Hidden History of Sanatana Dharma in ancient lemuria, india, china and east

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Hidden History of Sanatana Dharma in ancient lemuria, india, china and east

Postby Lucius » Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:15 pm

In the golden age when satan and his nordic gods ruled earth, lemuria is paradise of all spiritual knowledge and wisdom. All peoples live like gods. Eastern peoples worshiped satan as sanat kumara(eternal lord). Satan also called kumara. And tamil dravida peoples worshiped him a tamil god muruga. Muruga always shown like an aryan pale white, with no beards, riding on peacock.( this is why India's national bird is peacock. And the yezidi who migrated fron india carried their peacock god with them) yogis, siddhis, and gurus being teached by gods and they transmitted their divine wisdom to their students in gurukulas(spiritual schools).divine government of gods and god-mens enrichened the lands of lemuria and india. But the day the the reptilians won the battle to earth, and the planet tiamat being destroyed in that battle(which later becomes astroid belt), humanity fell from grace. The evil extraterrestrials created a massive tsunami in both east in which lemuria shunken and in west in which atlantis shunken. They destroyed every bit of ancient spiritual knowledge with the help of their hybrid chidrens (JEWS). They currupted ancient indian texts of spiritual knowledge, killed every peoples who try to guard it and created a currupted religions called hinduism, jainism, buddhism,ect,. (Hinduism of this period is currupted to its core, it is not original sanatana dharma). So the ancient indian gurus practised and teached their spirituality secretly by creating secret schools. From ancient bhraminism, the jews developed their monotheistic religion of judaism. Bhramah is cosmic life force which must be concentrated within ourself in meditation in order to increase bio elctricity in body, but the jews did it in reverse manner. Instead of concentrating within, they concentrated without in order to create a collective egregore or thoughtform using their collective imagination. All ancient indian vedas such as Ramayana, Mahabharatha are actualy happend and its an historical truth, and there is a evidence that proves that the saguni- a character in mahabharath who caused the great war of mahabharath for his political gain is a jew. And another intresting evidence is krishna the most worshiped hindu god phrophecied about evil jewish dark age and return of satan's golden age. i will explain about it in next part of this post. Thank you for spending your time to read my post. Whoever you are, give your 100% of effort in this spiritual war. One day we will re-create the golden age of satan. May sanat kumara and his ancient gods bless you. Hail Satan's victory!!!

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