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Question #5024: For example, there is a difficult astrological placement, is the manifestation internal or external or both?


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Dec 16, 2022
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For example, let's say your love life is shit because you have a placement like Venus Virgo (Virgo literally means Virgin) and you feel socially superior to most people because you are extremely picky. Probably my Uranus aspects don't help me either.

Now, do negative placements in astrology manifest internally? For example, the placement manifests itself by affecting my character. Or does it manifest externally? For example, even if I perform perfect actions, my love life will be shit. Or both? Which is probably both, but it would be good to hear an explanation.
Virginity has nothing to do with sexual inexperience. It's about your soul being pure, unadulterated by any harmful influence both internal and external.

Astrological placements can manifest both internally and externally. It depends on too many factors. They are also starting points that you can refine or overcome and move past.

Perfect actions also do not exist. There is always room for improvement. Thinking something you do is perfect is by itself self-limiting, and may produce delusions about your level of accountability in a situation.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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