Asians & The Spiritual War

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Asians & The Spiritual War

Postby LaconicLion » Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:23 pm

These questions are primarily directed to HP Lucius, but others feel free to chime in too.

What do you think that Asian Satanists should do in the spiritual war? Of course, we should all do the meditations, and RTRs. But for people that want to take it a step further, what do you suggest?

Many of the Asian SS I've spoken to are diaspora, many younger people that have grown up in the West. Not surprising, since JOS is mainly in English. Do you think that Asian SS would be better off moving to Asia and rising to positions of power, spreading Satanic truths, over there? Or should they stay in the West for the time being and focus on ousting the enemy there?

One argument in favor of the former is that there are billions of Asians, much less multicultural brainwashing, and a large portion of them seeking spiritual advancement(Such as Falun Gong having millions of members, to the point where Commie China deemed it a threat). Whereas an argument for staying in the West is that Asian SS have better access to quality education, healthcare, as well as being better able to help the West(Quite urgent because of White Genocide). For example, Asians can bring up the JQ and Muzzie situation without being called racist nazi or something.

Anyways, rambling a bit. Let me know your thoughts please. I'd very much appreciate it.
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Re: Asians & The Spiritual War

Postby High Priest Lucius Oria » Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:24 pm

Stay put and continue advancing yourself and the cause however you can. This is my advice. Things are changing in the Asian Geopolitical sphere due to the RTRs and we simply need to keep up the spiritual warfare. Some Asians groups are more open to true spirituality than others. A lot are just superstitious which is dangerous. The Chinese for example are extremely materialistic and atheist because its all they have known in the recent communist era. Maybe one day true spirituality will return there but for now its better to play proxy.

Asians that grew up in the West will find the East to be a massive culture shock. Better work where you're most comfortable. The RTRs do not need a specific location to affect things or groups in a certain way.

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Re: Asians & The Spiritual War

Postby High Priest Lucius Oria » Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:29 pm

It seems the enemy wants to make China the new main base of operations if their hub in the US fails. The 19th congress of the CCP has already seen the proposal and acceptance of presidential term limits being removed which allows Xi to rule for life. This is telling.

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Re: Asians & The Spiritual War

Postby Jax911 » Tue May 21, 2019 7:00 pm

Raising to power and exposing the truth isn't a bad idea but its impossible to achieve that in peaceful ways as many countries in Asia, especially South East Asia has communist or militaristic dictatorships such as Indonesia, China and Vietnam. And as for countries like Kazakhstan, Mongolia and South Korea, which claim to be a democracy the situation isn't much different as the elections are manipulated by major politicians and political parties. A coup d'état is necessary.

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