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Hvítr Ormr

Sep 24, 2017
In the ancient past
I was inspired by libra_sun_rising's thread on their photography to make a thread for some of my own, so I'll post a couple photos here. I'll be careful not to show identifying locations, and I doubt much exif data can be extracted from film.

Some of these turned out better than others though lol.

image 1.jpg

image 2.jpg

image 3.jpg
Thank you everyone! I appreciate the praise. I never thought I was a particularly good photographer, but I do try lol.

Some of the equipment I use is pretty archaic, and has limitations more modern cameras don't have as to what you can shoot, but that's what makes it fun.
Certain limitations in art can be a positive thing, they make you learn to focus on the essentials and to develop an eye for good scenes.

Each of your photographs look like it tells a different story with a different atmosphere. Its pretty cool. 🙂

Also I like how the sun shines onto the leaves in the second picture. Its a really nice effect. 🌿

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