millions who look to him with faithful trust do so from a distance. He has become to them a symbol of their faith in the future. Normally the great men that we admire from a distance lose their magic when one knows them well. With Hitler the opposite is true. The longer one knows him, the more one admires him, and the more one is ready to give oneself fully to his cause. We will let others blow the trumpets. His friends and comrades gather round him to shake his hand and thank him for everything that he is to us, and that he has given to us. Let me say it once more: We love this man, and we know that he has earned all of our love and support. Never was a man more unjustly accused by the hate and slanders of his ill-wishers of other parties. Remember what they said about him! A mishmash of contradictory accusations! They did not fail to accuse him of every sin, to deny him every virtue. When he nonetheless overcame in the end the flood of lies, triumphing over his enemies and raising the National Socialist flag over Germany, fate showed its favor toward him to the entire world. It raised him from the mass of people and put him in the place he deserved because of his brilliant gifts and his pure and flawless humanity.

I remember the years when —just released from prison— he began to rebuild his party. We passed a few wonderful vacation days with him on his beloved Obersalzburg high above Berchtesgaden. Below us was the quiet cemetery where his unforgettable friend Dietrich Eckart is buried. We walked through the mountains, discussed plans for the future, and talked about theories that today have long since become reality. He then sent me to Berlin. He gave me a difficult and challenging task, and I still thank him today that he gave me the job.

A few months later, we sat in a room in a small Berlin hotel. The party had just been banned by the Marxist-Jewish police department. Heavy blows were falling on it. The party was full of discouragement, bickering and quarreling. Everyone was complaining about everyone else. The whole organization seemed to have given up. Hitler, however, did not lose courage, but immediately began to organize a defense, and helped out where he was needed. Although he had his own personal and political difficulties, he found the time and strength to deal with the problems and support his friends in the Reich capital.

One of his fine and noble traits is that he never gives up on someone who has won his confidence. The more his political opponents attack such a person, the more loyal is Adolf Hitler’s support. He is not the kind of person who is afraid of strong associates. The harder and tougher a man is, the more Hitler likes him. If things fall apart, his capable hands put them together again. Who would have thought it possible that a mass organization that includes literally everything could be built in this nation of individualists?
Doing that is Hitler’s great accomplishment. His principles are firm and unshakable, but he is generous and understanding toward human weaknesses. He is a pitiless enemy of his opponents, but a good and warm-hearted friend to his comrades. That is Hitler.

We saw him at the party’s two large Nuremberg rallies, surrounded by the masses who saw in him Germany’s hope. In the evenings, we sat with him in his hotel room. He was dressed in a simple brown shirt, the same as always, as if nothing had happened. Someone once said that the great is simple, and the simple is great. If that is true, it surely applies to Hitler. His nature and his whole philosophy is a brilliant simplification of the spiritual need and fragmentation that engulfed the German people after the war. He found the lowest common denominator. That is why his idea won: he modeled it, and through him the average man in the street saw its depth and significance.
One has to have seen him in defeat as well as victory to understand what sort of man he is. He never broke. He never lost courage or faith. Hundreds came to him seeking new hope, and no one left without receiving renewed strength.

On the day before 13 August 1932, we met in a small farmhouse outside Potsdam. We talked deep into the night, but not about our prospects for the next day, but rather about music, philosophy, and worldview issues. Then came the experiences one can only have with him. He spoke of the difficult years of his youth in Vienna and Munich, of his war experiences, of first years of the party. Few know how hard and bitterly he had to fight. Today he is surrounded by praise and thanks. Only fifteen years ago, he was a lonely individual among millions. The only difference between him and they was his burning faith and his fanatic resolve to transform that faith into action.

Those who believed that Hitler was finished after the party’s defeat in November 1932 failed to understand him. Only someone who did not know him at all could make such a mistake. Hitler is one of those persons who rises from his defeats. Friedrich Nietzsche’s phrase fits him well: “That which does not destroy me only makes me stronger.”

This man, suffering under financial and party problems for years, assailed by the flood of lies from his enemies, wounded in the depths of his heart by the disloyalty of false friends, still found the limitless faith to lift his party from desperation to new victories.

How many thousands of kilometers have I sat behind him in cars or airplanes on election campaigns. How often did I see the thankful look of a man on the street, or a mother lifting her child to show him, and how often have I seen joy and happiness when people recognized him. He kept his pockets filled with packages of cigarettes, each with a one or two mark coin. Every working lad he met got one. He had a friendly word for every mother and a warm handshake for every child.

