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Postby Slater666 » Sun Jan 05, 2020 3:45 pm

How does one know if Satan is speaking to you? Does he send you dreams and visions?

I have been having a few of them lately.
Christianity has let me down. I have prayed to the xian god since a child and I saw no results.

I have this feeling Satan is trying to tell me something. I'm sorry if this sounds weird but I'm very new to this

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Re: Questions

Postby Pirate11 » Mon Jan 06, 2020 3:27 am

Our Gods have many ways to communicate with us. Communication through dreams is absolutely possible but beware it can be your own subconscious as well, making you dream about what your mind focuses when you are awake. My advice here is to empower your chakras until your able to communicate with the Gods in a more direct manner, like hearing their thoughts or even voices directly in your mind, while you are in a deep trance. Doing void meditation big time is mandatory for being successful in this, if you never meditated before and you start just now, being consistent and serious, you might expect some result in that in a few months. But you *must* be consistent and 100% focused when meditating, also meditate for enough time every day.
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Re: Questions

Postby slyscorpion » Wed Jan 08, 2020 12:06 am

Yes the Gods can speak through dreams and have in a few cases with me.

The thing with this is you can always know that some of it is your own subconscious mind like the above poster said.

The thing I noticed is when the Gods or in a couple cases humans try to speak to me in dreams I have noticed this it may not be the same with everyone or the same every time.

Often I fall asleep for a very short time and the part of the Dream where the Gods or someone tried to or spoke to me was always much more vivid than other dreams or possibly the rest of the dream. Like I could remember and recall back one of those dreams from Last summer but I can't remember other dreams even the last night very well even if I try.

The other time is sometimes the dream is more like you are sitting comfortably or lieing down and you pass out for a short time have it then wake up. The interesting thing about this is it's happened sometimes with past life memories if I talk to online or off someone I knew from a past life. It's always kind of a random event.

So far as visions I haven't had that fully happen in that intense way like some people talk about but I get detailed intuition sometimes or sometimes a dream.

For example I had a dream where I was pulling up a calandar on my smartphone looking at the date and I saw May 17th pulled up on there in the dream (this happened in early April) I was remembering a place I went out to a couple times at the time I had not been to. Strangly I started going out a couple of times to a bar that looked much like that trying to meet a few people (maybe it wasn't a great idea but i learned later but that is besides the point here) and on the 17th of April I had told a friend about this dream a few times and they were with me. My car broke down in the turn lane in the street on that exact date and was forever done for beyond repair (I did get a different one btw)

But anyways that is how vision kind of thing happened with me another way is sometimes you see flashes of things in your minds eye.

It doesn't happen much with me at all only a few times but I thought me describing my experiences and how they worked might be useful. Again this kind of thing doesn't seem to happen really often with me either dreams or any kind of visions and it will very like work differently or quite differently in others but this description might help you understand if it's what's going on.

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