National Socialism is not a "Whites Only" Ideology

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National Socialism is not a "Whites Only" Ideology

Postby HPS Shannon » Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:52 pm

National Socialism is not a "whites only" ideology. National
Socialism is an international, multi-racial ideology, recognizing
the need for all races to protect the racial and cultural
integrity of their race.

National Socialism was the gift/brainchild of Adolf Hitler and
his associates as a way of life in accord with the fundamental
laws of nature. Yes, National Socialism was designed for the
Aryan peoples, but the concept is wholly universal doctrine which
holds the keys to a better way of life not just for the Aryan
races, but for all races of the world. Adolf Hitler stated that
he was never a racist, but as a true National Socialist he worked
solely for the betterment of his own folk. All races have the
right, indeed, the duty to work toward the improvement and
conservation of their race as their primary concern. "Pride in
ones own race does not imply contempt for others"

National Socialism has nothing to do with contempt of other
races. In fact, it encourages peaceful co-existence and co-
operation with other races but not to the extent of
Miscegenation or acts of that sort which serve only to weaken
racial and cultural diversity and in the end will spell the down
fall of all races.

National Socialism believes all races should have their own
living spaces, (as nature had originally intended and distributed
them), yet National Socialism is not an isolationist ideology.
National Socialism recognizes that all races need their own
separate boundaries for the growth and preservation of the
species. Yet this does not imply that the races can not work
together in mutually beneficial ways.

National Socialism does not preach racial superiority. National
Socialist Germany never used the term "master race" this was a
term only used by the opponents of National Socialism in their
unfortunately very successful attempts to smear and pervert the
true essence of National Socialist theory.

National Socialism recognizes that the various races generally
all have their own strengths and weaknesses. (There are of course
exceptions to all things and naturally certain individuals will
excel or fall deficient of their racial norms, yet on the whole
all the races seem to have fairly clear strengths and weaknesses
when compared with one another). National Socialism dose not see
these strengths and weaknesses as "superior" or "inferior" but
realizes that nature has provided all the races with their own
strengths and weaknesses as part of its grand design and as such
no one is superior nor inferior to another . All races have their
purpose to play in the wondrous world of ours.

National Socialism recognizes the undeniable importance of racial

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Re: National Socialism is not a "Whites Only" Ideology

Postby Zazu Ishtar » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:55 pm

Great post! Extremely informative for all you who think they are not a national socialist on the account of being black.
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