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1. We know Satan and his Demons are real beings. If you are LaVeyan, or feel otherwise, do not push your beliefs here.

2. People who sympathise with and/or support the enemies of Satan- [The Jews, Christians and Muslims]- WILL BE BANNED!

3. Blasphemy against Satan and/or his Demons will not be tolerated!

4. If you believe Satan and his Demons are evil, this is not the group for you, find another.

5. Do not try to push Wiccan or other non-Satanic creeds here.

6. Do not try to promote individuals, groups or organizations who bash the Joy of Satan. Your posts will be deleted and you will be banned.

7. Anyone who posts advocating anything illegal will be banned.

8. Please be polite- flaming will not be tolerated.

9. No personally identifiable information should be used on your account [Real name, pictures etc]. We take your privacy seriously, you should too.

10. Posters have the sole responsibility for their posts, and not the forums, moderators, or anyone else.