Hitler, Junker's And Jews In The German Army, Positive Christianity, Paganism [REPOST}

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"We will have to deal with Christianity in a tougher way than hitherto. We must settle accounts with this Christianity, this greatest of plagues that could have happened to us in our history, which has weakened us in every conflict. If our generation does not do it, then I believe it would drag on for a long time. We must overcome it within ourselves."
-- Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler; Speech to top leaders of the SS, June 9, 1942 Berlin

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Hitler, Junker's And Jews In The German Army, Positive Christianity, Paganism [REPOST}

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Something important from the old forum I thought answered questions. I will repost other sermons if people want.

https://web.archive.org/web/20161228132 ... 17696.html

Hitler, Junker's And Jews In The German Army, Positive Christianity, Paganism

Something that has been over looked is simple and known. Hitler didn't have that much control over the Army he had to make a political pact with the Army, the Junker class [who were xians] who were his enemies and tried to assassinate him many times. And acted as fifth column sending information to their enemies during the war. And causing the loss of important battles like Stalingrad by purposely disobeying Hitler's orders and Kursk by sending information to the enemy. The Junker's were responsible for the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Suvorov the former CPU officer [Red Army Intelligence Officer] wrote on his book: "The Chief Culprit" there were several members of the highest level of the German General Staff that were sending the Red Army information of every battle plan and positions and any intel in general vital to the war effort. To the point the Red Army Generals knew what the German orders would be a week before, field Generals in the German Army. This is why the Wolf Lair's plot got so far. Himmler, Hitler and others allowed the German Army Officers plot to go as long as possible to act as a dragnet to finally corner all the agents of the enemy. Hitler willingly put his own life at risk for this mission.

The loss at Kursk was the start of the end after that the Axis were forced on the defensive. The Red Army was ready for them and ripped the attack to shreds because the Junker fifth column had given them over the total plans. As mentioned former high level, Red Army Intelligence officer, Suvorov stated. In the two books he wrote on the fact, that Stalin was going to invade Europe in 1941 and Hitler knew this and was forced into a war. Which the only chance of winning was to attack the Red Army first. Hitler stuck one month before the Red Army attack was planned. Stalin had spent three five year plans and as Suvorov stated the literal total enslavement of the entire populace of the USSR to do one thing. Create the largest military in history to invade Europe with. And that he had done. In 1941 all Stalin's war machines were built with the purpose of a aggressive first strike into Europe as Suvorov showed. Stalin had already agreed in 1940 in Moscow to the British Ambassador he would enter the war. And in 1927 openly announced his plans of an invasion into Western Europe. Which was just a restrike of what the Red tried in the early 1920's the invasion of all of Europe but were driven back and then bogged down with the outbreak of the Russian civil war.

Now the one institution Hitler had total control over was the SS and no Jewish people or any Jewish blood were allowed to join Hitler's ranks. Hitler also needed the SS to protect himself from the Army. And protect the National Socialist revolution from its enemies. The SS was the seed of the Nazi Order that was to be the total future of Germany. You have to look at the SS to see what the entire German society was to become under Hitler. And to understand Hitler's will.

Dennis Wise has mistakes in his work this is due to conformation bias as he is a Christian and is promoting this misinformation by deliberate purpose. Like the lie he pushes that Hitler is Christian. Despite the fact from Hitler's own actions and the statements of those close to Hitler that lived thought the war stated and wrote in their memoir's. Hitler hated Christianity, Table Talks is in dispute but the sections on Hitler's statements on Christianity are not. Its well known that the SS was anti-Christian openly. The SS members living guide book is a Pagan text with setting up Pagan altars and such. Its a living book on being a Pagan. Himmler lead Pagan rituals at sacred sites as well. The marriage ceremonies of the SS had SS Officers replace Christian Priests. And were done with Pagan runes and according to open Pagan custom. Himmler personally ordered Otto Rahn to write the book: "Lucifer's Court" which is a openly anti Christian work that proclaims Lucifer as the Aryan God. Rahn gave lectures to SS officers and National Socialist Party leaders on the subject of this book, to standing ovations.

Positive Christianity was the planned obsolescence of Christianity.

Hitler was leader of a majority Xian nation, Gobbel's wrote in his diary that Hitler's open snubbing of the church as populist politician running for election worried him. When Hitler became the chancellor of Germany he forced the Vatican out of German political life, arrested hundreds of catholic priests and had then tried and sent to prison camps. Hitler then created the Reich Church to centralize control over the Churches in Germany.

In the Reich Church the bible was banned from being placed on the altar only a swastika flag and Mein Kampf were placed on the altar. Replacing the bible with Hitler's book. And the sermon's were out of Mien Kampf. This was to bring the populace around to NS further without creating a backlash. Hitler made the Hitler Youth meeting day on Sunday to keep the youth out of the Churches. The Hitler Youth as documented were taught anti-xainity and Paganism. The SS the nuclease of the future Germany Society as mentioned were all openly Pagan and were conducting Pagan rituals lead by Himmler at ancient Pagan sites. Himmler openly published anti-Xian works.

Hitler order the ceasing of printing any bibles in Germany and all the images of jesus and crucifix's on the walls of public buildings were taken down and pictures of Hitler as the Leader were put up in their place. All references to jesus and Christmas were removed from Germany by state order and instead it was called Yuletide and the Pagan aspects were promoted same with Easter.

Hitler's close friends who survived the war all wrote in their books one thing. Hitler hated xianity and was working to remove it smartly but remove it none the less. Rockwell also noted this in his letters to Devi. There is a lot of discussion of if Table Talks are legitimate but the one thing confirmed is the statements of Hitler on xianity in Table Talks are actually real they are confirmed in the works of his surviving friends.

Wise, like any Christian ignores this on purpose. Because Wise's god is a Jewish man from the ancient Hebrew region of the Levant and Wise's religion ends with him and the earth being ruled by a Jewish man and 144,000 elect Jews by the laws of the Jewish race which will form a Jewish World Government. Like the Jews are already doing. Naturally Wise can't help but cuck down and promote the Jewish race he worships as his lord god and masters. Wise is already conquered by Judah on the meta level.

It really does not matter if the sources of books wrote by mainly by Jews say Hitler had part Jews in the German Army. Due to the fact as mentioned Hitler didn't have much control over the Army as seen before and during the war, the Junker's ran it mostly as their own establishment. The SS was Hitler's establishment that was in his own total control and loyal to him. You have to look at the SS to understand Hitler's political ideals that is were he was able to actualize it fully without outside interference.

Hitler actually didn't have the close to total power people think he did till towards the very end of the war and then whatever the Reich was already defeated. Hitler had to contend with the old order power establishment and work within German society as it was when he became the Chancellor onwards. there was a power stratification within the German power establishment. The Army threated a military coup against Hitler and tried to pull a coup off against him with the Wolf's Lair plot. It was only stopped at the last minute because Hitler didn't die and Otto Skorzeny who as an SS officer was in charge of Berlin at the time managed to pull of a miracle move and stop the coup on the ground at the center office of it. The Army was positioning itself all around the Party and SS offices at this time waiting for the orders to go into action and remove the Party from power and replace it with a new government of the Junkers and their Army. And before this in the 30's Hitler faced a coup from within the SA by enemy elements that were financed by Jewish bankers and industrialists. Such as the Stasser's were on the pay role of with Rohm. Which makes one wonder about who the Junker's might have been working with. Probably some of those Jewish elements within their Army as middle men to larger Jewish power brokers. Like the Strasser's did.

Remember Hitler created the SS to protect the Nazi state from the Junkers in the first place. He needed loyal men and the SS was Hitler's Army. Also its my opinion from studying the Reich and war for years. If Hitler had the total power of absolute dictator the war would have been won quickly. But they would have needed a total purge of the Army first before the war. Which seems to have been considered at some point but they didn't have the power to go head on with the Army. It would have caused a civil war.


The Chief Culprit, Viktor Suvorov
Otto Skorzeny: My Commando Operations: Memoirs of Hitler’s Most Daring Commando
Epic: The Story of the Waffen SS, Leon Degrele
Lucifer's Court, Otto Rahn
SS Members Living Guide Book

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Re: Hitler, Junker's And Jews In The German Army, Positive Christianity, Paganism [REPOST}

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Greatly appreciated read. Glad you shared this information.
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