Merkaba Rabbi's And The Reptilian God Of Judaism

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Merkaba Rabbi's And The Reptilian God Of Judaism

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sat Oct 20, 2018 11:47 pm

Merkaba Rabbi's And The Reptilian God of Judaism

In Kaballah the highest and most holy teachings is the Merkaba which is based on as the Rabbi's state how to ascend in their astral body to the physical realm of "god". This is dealing with the highest levels of occult teachings in Judaism.

The Jews in their secret teachings of the Oral Torah the Kabballah. State and give instructions for astral projection in their astral bodies. However Rabbi's have mentioned these are not magic realms but other physical worlds. The physical world in the teachings of Rabbi Ishamel he goes to is the world of "god" and who as the Rabbi's literally state are the extra terrestial race on this world of their "god" which they literally call their Teli which means "Masters"... The Reptilians. Whom they state are in charge of things. The Seraphim. They literally call these being physical Reptilians. However this is also a single "god" as the Rabbi's state they are a hive mind. Remember Rabbi Laitman stated the Jews physically came from another world of their "god" to conqueror this world. Well if you don't have a space ship anymore, astral projection is the next best thing for the Rabbi's to return to this world and receive orders from "god".

The Jewish Rabbi's state the teachings of ascension are how the individual Rabbi is to pass thought the gates which relate to the realm's of the Kaballastic world tree. Now in Kaballah each astral gate they are to project their soul thought to reach the physical world of "god" has specific passwords in Hebrew that only they know and must use to go beyond they mention angels guard these. These are thought forms they have created. This is due to as the Rabbi's state their is astral restiction around this world put here by their "god". This is the Jewish Leviathan the prison grid they have created around this world with the Torah bindings. The Rabbi's state the skin of Leviathan is like a serpent and is light which is vibration and has the mystical writtings in Hebrew upon it. In the ancient world the serpent is the symbol of vibration also of the spoken word and the element of prana which is the astral aspect of existance. This is showing this is a vibrational field in the astral they have created with the Torah.

One of these Rabbi's openly came out and stated "god" as the Torah states cursed humans to not live more then 120 years this means "god" genetically modifed humans to not live more then 120 years and to thus die. If one studies the new genetic knowledge of aging its known now there is gene in each cell which is only switched on in the reproductive cells. This gene when switched on in all the cells produces an enzyme telomerase that causes the cell generation to be perfected and not lose any telomeres. Which means a person would not grow old or die. However the switching off of this cell is what causes the cell reproduction to become flawed and this flaw causes physical aging into old age and death when they lose too much of the Telomere they die. The Rabbi's have stated as in the Torah their "god" cursed humanity to die and suffer.

However this might not be a genetic modification but a consequence of as the Torah shows this "god" cursed the soul of the Gentiles and removed spiritual knowledge which holds the Gentile in state entropy. As a study done on elderly people who did Kundalini Yoga showed it caused in some the activation of this enzyme telomerase and stated to roll back the aging process and heal them physical. They were using the SATANAMA mantra as well. The name of the enemy of the Hebrew "god".

Also note the Jewish Rabbi's teach reincarnation but that Jewish souls reincarnate into Jewish bodies as they have a different soul then the Goyim. They even talk about the problem of the mixed multitude of Moses the souls of a mixture of Goyim and Jew that cause all the problems in their race they call these the evil half of the Jewish soul group. They are lazy in obeying the Torah and hold back the progression of the Jewish race's victory. This might be conjecture on the Jews part. But shows they do acknowledge they are a soul unto their own race and that mixing with the Goyim is disastrous to them. Only the most racially pure Jews the Kohen can be the highest Priest and govern the Jewish race. The Jews state they have a specific gene which makes them the Chosen and the only humanity and they got this from their "god" this is the called the Cohen gene and it has reptilian DNA in it. The Jews are a reptilian hybrid race and their alien soul is linked to the hive mind or collective soul consciousness of the reptilians.

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Re: Merkaba Rabbi's And The Reptilian God Of Judaism

Postby Astralnaut » Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:41 am

The study your talking about and I think it is one of the best arguements that someone can use against anyone into christinsanity or islam. You can find a pdf file of the study online. Just type "Your Brain on Yoga" by Dr. Sat Bir Singh Khalsa into any search engine and it should come up. Ask any christard if you can use the name of jesus as a mantra to regenerate DNA?

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Hadrian d'Arc
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Re: Merkaba Rabbi's And The Reptilian God Of Judaism

Postby Hadrian d'Arc » Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:12 am

HP Mageson666 glad you wrote that!

It's extremely important to apply Satanic understanding to your backyard so to speak.
I was rised around the Jews. My school teachers was all Kikes.
Stalin brought enormous number of Kikes to Poland after II WW (Peace in Jałta)

When you have simple conversation with the Jew you literally communicating with their Hive Mind.
Sometimes particular jew will tell you something which is just part of chit-chat.
Then you meet another kike and he will tell you something different.
These two are not consciously aware the connection between their statements.
You however know it's deeper meaning for this. Let me show my example:

After 3 days of drinking and snorting drugs i was sitting in a park (I was Xian at these times - no surprise I ended up like this)
I asked - "God if you exist. Give me the sign". After some time two kids on bikes was passing me.
- "I don't believe you"
- "Your such a Doubting Thomas"
When I heard that, it was epiphany (dopamine rushed), and I read that as a "sign from God".
Can you see now how Xian handcuffs can be tighten?

When you talking to jew who is openly hostile you may feel he know "your buttons".
Sometimes he will tell something, in such way using exactly the words which harm you very deep.
They are not conscious of that. This is on unconscious level !
Knowledge how to hit you hard is not coming from their heads individual!
As HP Mageson666 pointed out - it's from Hive Mind!
This is how JHWH thoughtform, which every Jew is connected to by praying Shema, is manifesting in physical realm.
I just pointed out words they speak not mention what they are doing.

Lastly ...
Deeper/Longer conversation with the Jew steals from you energy and empower JEWS AS A WHOLE.
The Spiritual Knowledge was NOT only in hands of rabbis but also in hands of Jews you are living among!
That is why Aura of Protection is so profound to be safe around kikes.
It protects you from not only negative energies, but from draining you from energy.
If you are in good vibrational state the can't fed from you.
As I stated before:

If you not fed individual jew you literally put on starving WHOLE JEWISH RACE

Let the parasites die through starvation!
Heil Satan!
Sława Zwycięstwu!

"Przed nami wielkie dzieło gmach matce Sławii wznieść
Niech sięga aż nad chmury, niech sięga aż do gwiazd
Ze szczytu Orzeł Biały pobłogosławi nas"

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Re: Merkaba Rabbi's And The Reptilian God Of Judaism

Postby MoonlessNight666 » Sun Oct 21, 2018 6:32 pm

I have been loving the recents sermons, its great to have things explained in such clear manner for new people who might came across our site

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