Not without reason does the German youth admire him. They know that this man is young at heart, and that their cause is in his good hands. Last Easter Monday we sat with him in his small house on the Obersalzberg. A group of young hikers from Braunau, where he was born, came by for a visit. How surprised these lads were when they got not only a friendly greeting, but all fifteen lads were invited in. They got a hurriedly prepared lunch, and had to tell him about his hometown of Braunau.

The people have a fine sense for the truly great. Nothing impresses the people as deeply as when a person truly belongs to his people. Of whom but Hitler could this be true: As he returned from Berchtesgaden to Munich, people waved in every village. The children shouted Heil and threw bouquets of flowers into the car. The S.A. had closed the road in Traunstein.

There was no moving either forward or back. Confidently and matter-of-factly, the S.A. Führer walked up to the car and said, “My Führer, an old party member is dying in the hospital, and his last wish is to see his Führer.”

Mountains of work were waiting in Munich, but Hitler ordered the car to turn around, and sat for half an hour in the hospital at the bedside of his dying party comrade.

The Marxist press claimed he was a tyrant who dominated his satraps. What is he really? He is the best friend of his comrades. He has an open heart for every sorrow and every need, he has human understanding. He knows each of his associates thoroughly, and nothing happens in their public or private lives of which he is not aware. If misfortune happens, he helps them to bear it, and rejoices more than anyone else at their successes.

Never have I seen his two sides in anyone else. We had dinner together on the night of the Reichstag fire. We talked and listened to music. Hitler was a person among people. Twenty minutes later, he stood in the smoldering, smoking ruins of the Reichstag building and gave piercing orders that led to the destruction of communism. Later he sat in an editorial office and dictated an article. For those who do not know Hitler, it seems a wonder that millions of people love and support him. For those who know him, it is only natural. The secret of his success is in the indescribable magic of his personality. Those who know him the best love and honor him the most. One who has sworn allegiance to him is devoted to him body and soul.

I thought it was necessary tonight to say that, and to have it said by someone who really knows him, and who could find the courage to break through the barriers of reserve and speak of Hitler the man. Today he has left the bustle of the capital. He left the wreaths and hymns of praise in Berlin. He is somewhere in his beloved Bavaria, far from the noise of the streets, to find peace and quiet. Perhaps in a nearby room someone will turn on a loudspeaker. If that should happen, then let me say to him, and to all of Germany: My Führer! Millions and millions of the best Germans send you their best wishes and give you their hearts. And we, your closest associates and friends, are gathered in honor and love. We know how little you like praise. But we must still say this: You have lifted Germany from its deepest disgrace to honor and dignity. You should know that behind you, and if necessary before you, a strong and determined group of fighters stands that is ready at any time to give its all for you and your idea. We wish both for your sake and ours that fate will preserve you for many decades, and that you may always remain our best friend and comrade. This is the wish of your fellow fighters and friends for your birthday. We offer you our hands and ask that you always remain for us what you are today

Our Hitler!

HP Mageson666
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Re: On Democracy

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 6:29 am

Despite debates on what form of government vs what form of a government it all comes down to simply just this: qualification.

Consciousness has to be put back into the equation and this has to be the criteria for qualification the situation is the ancient Pagan aristocracy where simply the class that had a risen kundalini all aristocracy means is Rule of the Enlightened" meaning the serpent is risen. The ancient ruling class was always referred to as "The Serpents" and that is all. The Pagan government did practice elections the councils where made of the most ascended masters who would vote from amongst themselves the most qualified to be King for a term of service.

However the People had a constitution of their own within the culture that far outweighs even the American constitution. And the People where all bound together by Sanatana Dharma.

The Catholic Empire of the Jews removed all this and put a mafia into power that would enforce their new slave empire on the Gentiles and this became the new aristocracy that with the Jews running the Church so abused the People they wanted something better.

Today we don't have a Democracy we have a Jewocracy as the Jews have monopolized all aspects of power the banks, media, corporations and use this to buy the different political parties and monopolize the government as well.

In the future the qualification to run for any branch of government must be consciousness and that the person running has ascended the kundalini energy fully. That will take care of all the issues as Consciousness is back in the equation.

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