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Hostile matrix and energy harvesting of the Palestinians by agent jews


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May 24, 2024
I sometimes think things in life are not real.
I feel in synchronicity with a greater force that manipulates its lesser parts.
If I recall moments, then it appears that way. None of it is a coincidence.

I feel like I dipped in a fuck puddle, guess what else alot of people have too, except i am aware I am in a fuckery while other don't have a clue.

Just imagine everything and everyone was just a simulation and only you existed?
If you're in doubt then ask yourself what form of interpretation do you use to filter and process information, even more so the boundaries.
The subject is very comprehensive compared to something that is definite, but it is also a twilight zone type topic.

I like the joy of satan because it got me close to the polar opposite of the commonly accepted things, and it helped me to break the perception prison of one sided behavior.

same questions that have been brought forth by morphious

I feel like real is just an experience, all my dreams feel real and no different from everyday experience. Hahaha imagine one day if I maybe can do magic like my buddy who tries to trick me and tells me it's fake...
Holy sauce, I am reading a book called magic annotated by Mr Hitler and holy fucking moly I have been under a bridge lost 😳 for not finding this book.

Anyone care to add more books, I ran through this pretty quickly
Lol...that is not good.🤔😕
Lol...that is not good.🤔😕

I was watching Palestinians get mashed and I felt a tingling feeling telling me to react with remorse and feel sympathy. This is what the matrix false illusion wanted from me (an energy or emotional discharge) to fuel its reactors (key words: actors, reaction, acts, action and ion)

It's all an illusion!! & people don't have a clue.

But "they" really are getting squashed!! A day before the last I was staring (in a specific way) and spotted a demonic shadow of a face looking at me while masquerading to be a shadows of some "items" that I had hanged, we stared at each other for a while then after I returned from intentionally distract myself (as we "humans" usually do) then the entities figures vanished.

Then I again switched my eyes and viewed a different area to find another one, and another was already there, apart from being a shadow. They are always around and the change was just that I understood that what I see is only an impression of the light converging to the tips of my eyes and sending signals back of ideas i learned and upheld the descriptions of. I have shattered in my case, nothing makes much sense at all and it all makes sense in a sense it is wholly my audience

Because i have myopia my eyes assemble images with intensity in advance before the light streams touch the tips of my iris, but neglecting that fact it is my understanding for perception is just an impression of descriptions assembled in the back of my head

I can not tell you how uncomfortable i feel in life,, and that is good i suppose. Not being comfortable with anyone or any place is the feelings I wanted to cultivate more so I can not take anything for granted or as something defined and such not how they appear and a question mark has to sit on what i perceive itself

Wanna know what else is not "good",
Neglecting It's a jungle full of murderers and double faces inclined towards murder and so much shit. Usually relatives murder each other if you can just see past the surface other times it is the spouse. It just looks sweet from how some viewing it, not realizing the view was just their choice and a perspective. But what makes people think what they are viewing is the same for others. Let's be considerate

Some guy here said the sanskrit is more older and powerful than the runes. That was besides the point rather they are just conduits to connect to the inner world of reverberations. channeling perception imagination feelings and experiences.

Most people make stupid investments in life and think these things matter. Others invest in 5 lambos and a g wagon. The fear is real, it is just something captivating to avoid something else, and it is a perpetual cycle that repeats. It comes from avoiding an experience with outerworldly things.
Usually the problem is something that is wide spread because the element of control is poorly defined to mean something to the outside

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan