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Something weird happened to my mom (schizophrenia but she talk about spiritual things suddenly)


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Sep 25, 2019
I want to ask my mom if there is any spiritual or entity thing in all of this or if it is just a mental illness.
My mother has always been weak-minded and nervous, she always felt that others wanted to attack her and she did not leave the house for 10 years. The problem starts with the fact that his dog died. He never believed in spiritual things, but a few months ago he started asking me about seeing shadows in the house, different shapes. she started asking about telepathy because she suddenly started hearing voices that weren't there. Now she hears that so many voices. It's only been 1-2 months since I moved away from home. Since then, she has steadily deteriorated mentally and kept talking to herself, when no one is looking at my mother, she starts muttering strange curses. Right now, she is saying things that she is being controlled through machines, her face is constantly being shaped and killer energies are being sent to her. In addition, she became dangerous because she also talked to someone (his mind but loud) about murder, which caused her to be sent to a psychiatric hospital. However, during the visit, she kept talking about how some energy is causing the dry mouth, something is constantly killing her, trying to destroy her, impulses are being sent to her and she is constantly experiencing things that her mind creates. she came down to this level very quickly and I wondered if some entity had influenced her because she was talking about things she had never talked about before. About aura, mind reading, mutilation, internal energy killing and the like. she has become a completely different person and I don't know if the doctors can help her. She hates me now that I sent her to the hospital. They said she built a completely different world around herself, in which she constantly feels that impulses are being sent to her, imagines herself as a seer and mentions things like when she curses someone, she disconnects from the person after she curses someone. It's very gross and unpleasant stuff, but I was thinking that there might not be an entity involved in all of this? Or was it just the atmosphere and she could have taken some sedative that wasn't prescribed for her? The only thing I would be interested in is what if in the past I summoned something that I shouldn't have and it possessed her? I do not know what happened. May it's all stupid to ask and thats all just schizophrenic stuff, but it was really sudden. on the other hand, in principle, she used medicines that were prescribed for her dog (who had epilepsy) as a sedative. Could it be that these drugs destroyed her and there is no entity here? But what if something opened in her mind and she actually sees all the negative entities and hear dangerous voices suddenly? Idk... may it all just a sickness but she started to talk about spiritual things really quick she never believed in them.
quest110 said:

As she has had problems for years, all of this is most likely the case of just mental illness. If an entity attached to her, it would be due to her defenseless, rather than being the cause of her defenses becoming lowered in the first place. The focus should be on her mental health and gaining stability here, which is why in the majority of cases, these drugs are better than nothing.

You can try to incorporate alternative medical treatments into her recovery plan, like acupuncture and herbs, which can avoid nasty side effects, but otherwise don't stress too much about the treatment, as this is the right thing for her. You did the correct thing in getting her into a hospital, despite her inability to realize this.

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