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New member
Dec 1, 2019
I view myself as a Norse/Celtic Heathen. When I underwent a total life melt down it was the Northern Gods that awoke in me. For many years I was Asatru. I still am, but for some reason the Deity Hercules has been appearing in my dreams with some powerful imagery and emotions. I have always viewed Him as a Greek God, but I have lately found that He was also among the Celtic Gauls and was mush respected by them.
I have begun to incorporate the Lion Skin Wearer into my meditations. I feel very comfortable and drawn to Him. I have also discovered that some Roman historians connected Him to Thor of the Aesir. This has drawn me even closer to Hercules Soeter.
Does anyone have any info on the historical worship of Hercules? He was hailed as the Protector of Mankind and abolished human sacrifice.
Is anyone else having dream contact with Him? If so, are you willing to share the encounter here?
It would be so exciting if many folk were starting to contact Him in their dream. The Old Gods returning!

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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