Blacks Israelites, Serious Scam

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A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.

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Blacks Israelites, Serious Scam

Postby BlackCherokeeChi » Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:10 pm

I typed the below in a different article from my findings in the world book encyclopedia.

"The Old testament was writtenby jews"
"Christianity is sometimes called the daughter of judaism. Jesus was born a we're the twelve disciples and many early christians. The Hebrew bible, the old testament, became the foundation of the Christian religion. Mohammed, the founder of Islamic religion, accepted the Hebrew patriarchs, the prophets, the Hebrew bible, and monotheism as part ofhis religion."

Abraham the father of the Jewish people was the first one to worship One God. "The bible calls him Abraham the Hebrew".
Pretty much Abraham and his family are all jews. "Jacob, who was also called israel, had 12 sons. They were Reuben, simeon, levi, judah, zebulun, issachar, dan, gad, asher, naphtali, joseph, and benjamin. The twelve tribes that later made up the Jewish people all descended from Israel sons. That's why jews are also called children of israel"

The book goes on about Moses and him leading the 12 tribes and the 10 commandments. All of the people are jews. Christianity and related started and is from and is jews.

"Alexander the Great conquered Judea in 334 b.c."

It's then say one of his successors Ptomely of Egypt allowed jews to practice their religion and conduct their own affairs.
Bible translate to Greek in the translation known as septuagint

Judea was then rebuilt, but the book doesnt says. it leaves it out then the Seleucid kings of Syria later ruled judea. At first following true same policy of ptomely, then not, antiochus epiphanies tride to force the jews to give up the religion. Then a small group lead by Judah maccabaeus defeated the Syrians in 165b.c (right after they established themselves- religion).

"There rule lasted about 100 yrs" - the book then talks about the spit of jews (rival groups in Jewish life).

THE WORLD BOOK , ENCYCLOPEDIA, J-K volume 2. Of 98,99,100 . Field enterprises educational corporation

The book also explains Jewish customs and who they consider jews like born jew from a mother jew is a jew even if he change judaism.


In the Funk and Wagnalls New Encyclopedia 1 A, there context involving African slavery is literally right after they mention Christianity and Islam as religion. And being imposed on the African people as they describe these religions a little afterward, they state that when christiscamity and islam carried through Africa, only about 15% of the native Culture and religion remained. ONLY 15 PERCENT OF AFRICAN RELIGION AND CULTURE REMAINED AFTER INTRODUCING AND ESTABLISHING KIKE BULLCRAP.

A continent native to Negroes were introduced to christiscamity and islam which further grew. And christiscamity as stated came from those residing from Israel today as it says in the other book. Jews. Israel jews, sons of Israel. All semetic jews as proclaimed. The lies of blacks being israel is now a further case of mental retardation and is extremely messed up. Worshipping the people responsible not for a single country, but the continent as a whole to the point they actually get you (those blacks) to believe that they themselves are those mentioned in the book- the bible, which is responsible for the destruction it caused and raised.

Now if you actually proclaim to be kikes, you pretty much claim the responsibility for the downfall of Africa as a whole. The downfall of African culture and tradition which lasted for hundreds and thousands of yrs since are beginning. Then here comes jews and there god, then comes warring nations, self destruct prophesies, promises only kept after you die and the downfalls and destruction of knowledge which retained who and what we are, as in the foundation and our upbringing as a people. Which made us "lost" in the first place.

It's still somehow after all of this the white man's fault, sarcasm.

HP Mageson666
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Re: Blacks Israelites, Serious Scam

Postby HP Mageson666 » Tue Mar 27, 2018 6:53 am

Judaism entered Africa thought Egypt along with Christianity later on. The actual African religion is still identical to the Abo's a Black race in Australia have. The rainbow serpent. This is because Australia was part of a larger continent that was connected to Africa and India. The religious finds in Australia show a religion which had identical Gods to the Sumerian's and Egyptians.

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Re: Blacks Israelites, Serious Scam

Postby BlackCherokeeChi » Tue Mar 27, 2018 5:13 pm

Thank you and since we are talking about rainbows, what is the green at the top of the rainbow after an area of blue sky. Which since it's an inverted would be below the red, blue sky, the. Green below the base.

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