greek page promoting joy of satan page

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greek page promoting joy of satan page

Postby Nikos » Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:22 pm

Αυτο ειναι το πρωτο Ελληνικο γκρουπ αποκλειστικα για Σατανιστες/ Δαιμονολατρες και γενικα οσους ασχολουνται με τον αποκρυφισμο. Βασικη προυποθεση ειναι να μιλατε την Ελληνικη γλωσσα καθως ειμαστε μια ελληνικη κοινοτητα. Στο γκρουπ περιεχονται πολλα βιβλια σχετικα με τον Σατανισμο/ Αποκρυφισμο/ Μαγεια καθως και εμπειρα μελη που μπορουν να σας καθοδηγησουν.

This is the first Greek group exclusively for Satanists / Demonolators and in general for people how have interest about the Occult. Basic requirement is to speak the Greek language as we are a Greek community. The group contained many books on Satanism / Occult / Witchcraft as well as experienced members who can guide you.

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Re: greek page promoting joy of satan page

Postby Stormblood » Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:52 pm

Having a group directly under the nose of the enemy (Kikebook) is not the smartest of ideas. There's a reason we don't have it. Through Facebook, the enemy knows everything about you. That's because they have your phone number which is compulsory for registering a Kikebook account. Phone numbers are in the name of one person. Once you have the name of one person and their phone address, tracking them down is ridiculously easy for those who have as much power and connections as they do.

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