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Medusa Algol

ay lambasi

New member
Feb 24, 2024
Hello friends, I was just reading a few things about the Algol fixed star. I saw it as someone who was described as the severed head of Medusa. And Medusa was raped and killed etc.

Friends, who is Medusa really and what does she represent? Is her severed head really algol?

I am waiting for your answers with curiosity.

It is not strictly related to it, because "Medusa" is an allegory that explains the importance of controlling oneself and one's basic impulses.
People who have this prominent star may go "off the deep end" and lose their control, or suffer this from other people.
Thank you, isn't there someone called Medusa? Can you tell me who Medusa actually is?

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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