Capoeira Experience

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Capoeira Experience

Postby BlackCherokeeChi » Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:20 pm

Not only the Gods of Hell but every animal person and everything literally have its own movement or form in dancing. Movementl z energyand how everything comes into being from its own source.

When doing various people even animals, invoking and naturally mimicking the movements and agression feriocity like the Lion. the watchful stalking Gaze on 4feet like the panther. All done spontaneously and without force to Fully incorporate the actually meaning through one selfs. It's amazing to realize that even songs and stories, and simple words like: the Lion dance, can invoke and bring about some various movements. When this is seen throuout, one realize that dancing and moving in such fashion is itself it's own language. tHe needing for thousands of words to beget what could be explained and realized through movements.

SATAN dance is graceful. It's fits the saying that his energy is beautiful. Azazel, on my part, I needed to work( many examples) to fully dance. Each God and Goddess has itsits own form, movement.

Sorath reaches for the Grand as like a weirder of power with one hand stretching up, it to Grand to put into words.

Expressing the nature through ourselves to enliven and beget life.
To know.

Other people depends literally on who they are as a person. I mentioned the mind god, and what I got wasn't dancing. But trembling and shaking, it wasn't pleasant, it was death.

This could refinery be extended by the use of any natural talent or ability that comes with power meditations.

Posts: 101

Re: Capoeira Experience

Postby BlackCherokeeChi » Fri Dec 01, 2017 9:49 pm

Hitler's was as well beyond. It was like I instinctively stood up like a hardened (extremely hard) soldier which gave rise to the meaning of IRON WILL. With fish clenched and head up, and eyes forward.

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