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Astrological Degrees , and their effects (again).


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Nov 18, 2023
I know this topic has been discussed before but since it happens that I also have a few notable fixed stars conjunction I wondered how those actually manifest -normally-.

In specific I'm referring to the more negative ones, since it seems my MC and Uranos are near perfectly conjunct with some.

Now.. Is planetary conjunction of Uranos going to affect me personally or generationally? If so, will it be affect my intrinsic qualities , or it will be something that effects outside perception by other people

More or less same question for the MC. Some of the negative traits I simply cannot immediately Identify within myself. Therefore what exactly does it affect? The affairs ruled by the MC ?
Yes, they will affect the topics connected with the angle or planets and the house they are in.

For Uranus, observe which house it is in. Events may manifest in those topics, "through Uranus," depending on the whole chart and the nature of the star.
Hello, there are 6.60-7.00 degrees between my Venus and my MC point, is it considered a conjunction, a degree between 6 and 7

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