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New member
Jan 9, 2024
Russia, Moscow
Have you seen the statistics of Europe?
Only, if I'm not mistaken, 14 percent of Germans will fight for Germany.
All the Germans of the 40s would have just thrown their gun when they saw this.
This is not only the case in Germany.
In all European countries, there are few who would fight for their homeland!
This is not about the leadership of the country, but about the country itself! The president will not live for 5 thousand years, and the motherland... depends on you.

I forgot…
I think a quarter of Europe's population are migrants and refugees. A lot more people are mestizos, a la, white and black.
And why would strangers fight for someone else's land?
Although, many gave their lives to Russia without being Russian.
But Europe's refugees and migrants are definitely angry at Europe.
Europe and the United States bombed their cities, installed a corrupt president, and so on.

And, of course, I think Europe is being punished by the gods, in part.

I will be glad if you add something here.
No the Gods are not punishing Europe or anyone, it's the jews who are manipulating European politics and facilitate downfall. They Gods do not sit there to punish humanity when life is already a difficult game, unless there is explicit arrogance and evil taking place. Europe is not doing evil globally at this point nor it harms anyone or participates in major large scale wars militarily.

Europeans are currently in a latent situation yet if enforced they will act and do what they need to do, as they have done before. The kindness of Europeans must not be mistaken for weakness.

