Astral Projections Blockages by Greys

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Astral Projections Blockages by Greys

Postby indosatan » Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:49 pm

Greys(and some other entities, devices??) block us from astral projecting into certain places like suspected alien locations. Alien bases are supposedly protected by "psychic shields". How do we avoid being blocked like this?

Here is a list of alien locations: ... _earth.htm

Try Astral Projecting into the above and tell me if you are being blocked and pulled back or not.

Many people feel being pulled back by greys while AP'ing into Area 51. How safe is it to get into a fight with greys during an AP? Is it possible to harm these greys with the help of demons, visualization after consistently practicing power meditation?

Maybe the enemy created "astral barriers" to block us or maybe they actively programmed their subconscious to block entry to outsiders.


Found an interesting post from a fellow member here:

A few times I tried to investigate a DUMBS (deep underground military base). And I do believe they have some kind of technology not only to detect this kind of intrusion but to generate a field that can 'hold' you. Because I encountered this on my last two forays to one of these places. I would go in, snoop around for a little till someone noticed me and then take off again. In and out, fast. But the last two times were different. Scared the hell out of me. Normally I can just phase through a wall and leave. This time I encountered an invisible barrier I couldn't pass at first. It took every ounce of focussed will to pass that barrier the first time. it felt like trying to swim through molasses. By then I had I think around 9 years of experience in the astral. The second time I couldn't get through at all. Like they strengthened it. But they forgot, apparently, to shield the ceiling. I stayed away from those places after that.

I think the astral/non physical realms are very familiar to the enemy and they can navigate there with ease and the stronger you are there the more attention you draw. I know this happened to me. I was attacked and chased a lot till one day two reptilians came after me and tried to sever my lifeline cord. This scared me so bad I then spent many years trying to turn my ability off. Then I find Satan and now I'm trying to remove the blocks I put there myself like a dumbass.
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Re: Astral Projections Blockages by Greys

Postby Aquarius » Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:11 pm

Well you have at your disposal an aura of protection, Satan’s sigil, satanic blue flames, and if the situation gets bad you can call on one of the gods.
I have read about people who ap’d in area 51 but were blocked by astral entities

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Re: Astral Projections Blockages by Greys

Postby Aquarius » Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:18 pm

What would be fun is for a group of ss (privately obviously) to all astral project at once in there and cause havoc lmao how fun would that be.

Cacique Satanás
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Re: Astral Projections Blockages by Greys

Postby Cacique Satanás » Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:11 pm

I was thinking to astral project in places like the Vatican but then I remembered their knowledge in the occult and how they can expect such things to happen...

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