Dugin And What Is Going On

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Dugin And What Is Going On

Postby Mageson666 » Sat Aug 11, 2018 6:40 am

Dugin And What Is Going On

The Jew Dugin's work The Fourth Political Theory, is revealing. This Jew is Putin's ideological wizard as well the second Karl Marx. This work points to where the Jews want to go from here. The problem is many Goy are busy talking about and studying what the Jews already did and not what they are trying to pull. Dugin allows us a look into what they are up to in the current year.

Dugin states they want to use Chaos but this Chaos as Dugin puts it is in simple language the concept of the first matter. The Chaos star is the symbol of the Black Goddesses in the ancient world who represents the First Matter or Akasha, space. Dugin is hard to understand to many people because they are not occultists and don't understand the basic platform. Dugin wants to use spiritual psychic energy to connect and open any doors possible in the material world. And then use those doors to create a political synthesis that allows them to further open more doors until they fully materialize their goal. Which is.......A world communist dictatorship.

That's it. Putin his master openly stated in a political conference in 2013 his goal is to create a neo-Soviet Union in the current world. Putin was put into power by Abramovich the Jewish oligarch who is a deputy of the Jewish Rothschild's and is part of Chabad. Which is why Putin is surrounded by Chabad Rabbi's. This is the Rothschild level of control. So this is where Putin's marching orders are coming down from the very top of the Elders of Zion.

The Protest Wall Street movement was started in America by the Communists and was created from the top by the Rothschild's, Rockefellers and Soros who's real name is Schwartz. The Jewish Rockefeller's started the Communist Party of America and funded it from behind the scenes. The Rothschild's, Rockefeller's and other Jewish world money moguls funded the Communist revolution around the world as well. Protest Wall Street was the attempt to get the Communist movement going in America to take control with. It was found out the Presidential candidate Russia was pushing for was.......Communist Bernie. Anything to push the Communist narrative into America. That is why so many Jews came from the USSR to America. To work away on America for the final goal of Communist control.

Note the Alt-Right was given an insane amount of attention by the Jewish media for being such a small movement. This is because the Alt-Right leadership are Jewish agents who are openly promoting the Communist agenda and ideology of Dugin. The plan here is to create the sides for the coming civil war and revolution, race wars that must occur to cause the total break up of America and its downfall as a world power. This will allow the Jews out of Moscow to then take over the rest of Europe by subversion from within and without. Without America, NATO is meaningless and Russia will easily dominate European affairs on the political and economic level. From this take over they want to extend their influence with Communist China which they also control into one global super power that will allow the Jewish elites to create a global Communist world order with. Which has always been the plan of the Jewish race. This is all outlined in Dugin's plan. Dugin also states pushing the world into a third world war to bring this about as well. The Jews have been pushing for this between NATO and the east. In Which America is meant to lose.

Dugin reveals two important things one America must fall for the Jews to succeed. And two the Jews use occult power to manifest their working for this one world order into reality. And its the occult power that is their key to everything. And that Christianity is the vital part of accomplishing this. Its their platform for Communism to succeed though. Dugin does not hide this fact.

Further Dugin also proves the psychology of the Jews. They will do, say, betray and make deals with whatever or whoever to gain more power to get to the top of their goal. The major part of this they will take anything over to morph it into a method to gain control though. And they use occult power. That is why Dugin is so hard for people to understand. They don't think like a criminal Jew with a kabala under their arm. He is also purposely two faced in public because he is lying and deceiving for his agenda.

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Re: Dugin And What Is Going On

Postby Hvítr Ormr » Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:38 pm

I've seen this Dugin kike being pushed in the Alt-Right circles for a while now, I never knew he was using occult knowledge in his kike "political theories" but it makes sense I suppose since he is a member of the tribe. If we do enough of the final RTR it should stop any of his filth from being able to manifest though, right?

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Re: Dugin And What Is Going On

Postby HP. Hoodedcobra666 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:57 pm

Hvítr Ormr wrote:I've seen this Dugin kike being pushed in the Alt-Right circles for a while now, I never knew he was using occult knowledge in his kike "political theories" but it makes sense I suppose since he is a member of the tribe. If we do enough of the final RTR it should stop any of his filth from being able to manifest though, right?

Yes, it stops them all.
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Re: Dugin And What Is Going On

Postby Alexander » Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:52 pm

The thing is, America is already breaking apart along racial and cultural lines, in 30 years or so, White Americans will be a minority, balkanization is inevitable, artificial states are bound to fail, the US singed its own death warrant with the 1965 immigration act when it decided (thanks jews) to be a melting pot, instead of a homeland for all European people.
I do agree that Russia and the (((duginists))) must be stopped, but my money is on a United populist nationalist Europe, which is still overwhelmingly European white, not on the US which is becoming an extention of Mexico and Central and South America.

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Re: Dugin And What Is Going On

Postby Mageson666 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:41 pm

That's the thing with Duginism its just one Jew attempting to codify under his own name what the entire Tribe has been doing for centuries. Just cross the name Dugin out and put Talmudism in and you have the truth.

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