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SUGGESTIONS? (Re: Miscegenation)

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2023 2:54 am
by Xenophon
One of my daily rituals is to drink a toast to a different SS "Ritterkreuztraeger every day. Yesterday it was Albert Freiherr von Reitzenstein. Perusing his biography, I read that the Freiherr committed suicide in 1943 when it came out that he was carrying on a forbidden liasion with an ethnically Russian cook with his unit. The article implied that miscegenation being strictly forbidden was a large part of what impelled him to the act.

As at least some of you know, I married a Chinese woman. While this was nearly 20 years ago, before I corrected my race thinking, that still leaves me in a highly awkward spot. And I will be honest here. In what respect are East Asians inferior to whites? Intelligence is higher; public order is still taken for granted here. Julius Evola---80 years ago---was already sneering at the degree to which white Americans have become spiritually negroid. If anyone is losing by this bargain, it would seem to be my yellow neighbors, not myself.

Re: SUGGESTIONS? (Re: Miscegenation)

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2023 1:51 pm
by Ol argedco luciftias
It is not about inferiority. It is not about better or worse. It is about being a different species. Just like a cat does not have sex with a dog, a crow does not have sex with a seagull. The white, asian, and black species should not mix together.

Yes, we are all humans. But we are different subspecies. A lion and a tiger are similar enough that they can sometimes interbreed, but the offspring is always very sick and do not live long.