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What does father Satan think about mixed people?

Jun 5, 2024
Hello. I am Turk. I have a lot of Turkish genes. My phenotype looks like white Russians despite me being a mixed white. Most Turkic people's genes are between asians and russians. My family all is white. They look in all combinations between Japanese and Russian people. We Turk's are mostly white. Mu continent was full of highly intelligent people. It was a high civilization. Tengri that most Turks in middle Asia believes are said to be related to Satan. Personally I like Chinese people and their culture no matter how much they hate, try to murder us. I love Uyghur culture. They are part of me. Chinese people doesn't like Turkish pyramids, still try to hide it. Pyramids Giza might have been built by aliens but that doesn't mean humans can not built a similar version of it. Turkish pyramids are the proof that that is possible They hate Turks having Panturkic ideas. They are afraid of Turanism. I am proud of my ancestors Huns having conquered Europe. We are very close to Europeans. Europa is full of our Turkic genes despite them rejecting that. They see Turks as barbaric, uncivilized without knowing the past of this very race. Do Satan also love Turkic Race if related to Tengri,Enki or Satan? My mother is a yellow-white yörük Turk like Japanese peoples' color and my father looks like Russians with red face, white body, with his blue eyes. He is of Khazars who have built İllüminati. Jews hide the reality that Khazar Turks managed world in a more logical way and invited entire humanity to enlightenment. They adopted Judaism and applied those ideas more logically than idiot jews! Karay Jews are also not real jews. They comply with 10 commands. They are very good, pure people. These people also are not jew. Jews are jealous of the purity and sincere loyality to the 10 command reading on Torah of them. Would Satan still love me with so many complex connetions in me?
Satan would not reject you based on the circumstance of your birth. Focus on abiding by his tenets.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan