I think I have Bipolar Disorder

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I think I have Bipolar Disorder

Post by Bruxa »

I think I have Bipolar Disorder and I need help ...

I'm usually always smiling, but if something happens that stresses me, I change it completely.

When this happens, the desire I have is to break everything around me, and it gives me a crazy desire to either break the face of the person who stressed me or else to kill him.

Can someone help me?
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Re: I think I have Bipolar Disorder

Post by Blitzkreig »

Bruxa wrote:
Wed Jan 13, 2021 11:32 am
That sounds more like an issue with rage or poor stress response. Bipolar disorder normally involves larger timeframes where the person has manic symptoms one day and depressive systems the next, for example.

Perhaps Wunjo would be appropriate for stabilizing your emotional response. Secondly, void meditation is also crucial for regulating your emotions properly. This would both prevent stress and also prevent a violent or otherwise overblown reaction in response to stress.
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