People who feel swindled by their leaders and rulers naturally will take steps back and will not be militant during peacetime. But if serious situations arise this will change as these jewish infested leaders will likely be cast down in major upheavals.
Why would the gods want to punish the European people? Laugh out loud those people have been through enough! Throughout the centuries number one dealing with the Catholic church and the tyranny. Dealing with the wealthy and the Royal Family's using people is a Slave in whatever position they put them in and usually the worst! People fighting over country and land! Dealing with World War one and World War ii! And the stupid Jews how they took over europe! And how they push things out of control with the nuclear bombs! And how they have gradually taken over the business World along with each nerve country! With their strategy and their evil frame of mind! Working with the Grays and the enemies! The things that they have done coming up with modern technology to have control of people! I think Satan and his gods will always be there for the European people come hell or high water! If the gods were upset about anything it would have to be because of the Jews and what they have done to Europe throughout the years and what they have done to the world itself! And their plans of wiping the human race off the planet! The Gods on the other hand would be upset over the Islamic terrorism and what the Muslims and the Islamic have done to European people! Splitting families apart! Interrogating men and women just because they're having sex or because they have a relationship just ring all and everything about love and romance! By giving people a guilt trip because of who they are and what they believe in and how they go as far as destroying the Family Life by punishing people brutally! Going after people that have light skin color blue eyes! And beating the shit out of them and torturing them! Unfairly introducing European people to the Muslim religion and forcing the Islamic beliefs on good European people of white skin! And they typically go after those with the white skin and the white eyes as an excuse to uses a scapegoat and to torment! Whatever excuse they want to blame them for just because European people are European people! Europe used to be a very beautiful place with lots of shopping malls beautiful gardens trees and flowers animals of all different kinds bakeries beautiful restaurants casinos! With Boats were people get their shipping supplies in and their cargo! For international marketing and food! And among other things the artwork itself the talents and the abilities that these European people have been blessed with throughout the years being able to express it and have fun with it! The Muslims have done everything they could to destroy it taking things down and destroying and ruining everything about Europe the magic and the beauty of it! And destroying everything about Europe and it doesn't matter what country it doesn't matter what type of people race nationality or religion! With these people are up against every day day and night! Being tortured and tormented just because! Getting their homes destroyed getting this shit beat out of them just because they are who they are! European people are loud they're festive they're bright and colorful they have a bubbly personality they have a freedom about them! And they have that sexual glow and energy! They love they care about Earth they care about nature and they have respect for each other and they're a deep-hearted deep-rooted family people that go clear back to the ancient times! And the Muslims hate it they do everything in anything they can to destroy anything that's like that! They are an angry evil hateful people! They have no respect for other people's rights they are bursting with anger and jealousy! And you can see how they take it out on other people and how they abuse their women! And how they discriminate anything that has to do with the female! And anything that has to do with sex and sexuality and the beauty of the goddess and the strength of the individual woman just because she's smart and learns things and because she knows things and the man that supports her they go after good men that love and support their wife and their women! Destroying the Beauty and the meaning and the power behind that! By giving these people a guilt trip and punishing them! Just because they exist! On top of that ruining Europe and destroying the nature and the magic of it! So that people can't go out and go shopping eat at a restaurant and have a glass of wine and hang out and enjoy a way to food! Going to the ballet or going to an art museum or an art exhibit! Is a part of the beauty of europe! Sampling wine yummy European pastries chocolates and treats! Enjoying the food the music and the singing in the dancing European people being a European people! One of the main things that Drew Taurus from around the world to tour Europe and travel europe! Wealthy people in celebrities booking vacation trips just to go to France and go skiing in norway! Or do family and blood research! And find out who they're related to! And the beauty of the background of Europe the beautiful castles the farmlands the fishing areas were all the boats and the ships are docked! The smell of the food the beer factories! The Vineyards and the wineries! And being able to enjoy the festive music especially during the holidays! Everything about Europe was very beautiful and very attractive! And a very healthy and enchanting! And it's fun to go and visit Europe and visit with ancestors and relatives and do genealogy work! And now these stupid ass Muslims are destroying all and everything about it! And that is the reason why the gods are angry! But then again they're kind of expecting the European people to wake up and do something about it! Especially if they care about their country and their home and everything about their country and the works and the wonders of it! That if they want all of that back? That is entirely up to them! And they need to unite together and work something out! It's going to take somebody as strong as Hitler to get things back in order! And people have their choices! Either they can work something like that out and see what they can do to get somebody out there to help them with that kind of power and motivation! To get people off their butts fighting for their country and fighting for what is right! And then Satan and his gods and demons will step in! But until then I think that Satan is leaving it up to the people to decide what they should do?
This is just a personal opinion, but I am pretty torn when it comes to defending one's country nowadays, it all depends on what we're actually defending. I had considered doing military more than one time in my life, and never agreed to it, because what are we ultimately defending? Look at what the US does with its army. Maybe soldiers realize that what they're doing is wrong sometimes, but more often than not, the US will just start an armed conflict whenever its interests are threatened. This applies to global powers like Russia or China, as well, but the point I'm trying to make is that by defending the country in the current state, one would be defending the jews, the ones that have corrupted said country to the core.
In the Mein Kampf (I read a non-jew version of it), Hitler recounts his years as a proud soldier for Germany and the Kaiser when he was young. Of course, his enthusiasm gave way to the realizations that come with seeing the death and misery of war first hand and wrestling with them. But what struck him most, was that while he was taking bullets for his country, the jews had taken advantage of the situation to shape the politics of the country however they pleased, and we know how Weimar Germany was until the Third Reich. The same is happening nowadays in Europe.
The only plausible way one can defend an European country is by honestly kicking jews out, or just hunt them, which I'd honestly love more (but this is my anger speaking). Get rid of the filth in the "upper echelons" of our society, and the rest will soon follow. We can discuss about nationalism and race awareness, but until jews are not eradicated from our lands, nothing will change. A ruler who values its own people and race will not tolerate what is going on today, just like Hitler did not tolerate it for his people all those years ago.
Would I defend my country if the state forced me to? No. Would I participate in the cleansing of my country if it happened (as I defined it above)? Absolutely. And just like Hellenic SS said, until people don't see the gravity of the situation, no one is going to fight for anything. I just hope it is not too late by that point, but I trust the Gods too much to believe they will let these parasites win this easily.
Every European for example who engages in Spiritual Warfare through the JoS
is also a fighter for a better Europe and his people as well.
Not everything has to be physical or happen on a camera show.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan